He warned liberals of repercussions for abortion protest violence, so they opened fire on the Virginia AG’s office


RICHMOND, VA- “Peaceful protests,” huh? A “peaceful” bullet was fired by a “peaceful” protester through the sixth floor window of the Virginia attorney general’s office in Richmond, the Washington Examiner reports. The incident is being investigated by Virginia state Capitol police.

Sometime Monday night, an unknown person fired a bullet through a window at the offices of Attorney General Jason Miyares’ sixth floor offices. Police were notified Monday evening after a bullet was discovered on the sixth floor of the Barbara Johns Building, where a small hole was discovered at the top of a window, police spokesman Joe Macenka told the Examiner.

“There is no indication that this incident was targeted at the OAG specifically or an individual employee,’ Chief Deputy Attorney General Chuck Slemp told the AG’s office in an email.

The bullet was discovered by housekeeping staff on the sixth floor, where the AG and other state officials have their offices, officials told WRIC.

Attorney General Jason Miyares had not acknowledged discovery of the bullet on social media as of Tuesday afternoon.

The incident occurred after the AG had threatened to go after pro-abortion radicals who had threatened to target churches if such attacks occurred in Virginia. Said “peaceful protests” (sound familiar?) have been not only ignored by the Biden administration and Democrats but in fact encouraged.

The radicals, who operate under names such as “Ruth Sent Us” (a reference to the late Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg), have threatened and carried out attacks on churches and pro-life groups across the country in response to a leak which indicated the high court was likely going to overturn Roe v. Wade. In one of the more serious incidents, the offices of a pro-life Wisconsin nonprofit were firebombed.

Miyares had warned the “extreme left” there would be consequences if such attacks were carried out in Virginia.

“My office will be monitoring protest activities directed at houses of worship and will refer alleged criminal violations to the United States Department of Justice or to the appropriate Commonwealth’s Attorney,” Miyares said last Saturday in a statement.

“I will not hesitate to bring suit to protect the religious freedom of this Commonwealth,” Miyares continued, while noting his authority to bring forth civil suits against anyone who interferes with religious freedom of Virginians.

Despite the high temperature of far-left loony tunes, exacerbated by comments from people such as Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and outgoing Biden propaganda minister Jen Psaki, Slemp seemed to downplay the incident to the press, while noting he didn’t feel the office was targeted.

Aside from the AG’s office, a Northern Virginia pregnancy center was adorned with pro-abortion graffiti, while unhinged leftists have taken to protesting and harassing Supreme Court justices such as Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito at their homes.

The demonstration at Alito’s home in particular drew a sharp rebuke of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who thus far has refused to insert himself to stop the intimidation effort at Alito’s home. Miyares noted that the protests at justice’s homes is illegal under Commonwealth of Virginia law, however the decision to prosecute the leftist loons isn’t his to make.

Likewise, such protests are also a violation of federal law, but nobody expects feckless Attorney General Merrick Garland to do anything. He’s too busy hassling parents of school children.


For our previous story on the abject hypocrisy of unhinged leftist radicals, we invite you to:


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer, a former Police Chief and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

OTTAWA, CN- It’s been interesting to watch leftists perform mental gymnastics as they try to accuse the right of hypocrisy over the Canadian trucker protests, whereas the hypocrisy actually lies with them. This abject duplicity has leftists tied up in knots as they try to accuse the right of selectively backing certain protests.

Watching soy-boy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau trying to blame the truck drivers for “shutting down Canadian businesses” after he has spent the last two years shooting an arrow through those same businesses with his draconian lockdowns and other measures is laughable.

As John Nolte writes in Breitbart, the way the left has tried to demonize the right “is an astounding act of mental midgetry.”

Of course, it is easy to make a case as to why the right is supporting the Canadian truckers. First and foremost, the right believes in the First Amendment right to engage in peaceful protest. Not the Antifa and Black Lives Matter brand of protest where people are beat up, buildings are burned, and everyday is Black Friday at your local Nike store.

Oh to be sure, both the Canadian truck protests and the Black Lives Matter protesters engaged in blocking traffic.

For the BLM protesters, the very least, as Nolte notes, that they did wrong was block traffic. Some of that “blocking traffic” included things such as dragging people out of cars and beating the snot out of them, or perhaps popping off a shot or two.

Of course the BLM rioters (let’s face it, most of them were not peaceful) engaged in most of their mayhem and murder in predominantly black neighborhoods.

They caused billions of dollars in damage, and of course shook down businesses for tens of millions of dollars, much of which is now unaccounted for. But hey, at least Patrisse Cullors has been able to expand her real estate portfolio.

Let’s compare the BLM riots to the Freedom Convoy, where they “burned, looted and beat…nothing and no one.” Zero violence. It was in many cases more of a Sunday afternoon cookout, or as Nolte calls it, a “block party.”

Most were having a good time and it is more of an event where you could bring  your children without the risk of them being shot. What’s not to support?

Compared to the Black Lives Matter “protests,” the Freedom Convoy turned its ire toward the Canadian government. Ironically, nobody tried to breach Parliament such as the “peaceful” BLM “protesters” did.

Trudeau didn’t have to go into the bunker below the prime minister’s residence as crazed truck drivers tried to gain entry. Not one police officer or RCMP officer was injured by crazed protesters, compared to the hundreds of Secret Service police officers and agents injured protecting the White House in May 2020.

The left’s big issue is that conservatives seem to be ok with the Freedom Convoy blocking traffic? How about a tale of two protests—one where truck drivers merely park their trucks and sit there, or a violent mob surrounding cars with tire irons, sticks, bricks, rocks, and God knows what else. It’s an easy decision.

The biggest inconvenience the Freedom Convoy is engaged in is maybe making things a bit difficult for Canadian residents attempting to get to work in Ottawa.

Did they have an impact on commerce going to and from Canada and the United States? Sure, but did they physically hurt anyone in the process? Nope.

Leftists have a problem with the Freedom Convoy blocking the bridge between Michigan and Canada, but as Nolte notes, who else blocked a bridge? The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. “There is a long and glorious history of civil disobedience in Western culture,” Nolte says.

The left waxes poetic about the protest on the Edmund Pettis Bridge some 57 years ago, and rightfully so. The Freedom Convoy’s blocking of the important bridge between the two countries was “every bit as strategic and righteous” as that day in 1965.

Black Lives Matter made the rules of blocking traffic, which even hypocritical boobs such as Trudeau didn’t have an issue with. The Freedom Convoy is just playing by the same rules BLM “legitimized.”

It is also important to look at what the demands of the respective groups are. Black Lives Matter?

They’re still obsessed on former President Trump, want money handed out in the form of “reparations” for people who were never affected by slavery, eliminate the nuclear family, normalize people who comprise probably less than 1/10 of 1% of the population, and further enrich the three founders.

For Dr. King, he wanted equal treatment under the law.

The Freedom Convoy? The same rights the left always rails about…”my body, my choice.” Remember that? They’re not “anti-vaxxers” as the left insists—they are “anti-forced vax.”

As Nolte says, they want the “same rights rich celebrities at the Super Bowl and Oscars enjoy.” The right to go out in public without having to wear a face diaper. And get the damn things off our children, who are being led down the path of severe psychological and emotional problems.

What is Black Lives Fighting for? It’s not “equal rights” as Dr. King fought for. It’s “equity.” They want payback, the ability to punish those who had nothing to do with slavery and make them pay for the sins of others.

They don’t want equality of opportunity; they want equality of outcomes. Let others put in the work and you’ll get what they get.


The Freedom Convoy truck drivers? What are they risking? Everything. Without trying to sound overly dramatic, these are the types of men and women who boarded a ship in Boston Harbor and dumped tea overboard in a show of rebellion against the British Crown.

They’re the patriots at Lexington and Concord, who risked everything to achieve liberty.

They’re the young men who stormed the beaches at Normandy, knowing that over half of them wouldn’t see the sunset at the end of the day.

Hyperbole? Maybe a bit.

But these people are risking everything, just as those patriots above did. Black Lives Matter protesters have nothing to lose.

Many of them are paid activists courtesy of a man with the initials G.S.

A lot are students who attend Ivy League schools, spoiled little brats who have never had to work for anything in their lives yet feels the world owes them something.

Many are criminals. If they do get arrested, they have leftist Hollywood people who play pretend for a living, or politicians such as Kamala Harris funding “freedom funds” to bail them out. Or, they are simply cut loose by far-left prosecutors who take campaign cash from leftist oligarchs in one hand while signing release documents with the other.

The truck drivers? Working, middle-class men and women, who have mortgages, many with truck payments, and who showed up knowing they risk losing everything due to tyrants such as Trudeau who kneeled with Black Lives Matter protesters, yet accuses these drivers of being terrorists.

They are accused of being racists, white supremacists, and all manner of derogatory names. Democrats, who pretend to be for the middle class have turned their back on people who they claim to represent. Even the union that represents a large number of American truckers—the Teamsters—have turned their backs on them.

Two years ago, truck drivers…men and women who worked throughout the pandemic…were called heroes. Now, they’re called terrorists.

And what of Canadian police officers? It pains us to say this but we have lost all respect for the Canadian police. Allowing themselves to be used as pawns in a power play by someone who can only be described as a madman is disheartening. We never thought the day would come when police officers, who are sworn to support and defend people’s civil liberties, would turn like this. This is disgusting:

We only hope that if ever a time comes in the United States when something like this happens that police officers remember the oath we all swore.

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