After BLM chaos in Kenosha, ‘Black Voices for Trump’ move in to clean up trash, destruction


KENOSHA, WI – There’s a social media influencer out there working tirelessly to help change the media narrative.  His name is Scott Presler, and he’s been working on cleaning up Democrat-controlled cities after riots and destruction.

His voice just got more powerful.

A contingent of the Black Voices for Trump coalition joined forces with Scott Presler to clean up Milwaukee and Kenosha, ravaged by destructive riots.

The coalition, whose mission is to encourage Black Americans to support the President, worked with Presler in Milwaukee for most of the day on Saturday. 

Presler announced on his facebook page, that they completed their cleanup work in the city on Saturday afternoon, by approximately 4:00pm.  He cheerfully reported that Milwaukeeans were very appreciative of their efforts, and the overall atmosphere was positive as they worked on removing a tremendous amount of trash. 

On Saturday evening Presler and his group of volunteers (BVT included) arrived in Kenosha, spoke with some business owners, and proceeded to clean up there as well.  They turned in to rest late on Saturday night.

Supporting President Trump, who many argue through facts has been the most empowering president to the Black community in recent memory, is a top priority of Black Voices for Trump.  

The group is sanctioned by the official campaign to reelect President Donald J. Trump. 

Black Voices is extremely eager to highlight the policies that the President has championed to revitalize the Black community.  They also endeavor to bring awareness to how the economic results of President Trump’s leadership positively affect the Black Community.  

T.W. Shannon, a Black Voices Advisory Board Member states:

“Families all across America feel the positive effects of the Trump Administration’s policies every single day.  Now nowhere is that more true than in Black America- where President Trump’s leadership has created a Black economic boom.”


Black Voices four key issues of focus (as outlined on their website) are:

  • Entrepreneurship – Highlighting unprecedented levels of economic success, low unemployment, and entrepreneurship in the Black community.
  • School Choice – Highlighting the President’s call on Congress to pass comprehensive school choice legislation, expanding education opportunities for inner-city children.
  • HBCU Support – Highlighting the restoration of funding and increased investment in HBCU’s across the country.
  • Criminal Justice Reform – Highlighting the historic First Step Act, championed by this Administration, which the President signed into law.

Black Voices for Trump desires especially to improve the outlook of the segment of the Black community which is concentrated in urban centers.  This segment has voted overwhelmingly in favor of Democrat leaders who have consistently failed them for the past 60 years.

Seeking so desperately to build up these communities, and encourage their citizens to see the good in this Administration, BVT sees an alignment of common values with Presler.

Presler is a conservative activist, social media influencer, and founder of #ThePersistence movement.  As Breitbart reports, his claim to fame is cleaning up Democrat run cities, heavily littered with trash and other waste. 

He also uses his influence to perform large-scale cleanup work in cities that have been hit by natural disasters. 

Presler and BVT have seized upon the opportunity to highlight the aftermath of fear and hate mongering from groups like BLM and Antifa.  Then, they highlight the stark contrast between that and the constructive activism of conservative movements such as BVT and ThePersistence. 

The cleanup of Milwaukee and Kenosha in the wake of hate and violence filled leftist rioting appears to be not only practical and sympathetic, but symbolic as well.

Presler told Breitbart News:

“I’m doing these cleanups because I believe love is taking action,” Presler told Breitbart News. “I don’t want to be just another empty suit, like Joe Biden. I want to be a man of action, like Donald Trump.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said ‘Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.  So, it’s especially appropriate that we are meeting up at the Republican Party office off of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Milwaukee.” 

Before Presler made the trip to Wisconsin, he responded to a tweet from Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden that was critical of the President.  His response, referring to growing criticism that Biden has failed to condemn riots and violent demonstrations in cities across the country was:

“Your side is burning down Kenosha, Wisconsin. I’m headed to Milwaukee & Kenosha this weekend to help clean it up. Why don’t you tell them to stop the violence?”

Presler drummed up support and volunteers for the Wisconsin events via twitter and facebook, where he has a large following. 

He has approximately 741,000 followers on twitter, and approximately 123,000 followers on facebook, respectively. 

After securing venues he then set up the engagement on event scheduling/booking site: Eventbrite

The plan for Saturday’s activities included a voter registration training session, where he trains local organizers to register voters ahead of the upcoming November election. 

Following the session, Presler and his army of volunteers proceeded to clean up the city.

Presler also told Breitbart News:

“As soon as I announced I was coming to Milwaukee and Kenosha, people warned me not to go.  If American citizens can’t enjoy their cities, then we’ve already lost our freedom.  War is where peace needs to be.” 

In Presler’s last facebook post before he turned in late on Saturday night, he again shared the warning he received about Milwaukee or Kenosha.  He is certainly glad that he did not allow this to deter him, as are the good people of Milwaukee and Kenosha, most assuredly.

 Need a better understanding of what America is up against?  Look no further than Portland.

PORTLAND, OR –  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently published a letter to President Donald Trump, declining federal law enforcement aid.

The city of Portland has been hit hard by continuous rioting and looting, yet here’s what Wheeler told the president:

“Stay away, please.”

Portland has been suffering from riots and incompetent politicians for months, with rioting continuing throughout the city. Just this week, rioters attempted to burn down City Hall while security guards were still inside.

On Wednesday, Law Enforcement Today reported on the state of Portland’s police force. The story included an interview with Police Sergeant Joshua Silverman, who said:

“We’re only going to calls where people are actively being hurt or there’s an active disturbance where people are physically in danger. Short of that, we’re not going to the call.”

Despite the chaos that is spreading throughout the city, Wheeler has remained largely flippant towards the riots. Just two days ago he was reported as saying that he expects protests to get violent, but if protestors are left alone then it “will ultimately burn itself out.”

Wheeler has maintained this attitude for months. Oregon Public Broadcasting reported earlier this week that Wheeler has a history of allowing rioters to create chaos freely. It said:

“In late July, Mayor Ted Wheeler had an idea he hoped would end the nightly clashes between protesters and police in Portland.

“He texted Sonia Schmanski, a top aide, that he had a plan that was ‘high risk,’ but he added that the city had ‘nothing to lose.’

“His idea: Tell his police force to stand down from the demonstrations.

“It was a move protesters had urged for months, arguing that police decked in riot gear needlessly raised the tensions of the nightly protests. Wheeler told OPB he, too, had noticed a ‘calming deescalating effect’ on nights when police stayed out of sight.”

But business owners in Portland are not as willing to wait for rioters to tire themselves out.

Stacey Gibson, a Portland business owner, told Law Enforcement Today:

“There’s no consequence for the crimes that are being committed here and that’s not okay. … Honestly, for me, it’s just a bunch of words. 

“He’s been saying a lot of different things and to me actions are the only thing that matters. I am so frustrated with the way the city is handling everything. We’ve got three months of rioting going on here, it’s absolutely ridiculous.” 

So what was Wheeler’s response to a damaged city and fed-up business owners? Posting a tweet turning away aid by federal enforcement.

The tweet included a letter to Trump, in which Wheeler insulted Trump and praised protesters for their actions.

Read the full letter below.

“Dear President Trump:

“Yet again, you offered to aid Portland by sending in federal law enforcement to our city.

“On behalf of the City of Portland: No thanks.

“We don’t need your politics of division and demagoguery. Portlanders are on to you. We have already seen your reckless disregard for human life in your bumbling response to the COVID pandemic. And we know you’ve reached the conclusion that images of violence and vandalism are your only ticket to reelection.

“There is no place for looting, arson, or vandalism in our city. There is no room here for racist violence or those who wish to bring their ideology of hate into our community. Those who commit criminal acts will be apprehended and prosecuted under the law.

“Tens of thousands of Portlanders have peacefully protested and marched for the noble cause of fixing our broken criminal justice system. They are part of the proud progressive tradition of Portlanders fighting for justice — from racial justice to economic justice to environmental justice.

“When you sent the feds to Portland last month, you made the situation far worse. Your offer to repeat that disaster is a cynical attempt to stoke fear and distract us from the real work of our city.

“In Portland, we are focused on coming together as a community to solve the serious challenges we face due to systemic racism, a global pandemic and an economic recession.

“Stay away, please.” 

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Here’s another article Law Enforcement Today recently posted about Portland’s Democratic mayor is failing the city:

PORTLAND, OR – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has been jumping back and forth on various positions regarding the nightly riots that have taken over the city, and those positions aren’t clear.

For instance, Wheeler recently said that it’s time to stop the rioters:

“We have allowed our proud tradition of progressive protest to be stolen by a few dozen individuals engaged in violence and criminal destruction.

“They’re intent on creating mayhem and attacking and harming people, not just property. Enough is enough. It’s time to rise up and to take immediate steps to repair and beautify our city.”

Then, within the same week, Wheeler said that he expects protests to get violent, but if left unchecked then it “will ultimately burn itself out.”

The mayor explained recently during a radio show appearance that the Portland Police Bureau has “tried everything,” and that some things have worked well while others have not:

“[The police have] tried everything from not showing up to preemptively dispersing crowds, and some of those strategies, in my opinion, have worked well. Others have not worked well. My expectation is the police bureau will evolve, and as they see a need for change, they’ll change.”

Perhaps one of the biggest follies from the mayor in all this, since he is essentially one of the most prominent proverbial blowhorns in the city, is that he’s taken months to actually suggest that maybe the protests are getting out of hand.

During the Aug. 26 comments where Wheeler acknowledged that it’s time to end the rioting, he finally managed to point out a high-profile incident that was caught on camera that painted the rioters in a negative light.

Namely, he referenced the brutal beating of a man who was pulled out from his truck and mercilessly attacked by rioters:

“Rising up to decry structural racism is a noble cause; pulling people from their vehicles and beating them in the street is a horrific, violent crime.”

Wheeler later suggested that police and protesters need to “virtually lock arms” in order to end the violence and destruction in the city. I think that was already tried in Portland on June 2, when Portland Police Chief Frank Clark and Portland City Manager Jon Jennings took a knee to show their “solidarity” with protesters.

Yet here we are, nearly three months after that display, and obviously that didn’t accomplish anything.

So it’s little surprise that locals in the community are not at all convinced by Wheeler’s words about addressing the riots and making things all better.

The businesses around the area appear to be packing up shop thanks to all the riots.

The businesses leaving aren’t just your local mom ‘n pop joints either – these are bonafide businesses like Google, Microsoft, Banana Republic, Airbnb, Saucebox and Daimler Chrysler.

Greg Goodman, the co-president of the Downtown Development Group, wrote a letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler explaining what the unchecked riots are doing to Portland economically. 

According to Goodman, this madness is creating an exodus the likes of which he’s never seen: 

“The number is like nothing I have seen in 42 years of doing business in downtown.”

Of course, who could blame any business wanting to leave Portland?

It doesn’t even take an incident within the city of Portland for people to begin rioting and destroying businesses and attacking police officers that have zero to do with the source of the mob’s ire.

Goodman further stated that you could contact just about anyone who deals in commercial property in Portland, and they’ll tell you that people want out of the city when it pertains to their business: 

“The list goes on and on. If you know a retail or office broker, give them a call and ask them how many clients they have who are trying to leave.”

While the letter penned to Wheeler didn’t specifically say that Black Lives Matter was to blame for the exodus of businesses, Goodman did write:

“[The exodus of businesses] does have most everything to do with the lawlessness you are endorsing downtown.”

Linneas Boland-Godbey, a local who happens to be a protester, is one who also decries the destruction happening in the city by the hands of the rioters present night after night: 

“I understand and I see the frustration because I’m just like, it’s like, burning a mattress for me or a dumpster, doesn’t necessarily help my community. And that’s why I’m out here being, like, can we do a different form of protest besides burning down something?”

Goodman’s letter to the mayor complained that the mayor was neglecting his duties to keep the city in order: 

“You aren’t sweeping the streets, needles are all over the place, garbage cans are broken and left open, glass from car windows that have been broken out is all over the streets, parks are strewn with litter (their fountains turned off) weeds are taller than the plants in the planter boxes, graffiti is on sculptures, etc.

“You are willfully neglecting your duties as elected officials to keep our city safe and clean.”

When will this madness cease? 

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