Adopt-A-Cop Connects with Police Officers

Sr. Chaplain Michael Thrower is a product of the Clark County School District and he graduated from Clark High School in 1983. He completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 1989.

Michael’s life experiences began to take on a common theme: serving people. In 1992, he extended his heart and time to mentoring youth in the Las Vegas community. This led him to start his own charitable organization “Community Connect, Inc., which focuses on at-risk youth and families and family unification. He is also the charter coordinator for, “Adopt-A-Cop Nevada” in which they provide a prayer partner for every officer in the state of Nevada.

Michael’s other leadership roles include: Religious Academy Director for Messages of Faith Ministry. He is a Purchasing Supervisor for the Clark County School District and he serves as the lead for the CCSD Police Chaplain Program.

The Adopt-A-Cop ministry is growing rapidly. It is a national ministry with over 190 chapters represented in 24 states including Nevada.

Michael Thrower, Founder and CEO of Community Connect, Inc., started Nevada’s first Adopt-A-Cop chapter in Las Vegas in 2016 for the same reason that Chaplain Sgt. Ken Rochell of the Michigan State Police Department initiated the Adopt-A-Cop ministry in 1998 to serve as a bridge between churches and the local law enforcement agencies.

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(Courtesy Jim McNeff)

The purpose of Adopt-A-Cop is to assign law enforcement officers to a family, group, or individual who will pray daily for them and occasionally send a note of encouragement, support, and thank you for their service to the community.

Imagine the powerful difference you can make in the lives of those who put their lives on the line for us every day!

While a bulletproof vest provides a level of protection for law enforcement officers, an even greater blessing and shield of armor can be found in the power of faithful, praying believers and prayer warriors.

In addition to the obvious high physical risk of their profession, officers are also in jeopardy of becoming cynical, feeling hopeless, suffering relationship problems, succumbing to alcohol abuse, and even becoming suicidal. The divorce and suicide rates among those in law enforcement are well above the national average.

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Eyvaine Walker-Lindsey is founder and president of Moms of LEO. She is a Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) auxiliary member DC Lodge #1, a dedicated and proud volunteer for the officers from around the world that converge in Washington, DC to participate in several planned events which honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, which is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, is one in a series of events which includes the Candlelight Vigil, which is sponsored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) and seminars sponsored by Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).