After defunding the police, Portland mayor attacks police for not arresting more rioters (that just get released anyway)


PORTLAND, OR- The city of Portland has become an archaic wasteland due to six months of rioting and poor leadership. Now, after defunding local police and refusing to stop rioters, Portland’s mayor is demanding that officers do a better job of ending riots.

In an interview with KOIN, a local news station, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler claimed to be working with the chief of police to find solution for the long lasting rioting. But, unfortunately, Mayor Wheeler is still completely delusional about the causes and solutions of the riots.

During the one on one interview Wheeler claimed that the destructive rioters are not a part of Black Lives Matter protests:

“Let’s be clear, these are not protesters and they’re not engaged in protests. They are criminals and they are vandalizing things. It has got to come to an end, I absolutely denounce that kind of violence.”

He then argued that, despite “Black Lives Matter” and other slogans being graffitied onto buildings in the city, these riots have “nothing to do” with the radical Black Lives Matter movement:

“It has nothing to do with black lives or any other cause.”

Amazingly, the governor instead chose to push blame onto young white Portland residents:

“It’s about a group of mostly young, mostly white, young men coming together to break things.

Wheeler then delves further into his conspiracy theory, arguing that young white men are flooding the streets at night to frame innocent Black Lives Matter protesters:

“They spray paint the building with ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘trans lives matter’ whatever. They pretend they are demonstrating in favor of some great cause, they’re not. I’ve directed the police chief to do everything he can to arrest these individuals.”

He then claimed that the phantom young men are “criminals” who need to be arrested:

“That’s the only thing that’s going to work here. These guys are criminals, they need to be arrested and they need to be held accountable.”

When asked if Portland’s District Attorney Mike Schmidt will prosecute the apprehended rioters Wheeler was resolute in his answer. The mayor stated:

“I absolutely know for a fact that he will prosecute this kind of violence and criminal destruction. I’ve have this conversation with him…”

Wheeler later said:

“I believe we are in alignment in terms of holding these people accountable.”

Of course, everything Mayor Wheeler just claimed is completely false. First, there are absolutely not scores of white men clamoring to frame protesters for vandalism and property damage. There is no evidence to support this outlandish claim. There are, however, countless examples of Black Lives Matter proponents destroying the city.

Wheeler’s assertion that he and District Attorney Schmidt are on the same part is also quite questionable. While the mayor says that rioters and vandals need to be arrested, Schmidt is releasing the ones that have already been caught.

In fact, of the 1,030 rioters that have been arrested in Portland, Schmidt Has declined to pursue charges against 723 of them. In other words, 70% of the apprehended rioters have walked away with no consequences.

The district attorney spoke about the release of criminals saying:

“Many of the people who have been arrested at these protests for low level offenses come to us with little to no prior criminal history, and we have little to no reason to believe they will re-offend,”

Later in the interview Wheeler was asked if he will change his decision to ban officers from using tear gas against rioters, the mayor stated: 

“Tear gas has nothing to do with this.”

He continued:

“This is about being there and arresting people as they engage in criminal activities. And again, I’m meeting with the chief and I’m asking ‘what tools do you need?’, ‘what resources do you need in order to arrest these individuals and hold them accountable?’ ”

Hilariously, rather than support police, Portland’s politicians have made it their top priority to defund agencies. Now, after stripping local law enforcement of $27 million in funding and attempting to end nine policing units, the mayor is asking for help.

This is just the latest, but not the last, attempt by Portland’s politicians to save face after a series of gigantic screw ups.

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Exclusive: Portland ‘leaders’ pushing to eliminate Criminal Intelligence Unit, Emergency Response Teams

PORTLAND, OR- Civil unrest and rioting have become the new normal in Portland, Oregon. Now, instead of fighting to drive down the violence that is flooding the streets city officials are attempting to shut down policing units.

Starting on Monday, October 19 Portland City Council will begin working on the Fall Budget Monitoring Process (BMP) and local law enforcement agencies are on the chopping block. 

An exclusive email given to Law Enforcement Today by sources within the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) detail the actions that the council could take to limit police.

The email, which was sent to all members of the PPB alludes to the council targeting specific policing units:

“I think most of us expect some members of Council to take steps to impose additional cuts to the Bureau’s budget during the Fall BMP.  Based upon emails I have seen, I expect SERT, RRT and the Criminal Intelligence Unit to be targets during the BMP process.  Until we start the BMP process, we will not know just how large the cuts could be.”

The Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT), Rapid Response Team (RRT), and Criminal Intelligence Unit all have one thing in common: they have been essential at quelling the violent rioting that has taken over Portland’s street.

Why would a city that has been overwhelmed by anarchy and violence cut direct funding from the units who aim to stop the chaos? Perhaps it is because city officials benefit from allowing criminals to run amuck.

A veteran Portland Police Officer spoke with Law Enforcement Today on the condition that we maintain their anonymity, as they are not authorized to speak publicly about the potential cuts:

“Our units have been too effective at gathering intelligence on Antifa and other extremist groups.  Intel that’s saving lives of citizens and officers, mind you.  Hardesty is looking to eliminate the ability of our department to proactively gather intel top stop their criminal activity.”

Portland’s politicians gain votes from allowing violent rioters to overtake the streets. Make no mistake, the budget cuts will shut down entire units, not over a lack of money, but for political gains.

A second officer spoke to LET, also on the condition of anonymity:

“To break it down simply, they want to eliminate the most important teams in the Portland police department – including what’s essentially our SWAT team, for those not familiar with policing.  Make no mistake – this is how they are rapidly and secretly working to destroy the department from within.”

Portland’s City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has already indicated a disdain towards the RRT because of it’s “impact of escalating violence and tension.”

Hardesty is transparent in her advocacy for shutting down a critical unit for riot response. In a tweet the commissioner stated:

“My office continues to advocate for the disbanding of the RRT.”

If the budget for the RRT or any of the other units mentioned is slashed, or outright removed, it should come as no surprise to Portland residents.

The email then explains that three members of the City Council must vote to make the cuts. It adds that local officials are working hard to prevent the slashing of an already small budget:

“The Mayor’s Office, Chief’s Office, and the Business Services Group are doing everything we can to provide accurate information about what our units and teams do, and what the impacts of drastic cuts to our budget will do to our ability to provide safety services to the people of Portland.”

The message then delivers a hard truth to law enforcement personal, their jobs are not safe. Despite working tirelessly for their city and risking their lives every night, Portland police officers would be facing layoffs:

“I’m sure you are hearing rumors of people getting laid off.  Whispers about radical changes in how we do business.  I cannot give you answers about layoffs today.”

It is important to realize that the city of Portland is still facing a major crisis. Riots are still destroying businesses nightly and rioters are still loose on the streets. Now realize that, despite the city rapidly becoming a dystopian nightmare, the City Council is pushing to eliminate the very men and women who fight to restore order. Why? Because it will gain them a couple of votes in the next election cycle. 

The email also outlines the lengths police leaders are going to ensure layoffs don’t happen. From delaying projects to selling off equipment local agencies are fighting tooth and nail to keep officers on the street:

“We are getting rid of phones, computers, vehicles, downsizing our building footprint, delaying projects… because we value people.  When somebody asks me to spend $50,000 on remodel project or a new vehicle, all I see right now is the average cost of one employee for the rest of the fiscal year.”

The message adds that there will be “radical changes” to Portland’s way of policing:

“Are there radical changes to our policing model on the horizon?  Yes, probably.  We aren’t going to get more people anytime soon.”

The email ends on an ominous note, asking officers to think about what is important to them:

“Be prepared for change.  Be thinking about what you think is important.”

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