Alarms sounding that Biden ‘lying about intent to save Americans’ and will leave them behind in Afghanistan


WASHINGTON, DC – House Republicans and Democrats are sounding the alarm that the Biden administration is not allowing American citizens to enter Kabul Airport to evacuate from Afghanistan.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) sent out a tweet Saturday saying Americans need to know the truth about what is happening to their fellow citizens in Afghanistan:

“America, you need to know this: Biden is not letting US citizens through the airport gates. It has been impossible to get anyone through for the last 24 hours.

“This administration has been lying about their intent to save Americans. Unforgivable.”

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) said his office has been on the phone working to get Americans out of the war-torn country before President Biden’s August 31 deadline for troop withdrawal, but that the State Department would not help those stranded outside the airport:

“I am furious!! My team has been on the phone all day trying to get AMERICAN CITIZENS out. They have been just outside the airport numerous times, but the State Department WILL NOT help them.”

Rep. Jackson said that Americans were being beaten by Taliban fighters and that President Biden’s administration was going to get them killed:

“They (Americans) have been beaten by the Taliban at check points and told to leave and come back with large sums of money. Biden is going to get them killed! Enough!! We have put someone who gives a damn in charge RIGHT NOW!”

Florida Republican Representative Mike Waltz tweeted that the gates of the airport have been closed, and that American citizens were going to be left behind after the deadline passes:

“US citizens are not being allowed into Kabul International.

“Biden has ordered the gates closed. Our fellow Americans will soon be left behind. Unbelievable and unforgivable.”

Republicans are not the only ones sounding the alarm as Americans struggle to escape Afghanistan since the August 15 takeover by the Taliban after President Biden announced a complete troop withdrawal.

Democratic Rep. Andy Kim of New Jersey tweeted Saturday that he was hearing from trapped Americans and allied Afghans:

“As we hit 72 hours away from Biden’s Aug 31 deadline for ending the evac mission, I’m still hearing from American Citizens, including a child, in Kabul that are terrified of being left behind. This is their story (protected) and why we must complete the mission.”

Rep. Kim told the story of one family his office is aware of that cannot get out of the country. In a long series of tweets, he said a family made up of American citizens and green card holders have been outside the airport gates “for someone to come out and get them:”

“There was a ‘crush of people’ ahead of them. They have little kids and were concerned by the chaos surrounding them. But they didn’t want to leave because they were mere feet from reaching safety on the other side of the airport wall.”

Rep. Kim said he met with a senior official at the State Department and asked for a telephone number for American citizens to call if they are stuck at the gate or face an emergency. He had planned to leave the meeting and give the number immediately to the family but was told no such number existed.

He said the family had to leave the gate, fearing the checkpoints set up by the Taliban:

“The family had to depart the gate area that night when their phone batteries started to die. They feared being separated without means of communication. Every day this week, the first thing I did the moment I woke up was to check to see if they got out. Still nothing.”

He said that was when the family heard about the explosions set off by ISIS-K terrorists that killed 13 U.S. Marines and scores of Afghans outside the airport:

“Then they heard about the airport attack. 13 US brave marines killed, over 150 more murdered by cowardly terrorists seeking to shatter lives of innocent civilians for their deluded cause.

“Now the family waits. They tried one last time to get close to the airport walls, but warnings of additional violence urged them to go back to where they were staying.  So, they sit there now, gripping their phones ready to leave at a moment’s notice.”

The family now fears being left behind as time ticks away:

“They are worried because of rumors that the airport gates are being sealed and the number of people able to get to the airport will soon be greatly reduced. Many people I talk to also legitimately fear the airport won’t be operational after the last US flight departs.”

Rep. Kim said that Biden officials are aware of the family’s plight, yet they remain outside the gates:

“The family gets contacted (from) time to time by someone from (the) U.S. gov asking if they are still safe, but no mention yet about any evacuation plans. Now, 72 hours away from deadline, I can’t imagine all that is going through their minds.

“I reiterate, this is a family of US citizens and green card holders. I ask State Dept to please contact them immediately and tell them someone is on the way or get them instructions on where to travel (I will provide contact info direct again through secure channel).”

The family is not the only American citizens and allied Afghans the Democratic representative is hearing from. He asked the Biden administration to commit to bringing everyone home:

“There are more citizens/residents that I am hearing from, as well as thousands of Afghans – including those who served alongside our military that are reaching out in desperation in these final hours.

“I have no doubt that our military/diplomats on (the) ground are giving it their all without time to grieve the tragic loss of their compatriots. In these final hours, let us please promise this family and others that we will finish the mission and they will not be left behind.”


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Taliban ‘set woman on fire for bad cooking,’ protesters being brutally beaten Afghan activist says

August 23, 2021


AFGHANISTAN – As Afghanistan falls deeper into chaos and terror following the botched withdrawal of American forces, a report has come out of Taliban fighters setting a woman ablaze for “bad cooking.”

Women are especially at risk as the Taliban take hold of the country. Historically, the ultra-religious Taliban hold archaic views of women’s rights, and there is no reason to believe they will change now.

Even as the Taliban vowed Tuesday to respect women’s rights, reports are coming out of the war-torn country of atrocities against women at the hands of Taliban fighters.

Activist and former Afghan judge Najla Ayoubi told the media:

“They are forcing people to give them food and cook them food. A woman was put on fire because she was accused of bad cooking for Taliban fighters.”

Ayoubi fled the country as the Taliban began taking control, and said reports are coming out of other terrible acts against women. She added that many female activists are hiding in the country for fear of violence against them.

Ayoubi explained:

“There are so many young women are being in the past few weeks being shipped into neighboring countries in coffins to be used as sex slaves.

“They also force families to marry their young daughters to Taliban fighters. I don‘t see where is the promise that they think women should be going to work, when we are seeing all of these atrocities.”

The United States and 20 other countries have issued a joint statement to the Taliban asking that they “guarantee” the protection of women and girls from “any form of discrimination and abuse”:

“We are deeply worried about Afghan women and girls, their rights to education, work and freedom of movement. We call on those in positions of power and authority across Afghanistan to guarantee their protection.

“We in the international community stand ready to assist them with humanitarian aid and support, to ensure that their voices can be heard.”

Ayoubi, in exile in the United States, said that she is collecting multiple reports of beatings, whippings, and other violence against women inside Afghanistan from “thousands and hundreds of my fellow activists on the ground in Afghanistan.”.

When the Taliban were in power before the war, women were largely confined to their homes, not permitted to hold jobs, and not permitted to be educated outside the home. The Taliban also banned televisions and music, and often held public executions.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s longtime spokesman, promised the Taliban would honor women’s rights within the norms of Islamic law, without elaborating.

The people in Afghanistan are dealing with competing messaging coming from the Taliban. The leadership has said they will be more moderate than in the past and has encouraged women to return to their jobs and school.

However, across the country, reports of Taliban fights using violence against women continue to be widespread.

The Taliban surged back into power this month as President Biden withdrew American forces from the country, ending America’s longest war.

He has since been criticized by both Republicans and Democrats for poor planning and judgment as the withdrawal quickly deteriorated into a panic flight from the country.

In addition to the fears of women, there have been reports that the Taliban have dispatched “death squads” to hunt for Afghans who collaborated with American forces or the now-defunct Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

The Australian non-profit Forsaken Fighters said “tens of thousands” could be at risk of retaliation from the Taliban:

“Interpreters on the ground in Kandahar have reported that the Taliban have been actively seeking out interpreters who supported coalition forces, even using local kids to help in pointing out people and going door to door to find them.

“People are being dragged from their houses and executed. It is a truly horrific situation. The sheer desperation of those people that assisted us is overwhelming.”




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