Man accused of torturing and killing an adopted little girl beaten by five inmates as he slept in jail


MIAMI, FL  An alleged child murderer awaiting trial was reportedly attacked by a group of five inmates at the Miami-Dade jail earlier in March.

According to officials, the five inmates accused in the beating are now facing charges. 

Officials said that 53-year-old Jorge Barahona was sleeping in his bunk March 1 at the Miami-Dade jail when a group of five inmates attacked him. 

The accused murderer was said to have suffered some bruising to his face, a nosebleed and a small cut on his nose, according to police.

Officials said that the five men who allegedly attacked Barahona did so due to the “nature of his pending charges” and have since been charged with battery by a detainee. 

Barahona is currently awaiting trial for the 2011 murder of his 10-year-old adopted daughter, Nubia. 

Police say that Nubia and her twin brother were abused for several months before Barahona had allegedly beaten Nubia to death.

Authorities had discovered Nubia’s body in the back of Barahona’s pickup on February 14, 2011, along I-95 in Palm Beach County – with her body reportedly stuffed in a garbage bag that was submerged in chemicals.

The young girl’s twin brother, Victor, was inside of the truck’s cab along with Barahona at the time of the discovery, according to police.

Victor was reportedly found alive but unconscious when police happened upon the pickup truck – with officers reporting that Victor was covered in chemical burns on his body. 

Jorge Barahona - Miami Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation
Jorge Barahona – Miami Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation

The young boy had informed authorities that both he and his sister were routinely abused by Barahona and his wife, Carmen. Victor reportedly told police that he could hear his sister being beaten to death while he was tied up in a bathtub in the home. 

Carmen Barahona has already pleaded guilty to her actions involved in the case and is serving a life sentence in prison. She’s reportedly slated to testify against Barahona when his case goes to trial. 

Jorge Barahona’s case was set to begin in April 2020 but due to the pandemic, was postponed to an as-yet undetermined date. He is facing the death penalty if convicted of the child’s murder. 

This case has been rife with controversy due to the state Department of Children & Families having received numerous reports of abuse prior to Nubia’s murder in 2011 and an allegedly inadequate response to those complaints. 

A lawsuit was eventually settled regarding the alleged inaction by the state DCF and Victor reportedly received a $5 million settlement from the state.

With regard to the alleged jailhouse beating of Barahona, the inmates charged in the matter were identified as Armando Verdecia, 21, Hakeem Drane, 24, Klauss Moise, 20, Devaun Spaulding, 27, and Oscar Martinez, 29.

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In other news from the Sunshine State, a man in Florida is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly stabbing a man who’d asked him for some food. Here’s that previous report. 

March 6, 2021

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL According to police, a 27-year-old man is facing attempted murder charges after allegedly beating and stabbing a man who was asking for food inside of a KFC in Fort Lauderdale on February 24th. 

According to reports, an unidentified male victim had entered a KFC restaurant about noon and had approached 27-year-old Branden Dion Pearson, asking Pearson for some food. 

Pearson had reportedly refused to give the man food, and allegedly began to berate the man. Both Pearson and the man were said to have begun insulting each other – and the situation then escalated into a fist fight. 

A KFC employee reportedly got involved, separating Pearson and the other man. However, the man who’d asked for food earlier was said to have picked up rocks in the parking lot and had begun throwing them at Pearson.

Pearson then allegedly walked outside of the KFC and shoved the man to the ground and the man responded by trying to kick Pearson.

Police say that Pearson then produced a knife and stabbed the man in the head, then walked back inside the KFC to wait for police to arrive. 

Branden Dion Pearson - Broward County Jail
Branden Dion Pearson – Broward County Jail

Apparently Pearson was cooperative with police, allegedly telling authorities that he’d stabbed the victim due to him throwing rocks at him earlier. 

The latest reports on the incident state that the stabbing victim was treated at a nearby hospital. As for Pearson, he’s being held on a $50,000 bond at the Broward County jail. 

In another recent incident from Florida, a 74-year-old man was found dead in a pond on a golf course on February 28th. Authorities suspect that the man drowned while trying to retrieve a lost golf ball in the water. 

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office dive team had located the body of Hermilo Jazmines in a pond at the East Lake Woodlands Country Club, according to officials. 

Jazmines was out golfing with a friend on February 28th at the country club, when he had hit his ball into the water on the course’s third hole. 

The last time that Jazmines was ever seen alive was while he was searching for his ball near the water. 

Prior to authorities discovering his body, authorities searched near the pond where Jazmines’ putter was found – not far from the path where his golf cart was still parked. 

Jazmines’ body was said to have been submerged in the water near that location. 

As of this time, authorities have no reason to suspect that there was any foul play, as the evidence indicates that Jazmines’ death was the result of an unfortunate accident.


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