There’s an active death threat on an officer’s family. Here’s how cops and vets are responding.


“You are my brother.  I’ve never met you.  But I’ve got your six.”

That’s one of the countless messages we’ve been asked to pass along to a police officer whose family is receiving death threats tonight.

That officer works for the police department in Moss Point, Mississippi – a city that’s in turmoil.

The officer who was involved in the fatal shooting of an armed suspect is now living in fear for his life and the safety of his family members. In the last few days, we’ve received reports that a hit is out on the officer who pulled the trigger. 

Multiple officers in the Moss Point, Mississippi area may be targeted by associates of Touissant “Dime Sack” Sims following the officer involved shooting earlier this month that ended Sims’ life. 

Intel reveals there may be a coordinated effort to kill officers involved in the shooting, leading the officer in question to do anything to protect his family. 

The threat of violence has gotten so bad, the officer has had no choice but to setup kevlar vests around his daughter as she sleeps. As members of the police community… this is nothing short of heartbreaking.

There's an active death threat on an officer's family.  Here's how cops and vets are responding.
An officer’s daughter sleeps surrounded by bulletproof vests after threats were made against this police family. (Provided)

Several of Sims’ associates have made threats to cause harm to members of law enforcement agencies and may have found information on where local officers reside.

Sims’ associates are believed to be traveling to the Moss Point area from California and Florida.

All departments in the area were warned to stay on high alert due to the threats, as they could easily end up being targets themselves. 

Officers have been strongly encouraged to demonstrate extraordinary situational awareness.

“I have months of accrued time off.  Say the word and I’ll fly down on my time with a few retired officers and we’ll keep watch.”

Now… the offers to help are flooding in.

“This officer and his family deserve better than this.  I run a very large private security company.  Put this officer in touch with me and I’ll get him and his family the hell out of there and into a better job.”

Law Enforcement Today put the story out a few days ago… and was completely overwhelmed with the show of support from complete strangers, offering to do what they could to protect this officer and his family.

“I’m a Marine who did four tours in the sandbox.  I’ve been trying to find a purpose for the last two years.  Send me.  I’ll pull 48 hour shifts with some of my brothers to protect his family.”

The emails and messages have been coming in non-stop.

“I live in the same town.  I’m serious – let’s change his address all over the internet to mine.  Let the bastards show up at my house.  I’ll send them to God and let him sort them out.”

Some serious offers, and others carrying a bit of comic relief.

“Can you change his address to mine and let them know my schedule please. I would absolutely love to meet them. I ain’t got no kids. All I got is anger issues and free time.”

Strangers from the community… and across the country.

“And I for one would stand armed outside this mans house so his family can sleep at night.”

Offers for safety… and supplies.

“Brother, I don’t know how far down you live from me but, I can drive down for a few days and get to know you and your family. I will provide my own supplies!”

And others who are offering to hunt the wolves.

“More than 15 years as a Team guy.  Say the word and a group of SEALS will go hunting.  You don’t mess with a man’s family, especially not a man who is a brother (albeit from a slightly different family).

Random strangers… reaching out to protect this officer and his family while city leaders attack him.

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There's an active death threat on an officer's family.  Here's how cops and vets are responding.

It’s not like the guy who he killed was some sweet and innocent little kid.

According to reports, Sims’ own mother filed charges on him just a short time prior to the incident for allegedly breaking into her home and stealing his step-sister’s vehicle. It was noted that Sims’ mother was upset with the Moss Point department for failing to catch Sims prior to the shooting.

Sims also reportedly had several active felony warrants in multiple cities, including one for severely beating his girlfriend with a pistol, knocking her teeth out.

There's an active death threat on an officer's family.  Here's how cops and vets are responding.
The family’s attorney quickly condemned the officer’s actions, long before all of the facts were investigated. (Facebook)

Sims has additionally fled from officers during high-speed vehicle pursuits.

In one of those chases, the vehicle apparently reached dangerous speeds and the chase was called off when police realized Sims had a child with him in the vehicle. During that same pursuit, officers reportedly saw Sims throw an assault rifle from the vehicle, which was recovered. 

A recent video from Snapchat shows what appears to be a pistol with an extended magazine sticking out of Sims’ waistband — the exact same place that he allegedly had the gun on the day of the shooting.

The officer’s attorney additionally described the pistol that was recovered at the scene similarly — a handgun with the same type of extended magazine.

So when the public comes out and frames Sims as an innocent man who was brutally gunned down and ‘assassinated’ by police, we can see that those claims are completely false. 

The shooting resulted after Sims, who was wanted on several felony warrants, fled from police in a vehicle resulting in a chase in early August.

Sims crashed the vehicle he was operating and continued on foot. Officers pursued hoping to use a taser to subdue to him, however, when Sims reached for a gun in his waistband, one of the officers responded with gunfire.

Now it gets even uglier in the city.

While their primary cause of concern stems from that officer- involved shooting –now, one of the city’s leaders is in hot water for allegedly making derogatory and racist comments. 

And guess what?

It’s the same ‘leader’ that called a police officer a ‘murderer’ for his recent involvement in a fatal shooting, long before an investigation could even begin. 

This city official is being called out for his sexist and racist remarks towards others. (Screenshot – WLOX News Broadcast)


Recent allegations against Alderman Sherwood Bradford claim that he has made repeated inflammatory sexist and racist remarks. The mayor is asking the board to vote to decrease Bradford’s salary and wants him to apologize for his divisive comments.

An email from Mayor Mario King to Bradford shows the mayor saying,

“After a day of thought process on how to address your angry and negative comments toward the women in city hall, I feel it is only right if you offer them all a written apology as to your statement saying, ‘they all over 200lbs’ and that they were ‘trash’ and that ‘nobody wanted them.’”

There's an active death threat on an officer's family.  Here's how cops and vets are responding.


The email continues, alleging that Bradford later “continued to threaten the women by saying ‘anyone who made a complaint against you shall be brought before you and the board and they would be fired.'”

The mayor goes on to ask that Bradford “do a better job at controlling your tongue.”

There's an active death threat on an officer's family.  Here's how cops and vets are responding.
Mayor Mario King (right) publicly addressed concerns about Alderman Bradford (left). (KHOU Broadcast)


In addition to requesting a pay deduction, the mayor also asked the board to take action against Bradford after the he allegedly referred to a vendor by a racist term, saying: “[Bradford’s] comments on July 3, 2019, were inappropriate, racist and warrants a written apology to the vendor and employees that witnessed it.”

A letter from a witness statement states Bradford stormed into the utility office where two white customers were being helped, demanded that the two utility employees mow his grass before his family arrives from out of town, and yelled, “What? I’m tired of these crackers!” when he was asked to wait for the other customers to be helped. A police report detailing the incident is also attached to the witness statement.

There's an active death threat on an officer's family.  Here's how cops and vets are responding.


“Bradford’s sporadic and erratic behavior as shown on June 27, 2019, towards Julius Bridges was in violation of state code and directly interferes with day-to-day operations and the mayor’s ability to carry out the board’s wishes as a majority. Also, that he should never go on a job site demanding that work approved by the board be stopped. Bradford’s sporadic and erratic behavior as shown on July 30, 2019, towards Matthew Fountain was inappropriate and considered hostile and in direct interference with the mayor’s ability to carry out day-to-day operations.”

For the record, all of the motions brought by the mayor were killed on the floor. 

Bradford was recently called out by LET for his immediately condemnation of the officer above.  

A special council hearing was called shortly after the shooting to address the investigation, along with the public outcry that accused the officer of being racist and planting evidence. But instead of trying to calm the tensions within the city, Alderman Bradford publicly called the officer a ‘murderer’ and has even asked for his termination. 

Apparently, determining the truth of what happened that night and clearing an officer who acted in a justifiable manner is of no importance to the city leader.


Remember — that’s a city leader unfairly and unfoundedly increasing the tension between police and the public.

Aldermen, and all city leaders, should be pushing for a full investigation and an effort to uncover all of the facts before publicly condemning the very people who are sworn to uphold the law. 

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