Afghan vet’s standoff with police over red flag laws just broke the internet


CARMEL, N.Y. – Authorities say that man in New York was involved in an hours-long standoff with police on Saturday night.

And during the negotiations, he continuously posted to social media in a desperate plea to come to a non-violent conclusion, according to Fox.

Those who were active on social media at the time may have very well seen posts or updates related to the altercation between the individual and local authorities, with various pro-second amendment-based Facebook groups having a vested interest in the ongoing story.

Afghan vet's standoff with police over red flag laws just broke the internet
Alex Booth continuously posted to social media during the standoff.


The reason being was that according to various social media posts, the standoff stemmed from local authorities trying to enforce a red-flag based complaint against the individual; however, the police involved have quite a different take on what led to the standoff.

During the early afternoon of Saturday, November 23, Alex Booth was adorned in military gear, sipping what might be whiskey in a tin cup while detailing on social media that the police were after him because of a 30-round capacity magazine, as evidenced by the video compilation of his posts.

Booth had barricaded himself inside of his home after police began rolling into the area. After a seven-hour standoff, Booth finally surrendered.

Afghan vet's standoff with police over red flag laws just broke the internet
Booth pushed for a peaceful resolution to the situation.


According to police, online comments on Booth’s Instagram account were only adding fuel to the fire regarding the standoff. People were responding from all over alleging that they’ll come to Booth’s assistance if things started to go south within the Westchester County area.

Chief Michael Cazzari of the Carmel Police Department commented on Booth’s state of mind.

“This is a person in crisis, having mental illness, having issues and he didn’t need the people on social media telling him that his rights are being violated. He needed help. Medical help.”

Police were called to the scene in Mahopac, part of Carmel, in Putnam County, around 2:00 p.m. Saturday responding to a call of suspected shots fired in the area.

Sources told the station the suspect suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, likely stemming from the tour Booth had in Afghanistan back when he was only 19 years old.

Negotiators were aware of the suspect’s mental condition as they tried to convince him to surrender, which likely aided in their efforts to deescalate the situation. The suspect ultimately surrendered peacefully around 9:30 p.m. that evening.


A press release from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said that an officer went to the home at 2:19 p.m. on November 23 after a deputy heard what he believed was a gunshot coming from Booth’s home.

Nearby homes were evacuated and additional units were called to the scene. Once officers arrived in the area, the sheriff’s office said that’s when Booth became barricaded in his home.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release.

“The officer hearing what he believed to be a gunshot come from the residence requested backup. When additional officers arrived Mr. Booth was observed in the doorway acting in an agitated state before returning inside his garage apartment and barricading himself. As a safety precaution officers evacuated the neighboring houses and alerted the Putnam County Emergency Response Team and Negotiation Team.”

After Booth was taken into custody, police had subsequently arraigned him on multiple charges related to incidents associated with a past domestic incident involving his wife.

Booth was wanted on a felony warrant issued by Thomas Jacobellis charging him with second-degree burglary, and several misdemeanors, including criminal trespass, criminal contempt, aggravated harassment and petit larceny.

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Afghan vet's standoff with police over red flag laws just broke the internet


Despite the slew of minor charges that accumulated from previous investigations, Booth is not facing any charges in relation to the standoff. His arraignment was held at Carmel Town Justice Court.

The press release ended by saying that there were no weapons or any ammunition that was seized from Booth’s home despite “false social media posts to the contrary.”

Many on social media believed that Booth was a victim of the Red Flag Law in the state of New York.


While an interesting and almost confusing string of events happened that day, it makes one wonder which version of events are the truth.

Are we to accept the official statements provided by police alleging this all stemmed from a shots fired call, or was this a red-flag enactment gone awry?

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