After ‘activists’ say cops ‘murdered’ homeless man, police release footage showing ‘victim’ grab cop’s gun


SAN CLEMENTE, CA – Law enforcement officials have released new footage in the September, 2020 shooting incident of a homeless man by Orange County Sheriff’s deputies. 

In the latest footage released by officials, viewers are now able to see footage of the suspect appearing to reach for one of the deputy’s firearm – which then led to one of the deputies fatally shooting the suspect. 

The incident occurred on September 23rd of 2020, when Orange County Sheriff’s deputies assigned with the department’s homeless outreach unit had observed a homeless person outside of the Hotel Miramar in San Clemente jaywalking. 

Said suspect allegedly witnessed jaywalking was later identified as 42-year-old Kurt Andras Reinhold.

In the newly released footage from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the first video is shown from the perspective of the dashcam on the cruiser where the deputies were inside of while observing Reinhold. 

While the audio is somewhat distorted, one can hear a discussion between both deputies taking place where there was a bit of a disagreement on whether to stop Reinhold for jaywalking. 

One deputy who was suggesting that they just ignore the matter tells the fellow deputy: 

“Don’t make case law.”

For those unaware, “case law” is what’s referred to as a legal precedent being established by the courts – which case law usually comes into existence in matters involving controversial cases. 

When the deputies make contact with Reinhold, the suspect can be heard being argumentative from the onset – and only becomes further agitated when he realized he was being stopped for jaywalking. 

A second video perspective afforded in the critical incident briefing recently released, a witness had recorded footage of the deputies’ interaction with Reinhold. 

From this perspective, one can see that Reinhold was beginning to make matters physical via pushing away one of the deputy’s hands numerous times and refusing to comply with delivered orders. 

After a series of refused orders and getting too physical with the deputies, both of the deputies took Reinhold to the ground in an effort to detain him. 

During this time, audio captured reveals that one of the deputies stated numerous times that the suspect was trying to take control of his firearm.

In the third perspective available which was captured by a nearby security camera, the physical struggle between Reinhold and the deputies can bee seen more clearly. 

And it was within the newly released footage in this third perspective where one can see what looks like Reinhold actually trying to get his hand on one of the deputy’s gun. 

Image of suspect reaching for deputy's weapon during incident - YouTube screenshot
Image of suspect reaching for deputy’s weapon during incident – YouTube screenshot

After the struggle that ensued and the alleged grabbing of the deputy’s firearm, one of the deputies was said to have fired two shots at Reinhold. Deputies then reportedly performed CPR on the suspect, but he later succumbed to his wounds. 

Officials have yet to say whether or not Reinhold had successfully been able to unholster the deputy’s weapon as of this writing. 

The family of Reinhold is reportedly in the midst of a lawsuit filed against both the county and the sheriff’s department regarding this deputy-involved shooting. 

According to reports, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office is still actively investigating this incident. 

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In other recent news stemming from California, a San Diego Sheriff’s deputy was reportedly injured by jail inmates while assisting a jail nurse with her rounds earlier in February. 

Here’s that previous report. 


VISTA, CA – The San Diego Sheriff’s Department revealed that one of their deputies was the victim of a brutal attack at the hands of jail inmates in February, with the deputy having suffered numerous injuries due to strikes to the head and body.

Thankfully, the deputy survived the ordeal – but the swelling and contusions the deputy suffered help illustrate the dangers associated with working inside of jails.

The incident was said to have happened at approximately 2:00 p.m. on February 13th while Deputy Michael Cascioppo was escorting a nurse through the Vista Detention Facility while the nurse was making her respective rounds.

In the release provided by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Cascioppo was essentially lured to a particular cell by an inmate under false pretenses in order for the attack to be launched:

“When Deputy Cascioppo and the nurse were walking by a particular cell, one of the two inmates inside got the attention of the deputy. The inmate asked if the deputy could pass a food tray to the inmates in the cell next door.”

Once Deputy Cascioppo opened the cell door in question, reportedly two inmates inside of the cell rushed out and began attacking the deputy.

The two inmates were said to have thrown several punches and kicks to the deputy’s head and torso – and even dragged the deputy into the cell to continue the attack.

Deputy Cascioppo was said to have tried to defend himself, but the attack wasn’t stopped until additional deputies arrived to assist with the situation. Surprisingly, Deputy Cascioppo was able to walk out of the cell himself.

Deputy Cascioppo at hospital
Deputy Cascioppo’s injuries while he was at the hospital – San Diego Sheriff’s Department

He was later treated at a nearby hospital and was released later in the evening on the day of the attack.

The sheriff’s department noted that despite Deputy Cascioppo having been the victim of said attack, he apparently expressed concerns after his hospital relief to ensure that the nurse wasn’t hurt during the incident:

“He wanted to make certain the nurse had not been injured. The nurse was able to flee and was not assaulted.”

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Detentions Investigation Unit are said to be investigating the incident, but authorities have not released the identities of the two inmates who are believed to be the attackers.

This is a developing story.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we gather further information as the investigation progresses.


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