‘Teens of color’ to determine whether to prosecute cops in Virginia. Oh, that’ll end well. (Op-ed)


This editorial is brought to you by a former Chief of Police and staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Every day we hear more insanity coming from the left in the midst of the current anti-police climate in this country.

From defunding the police to voting to outright eliminating police departments, like the Minneapolis city council tried to do, it appears that we can officially say it: Things are out of control.

In Alexandria, Virginia, located across the Potomac from Washington, D.C., the far-left city council adopted what is being described as a “racist BLM poster” in a resolution to enact a “Community Police Review Board,” Town Hall is reporting.

For the record, the Alexandria Police Department is a racially diverse agency and the chief of that department issued a statement in support of George Floyd’s family after a video was released showing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck, which contributed to his death.

In addition, the department released a video in which they spoke out against the manner of Floyd’s death.


In fact, officers of the Alexandria Police Department even knelt with protesters (a practice we at Law Enforcement Today don’t necessarily agree with) as an attempt by the department to show empathy with protesters.

To liberals however, it doesn’t matter.

Virtue signaling means nothing to them.

By way of paying back the police department for taking a stand against how George Floyd died, city officials still decided that they city needed a review board.

As Town Hall noted, the department, a nationally-accredited police department through CALEA, was recently praised regarding their response to a black active shooter, where officers of the department were able to effect an arrest without taking out the shooter.

The praise came from both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, one of the city’s delegates, Mark Levine, described the scene of the active shooting:

“[A] mentally disturbed woman shot at police, at her neighbors, through the walls of her apartment, and out the window. The Alexandria Police department showed tremendous restraint. They did NOT shoot back.”

Levine went on to describe the agency as a “perfect example” of “quality, competent, professional policing,” and in fact declared that he was “proud to live in a city so well served by police.”

His post was shared by other local Democratic officials. Mysteriously, the post disappeared, and one must surmise that its because it didn’t fit with the narrative that the department needs a review board.

Despite the fact that the city already has a Human Rights Commission, the council adopted the contents of what is described by Town Hall as a “mind-bogglingly racist BLM poster” as their resolution to enact the board.

Portions of the poster included in the resolution include:

  1. “use of force by law enforcement to suppress the protestors’ right to assemble peaceably”
  2. “the recurrence of acts of violence and oppression committed by those sworn to serve and protect is the result of systemic racism”
  3. “racial disparities in health and economic wellbeing”
  4. “gathering data on the demographics of police encounters with the public”

So once again, we see politicians coming up with a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in their community. The Alexandria City Council is clearly just pandering to the mob with this review board. If you look at the four bullet points above, it is easy to dispute all of them.

Bullet #1: Police are not suppressing “peaceable assembly.” What they are doing is suppressing looters, rioters and those who are bent on causing destruction. Those who have indeed been “peacefully” assembling have been largely ignored by law enforcement.

Bullet #2: “Systemic” racism means it exists throughout the “system,” or society. Interestingly in nearly all of these areas where people are condemning “systemic racism,” these cities have been Democrat strangleholds for 50 years or more. Yet Democrats act like it’s “systemic” everywhere but in their own communities.

Bullet #3: Racial disparities in health and economic wellbeing is a myth. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, black unemployment was at its lowest level in history.

And while blacks have been disproportionately affected by coronavirus, that is more a product of where they live, in crowded, urban areas with public transportation. Also, what does this have to do with a police review board?

Bullet #4: Data has typically shown that in most cases, racial profiling in police work has been largely disproven with some exceptions. While it is a talking point that more blacks are arrested per capita than whites, data shows that blacks commit more crimes per capita than their white counterparts. Ironically that type of data is called “racist” when it doesn’t support the narrative.

Now the best part of this review board. The council member who drafted the resolution, Mohamed Seifeldein, said that in order to maintain diversity on the board, it “will include teenagers of color.”

The fact he mentioned teenagers is odd on its face, however he specifically said, “teenagers of color.” So, we have a resolution that speaks about “racism” when the council member who is proposing it is invoking racism himself, by excluding whites from the board.

Oh, but racism is apparently only a one-way street.

So, think about this. We are going to have teenagers, the same generation that eats Tide Pods…


does Tik-Tok videos called the “skullbreaker challenge” where they deliberately take the legs out from under each other, which has resulted in serious head injuries… 


and other mind-numbing stunts deciding on the guilt or innocence of police officers accused of misconduct? Seriously what could possibly go wrong?


In the ultimate display of cowardice and back-room politics, the City Council voted on the resolution behind the backs of Alexandria police officers, with no input from the agency. Nobody was advised of the resolution in advance, neither officers nor the public. No public input was allowed. The creation of the board was announced on the day of the vote.

Justification for the creation of this sham board was likely the hue and cry across the country by activists for police reform, however no such request had been made locally. Once again, politicians creating a solution to a problem that does not exist.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

The president of the local police union, Officer Michael Rodriguez, said that officers were surprised when they found out about the board and specifically the inclusion of teenagers on it.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for any teenager to be a part of a review board. Decisions need to be made on facts and not emotions,” Rodriguez said.

He noted that no input was asked of officers, no council members had visited the department, or made any reasoned argument that such a board was necessary for the Alexandria PD.

“Were there conversation with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, who review and prosecute criminal offenses? Or the Office of External Affairs and Professional responsibility, the section that investigates police misconduct?

Any research conducted to review how the new board would work with the Human Rights Commission, an entity independent from the Police Department would investigate similar matters?

Or is this just a knee-jerk reaction to a horrific incident that occurred 1,000+ miles away?”

Town Hall noted that the city’s mayor had recently told a reporter, citing the left-wing propaganda called the “1619 Project”:

“We are called upon to uproot a culture of white supremacy woven into our founding as a nation, perpetuated through law and custom for generations, and present today even in the most ‘progressive’ communities in our country, including Alexandria. That is a culture of white supremacy that devalues black lives and ignores the impact of hundreds of years of history on the present.”

For more on the 1619 Project:


Most of this “defund the police” or “eviscerate the police” crap isn’t so much about destroying police departments as it appears to be about rewriting history. And now we are going to let teenagers, with zero life experience, make decisions that could destroy someone’s career and their life. But hey, it’s all about “fairness.”

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