All that I am, I’m just a simple woman, I spend my days being mom, My nights wearing a badge, Morning kisses, Wake up it’s time for school, Eat your breakfast so you grow big

Remember football players and dinosaurs eat a lot, Get dressed, Brush your teeth, Off to school we go, already 5, I can walk in alone mom don’t worry I’ll be okay, he’s so independent, I hope he knows he’s part of all that I am, Dino’s roar, mommy trex has such short arms, giggles with my little man, let’s eat lunch, time for preschool, let’s go, but mommy I want to stay with you!

Here we come preschool, come on dude you’ll have fun, already 4, is he getting all he needs at school to become a good man? One more hug mommy and don’t forget my kiss

I wonder if he knows that he’s so much a part of all that I am.

Get the house picked up, fold twenty little shirts, how’d they get rocks in their pockets? Where’d that stain come from? When did we play with something green? New school picture in the frame, another years gone by, they are getting so big, wow look at those eyes!

Those two boys right there, they have made me all that I am. Times flown by,

I better get ready, boots shined, uniform on, pin on my badge, is my name tag straight? Duty belt, holster my weapon, draw 20 times in the mirror, dry fire too, keep a steady hand, one in the chamber, 15 in my mag, knives check, note pad check, belt keepers secure, roll call, pass on, let’s go, patrolling the streets

I see my boys pass by, grandma stop! Hugs and kisses one more time, mommy please be safe.

The laws I enforce, the people and property I protect, it’s my oath, it’s my God given duty.

A mother, daughter, friend is all that I am. It’s because of who I am that I do what I do. And for those I love…my family, my brothers and sisters in blue, I stand at the ready always able and willing to protect you.