Alec Baldwin publicly pushes for violent ‘punishments’ for Trump: ‘A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen’


Since Joe Biden was prematurely declared the winner of the presidential election, those who have been outspoken on their hatred for President Trump have kicked it up a notch. 

Since the 42nd season premier of Saturday Night Live in October of 2016, comedian and actor, Alec Baldwin has been playing President Trump in skits. From the start, Baldwin portrayed Trump in a mocking and disrespectful way, which continued throughout the President’s term in office. 

On Sunday, December 20th, Alec Baldwin took to Twitter, not acting in a skit, but rather showing his true sadistic self, when he proposed several violent acts that should be carried out on the President “if he refuses to concede.”

The Saturday Night Live star asked his liberal left fan base whether the president should be suffocated, referencing George Floyd’s in custody death in May of this year, or beaten, referencing the 1991 police beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles.

The Tweet starts out by Baldwin asking his more than one-million followers:

“Who arrests Trump if he refuses to concede? Who drags him out?” 

Baldwin does not stop there, as he then references the death of George Floyd when he asks in the same tweet:

“Pepper spray? Cuffs? A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen? Does he wheeze ‘I can’t breathe.’”

Baldwin then goes on to reference the Rodney King incident, suggesting the President meet the same fate when he said:

“Just whale away on him like a piñata? Rodney King style?”

In a twisted conclusion to his tweet, Baldwin then asks his fan base what consequences they feel the President should have to face should he choose not to concede. 

He concluded:

“The thug who has destroyed the country. What does he deserve?”

As Breitbart pointed out, despite Twitter’s policy of banning posts and shutting down accounts for promoting violence and defamation, Twitter has yet to reprimand Baldwin or remove his posts.

This could have something to do with the fact that as Law Enforcement Today reported, Twitter and Facebook executives poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Joe Biden’s campaign. 

As Alec Baldwin intended, his fans joined in on the bashing and murderous fantasies about President Trump.

One Twitter user writing:

“He deserves all that and more.”

Another replied: 

“He deserves all you stated – one by one and slowly with great care to do it right,” 

A truly disturbing fellow stated:

“All I ask is to see the video.”

Another commented on Baldwin’s post saying:

“Mr. Baldwin you hit the nail on the head all of the above and more,”

Taking a page from Baldwin and turning to violence, one user said:

“No. No kindness, no mercy, he deserves to be shoved up against a wall and shot.”

And another just posting an animation of a guillotine. 

But not everyone expressed support for Baldwin’s threats.

A supporter of President Trump said:

“You animals touch Trump you’re going to find out how Patriots fight. We haven’t even begun to fight.”

Another person who took issue with Baldwin’s post said:

“You do realize this is all happening in your mind. Right? Dear god I hope someone young and ignorant writes your tweets.”


Another Twitter user, who also does not understand why this content is even allowed on Twitter said:
“Now I understand completely why I am not a fan of Alec Baldwin! Very sad that Twitter would publish this!”

One woman simply replied a lesson we all, except Baldwin evidently, learned as children, saying:

“Treat others as you would want them to treat you – I don’t think you would like the treatment that you describe here.”

All of this hatred was spewed for nothing however, as President Trump has said he would leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, so this was just an excuse to stir the pot of the anti-Trump sentiment. 

This is not the first time Baldwin has openly expressed his hatred for the President recently. 

Last month, the Mission Impossible: Fallout star called for President Trump to be buried in a Nazi graveyard with a Swastika placed on his grave, Breitbart reported.

In early September, Baldwin referred to the president as a “fascist whore” who he called to remove “from our lives.”

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LET Unity

While Twitter is allowing this violence against the President, another social media outlet, Facebook, has banned posts from the largest police-owned media outlet – us. Here is more on that story. 

Editor note: Law Enforcement Today has more than 100 writers on the team… most of whom are active, retired or disabled police officers and their families.  This shut down obviously hits them all in their wallet… days before Christmas. 

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Big glitch?  Or big tech targeting?

Alec Baldwin publicly pushes for violent 'punishments' for Trump: ‘A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen’

Facebook appears to be at it again, censoring what they deem too “conservative”, apparently.

Without any explanation blocked every one of Law Enforcement Today’s pages from posting to the social media platform, effective Sunday morning, with no way of appealing the decision.

This follows a restriction put on Law Enforcement Today on December 9 for no clear reason:

Alec Baldwin publicly pushes for violent 'punishments' for Trump: ‘A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen’

“Page Restrictions— Your page is at risk of being restricted for repeated violations against our standards on ‘Inauthentic Behavior.’ Your page may also experience reduced distribution.”

Knowing that here, at Law Enforcement Today we only report on real stories, I looked up Facebook’s “inauthentic behavior” to see how real stories could possibly fall into that category. Here is what some of their standards said:

“…We want to allow for the range of diverse ways that identity is expressed across our global community, while also preventing impersonation and identity misrepresentation…”

“In line with our commitment to authenticity, we don’t allow people to misrepresent themselves on Facebook, use fake accounts, artificially boost the popularity of content, or engage in behaviors designed to enable other violations under our Community Standards.”

The BigTech social media platform also claims that they will not allow the use of their services or that they will disable accounts if a member does any of the following:

“Severely violate our Community Standards;

Persistently violate our Community Standards;

Represent dangerous Individuals or Organizations;

Create or use an account that demonstrates an intent to violate our Community Standards;

Create an account, page, group or event to evade our enforcement actions;

Impersonate others;

Are under 13-years-old;

Are a convicted sex offender and/or;

Are prohibited from receiving our products, services, or software under applicable laws.”

After reviewing their Community Standards, it seems that the BigTech company had absolutely zero reason to shut down Law Enforcement Today, as our content and what we post does not fall into ANY of the categories listed in Facebook’s Community Standards.

This is censorship and bullying at its finest.

In another message, we were warned:

“We limit how often you can post, comment, or do other things in a given amount of time in order to help protect the community from spam. You can try again later. If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards, let us know.”

Our content most certainly does not go against any of their Community Standards and their continued effort to censor conservative news outlets as well as pro-police reporting news is alarming. However, they are not the first BigTech company to shut what we are saying and unfortunately, I am sure they will not be the last.

Earlier in the year, LinkedIn shut down the account of Law Enforcement Today’s National Spokesman, Kyle Reyes, for sharing an LET article that they called “fake news.” Yet, the article posted was backed with video evidence that was widely reported in the news.

Our platform, which is one of the largest online homes of law enforcement and supporters in the world, continues to be scrutinized in harsh ways as well as being flagged for “fake news” in articles that have direct quotes from the people who said them.

There was absolutely no reason for LinkedIn to disable Reyes’ account other than the obvious fact that LinkedIn employees’ values and beliefs do not align with those of LET. LinkedIn is apparently not pro-police and capitalized on the opportunity to mess with a major contributor to the law enforcement community. Reyes said:

“It seems consistent that when I share pro-law enforcement content on LinkedIn, it’s either throttled or shut down. A lot of my posts are. LinkedIn either sees me as being too outspoken in support of law enforcement or apparently too conservative to have a voice on the platform.”

Months later, LinkedIn permanently shut down Reyes’ account for reporting a story about a man who tried to kill cops. He was banned for “gratuitously shocking content.” That was what the last email from LinkedIn stated, after a myriad of emails claiming that his content was “false and misleading” despite that they were REAL stories out in mainstream media.

In October, LET publicly announced that they were endorsing Donald J. Trump for President of the United States and moments after Trump shared the article, LET was inundated with hate messages as well as banned from Twitter for days.

So, let’s recap…Facebook, Instagram (which is now owned by FB), Twitter, and LinkedIn have all, at one point or an other, banned, disabled, or heavily censored LET. Every time there is zero explanation and when we review their “guidelines” or “rules,” we find that we do not violate any of them.

This is highly targeted censorship and LET is not the only pro-police organization that is getting throttled by these BigTech companies.

Running 4 Heroes Inc, a non-profit founded by a then-10-year-old, who is now 12, seeks to raise funds for First Responders while also paying tribute to Fallen Heroes through running. Their Instagram page was recently removed for “violating the terms” of Instagram. 

Of course when the non-profit questioned Instagram on why their page was randomly removed, they were unable to provide the exact “specific terms” that the non-profit violated:

Censorship at its finest. The non-profit attempted to dispute the removal, but was unsuccessful.

They are still active on Facebook, but I would not be surprised if that account became disabled sooner than later since the BigTech company is apparently threatened by the philanthropic work of a young man who supports those who protect and serve.

On Wednesday, December 9th, the Federal Trade Commission, along with 46 states, D.C., and Guam, filed a massive pair of anti-trust lawsuits accusing Facebook of illegally monopolizing the social-media market by buying up potential rivals such as Instagram and WhatsApp while freezing out third-party developers from its platform unless they promised to not create competing services.

The government is seeking to dismantle the company as punishment; this is a concerted, full-frontal assault on Mark Zuckerberg’s empire.

Facebook tried for years to court and placate Republicans, but their failed efforts came to light when an investigation back in 2016 revealed that human moderators had “routinely suppressed” conservative content.

Facebook as well as the other BigTech companies continue to deny any “politically motivated” censorship or conservative voices or viewpoints. 

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