The State of Florida took a year and a half to bring George Zimmerman to trial in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  This was a trial that never should have occurred.

The local police and prosecutor refused to arrest and charge Zimmerman as they felt that there was a justifiable use of deadly force under the state law.  The constitutional standard of convicting someone of a crime is beyond a reasonable doubt.  That standard could not be met in the Zimmerman trial.

The media did everything possible to convict Zimmerman with their biased view, skewing the facts, altering audio tapes, and broadcasting false information.  Their court was of public opinion which they thought they could control.  Ultimately they couldn’t.

The jury did its job.  They set aside all news media reports and listened to the facts that were presented in court.  These facts had to meet the standard for evidence at trial. They also considered the extreme lack of evidence to prove the prosecution’s case, which was their duty.

After 16 hours of deliberations, the jury found Zimmerman not guilty of 2nd degree murder and manslaughter.  The prosecutors were not pleased, but they were willing to accept the verdict.

As is typical with all prosecutions, the charges are piled on and every page of the book is thrown at the defendants in an attempt to back them into a corner and get a plea bargain, thus avoiding a costly trial.  That did not work either.

After the trial, a state prosecutor unconnected to the trial revealed that Trayvon Martin wasn’t as squeaky clean as the prosecutors and the media wanted the general public to know. Not only was Trayvon Martin portrayed in his social media accounts as a little gang banger, but he was high on marijuana at the time of his a altercation with Zimmerman.  That failure to provide all prosecution information to the defense (as required by law) has yet to play out in the state courts.

The lawyer who provided the information to the defense attorney is no longer employed in the state attorney’s office.  I wonder why?  Maybe it’s more important to “stick it to someone” rather than to do the right thing.

When this story broke, the media posted pictures of Martin as a 12-year-old boy when in fact he was 17.  A lot can happen to a person in 5 years.  More recent photos did leak out, which depicted Martin in a more sinister light.  Clearly, the use of a five-year-old Little League picture is another effort at media manipulation.

Despite efforts to sway public opinion against Zimmerman for the year and a half before the trial, the mainstream media fell flat on their face.

During the trial, it appeared that a conviction wasn’t going to be as easy as the media originally thought. Certain well-known public figures were essentially told to shut up as the media managers did not want to be blasted with the responsibility of causing race riots throughout the nation should a conviction elude them.

After all the evidence was in, the prosecution and defense rested their cases, then one final piece of “evidence” was brought onto the court.

During the defense attorney’s final arguments he stated that in fact Trayvon Martin wasn’t “unarmed” as indicated by prosecutors.  Martin had a weapon just as lethal as Zimmerman.  There was total silence in the courtroom.

Sure, Zimmerman had a gun…that fact resounded through throughout the trial.

As the defense attorney was making his statement he casually walked to his briefcase.  He picked up an object and brought it to the rail that separated the jury box from the attorney’s area of the courtroom.

He slammed the object on the railing making a resounding echo that permeated the courtroom.  The object was a four-inch thick chunk of cement….  “That is Martin’s weapon!” Zimmerman’s attorney exclaimed as he casually walked away from the jury box. The jury could almost see the blood spatters where Zimmerman’s head had been slammed against it as Martin viciously assaulted him.

No one knows what goes on behind the closed doors of a jury room.  Difficult decisions have to be made.  Life and death decisions are handed out.  The seriousness and gravity of those decisions are clear.  That is why it it so important to swear or affirm under penalty of perjury to tell the truth.

We may not have a perfect nation, but so far it’s the best nation on the planet.  We must keep it that way.  We must reason with our heads and not with our feelings.

The ripples of defiant response to the verdict have swept nationwide. Miami, New York, Chicago, L.A. all have experienced riots in response to the verdict.  Some people are attempting to make the justice system a mockery and using the jury’s failure to convict as an excuse to riot, loot, injure, and kill.

To strike out at innocent people in an attempt to achieve one’s political agenda is nothing more than terrorism.  It is not a black and white race issue.  It is domestic terrorism.

Let your conscience be your guide.  If you respond with respect for the rule of law, peace will reign in your heart.  If you respond with anger and emotion, then your violence will terrorize your community.

Inflammatory comments by out nation’s leaders show that they shouldn’t hold the places of authority that they currently possess.

Are we a nation that acts rationally under the rule of law and order or do we permit ourselves to respond with emotions and become a nation of terrorists?  Each one of us as citizens are responsible.  We can either make our nation better or destroy it from within.