Warning: Police officers’ cars and property are being vandalized and defaced as cops are targeted at their homes


PUYALLUP, WA– In a recent Facebook post, Police Chief Scott Engle shared a photo of a chalk drawing one of his officer’s found in front of his house. The drawing was of a pig, with the words, “Pig lives here” written underneath it. Arrows were drawn pointing towards the officer’s house with, “ACAB” and “BR” next to them.

In the post, Chief Engle shared why that officer chose to become an officer.

He said:

“He wanted to make a difference. He wanted to continue to serve. You see, he came to use after a long and dedicated career in the U.S. Army. He saw law enforcement as a way to continue to serve and give back. He had a passion in his eyes in that interview that you could tell he wanted to make a difference.”

He continued:

“Today, he’s a police officer. A husband. A dad. A grandfather. A brother. A neighbor. A veteran. He’s been a coach. He enjoys fitness and he wants to serve and protect.”

In the post, Chief Engle also reminded his community of why police officers choose to protect and serve.

He said:

“We need police officers. We need someone to call when the drunk driver drives down the road in front of us or passed out behind the wheel. We need someone to call when the domestic abuser has beat up their partner.”

He continued:

“We need someone to call when someone has stolen from us. We need someone to call when children have been abused and need protection. We need someone to call when drugs continue to destroy our community.”

He went on to say:

“We need someone to call when gunfire erupts and someone has to run to the gunfire to make it stop. We need someone to call when we’ve been in an accident. We will always need someone to call and police officers will always answer the call.”

Chief Engle believes in his officers and he believes that the police and the community need each other. He believes that they are in it together and that police officers cannot do their jobs without the support of their community.

He said:

“I stand with them 1o0%. They work in a profession that most will never understand and never could do. Police families this past year have been put through some of the most unbelievable and stressful times I have ever seen in my career.”

He explained:

“It used to be that people saw a police car in their neighborhood as a sense of safety. Unfortunately, we are living in a world now where police officers are worried about their own homes and that’s just the honest truth.”

Engle reiterated that people cannot live in a society where everyone gets to do whatever they want, whenever they want without any rules or without any accountability.

He said:

“We must live in a world with respect for all, civility towards all, and responsibility.”

He concluded his statement by saying:

“United We Stand. Divided We Will Fall”

The original post can be viewed below:

Please see a personal message from Chief Scott Engle:One of our police officers found this in front of his house…

Posted by Puyallup Police Department on Sunday, August 2, 2020

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Back at the end of May, after the death of George Floyd, two women were arrested for vandalizing the Florida home of Derek Chauvin. Arrest reports from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office show that 18-year-old Katelin Benoit and 20-year-old Kimberly Guzman were arrested after tossing paint onto the front door of Chauvin’s Windermere home.

According to authorities, the deputies who arrested Benoit and Guzman found paint cans inside their vehicle, and one of them had paint on her leg, matching the color thrown on the front door of the house.

In another incident, a Tucson Police Officer came home and found his home and his personal vehicle vandalized. According to a Facebook post from the Tucson Police Officers Association (TPOA), the union claimed that the officer was targeted in response to the ongoing civil unrest in the city and across the country.

TPOA said that the officer does not bring a squad car home, he does not wear a uniform to or from his house, and he does not have any pro-cop decals. 

Last night one of our members had his home and personally owned vehicle vandalized. He does not take a police car home….

Posted by Tucson Police Officers Association on Friday, June 5, 2020

In another incident, investigators in Gallatin County began looking into numerous different cases of vandalism involving the homes of police families. According to KRTV, there were a series of crimes back in June that seemed to target police officers and their families. 

The Gallatin County Sheriff said that vandals left messages and stole “Blue Line” flags from the homes of police and their families. Individuals that are found responsible may face misdemeanor charges like criminal mischief or theft. 

Warning: More police confirm reports of groups in residential neighborhoods, taking photos of homes with police cars in driveways

WASHINGTON D.C. – Law enforcement officials from across the country have reached out to Law Enforcement Today asking us to warn police across America about a potential threat.

And since dropping the article on Monday morning, we’ve received word from numerous people letting us know they’ve seen similar suspicious activity in their communities.

We’ve spoken with countless officers in the past 12 hours from across the country – all of whom have reported that their departments have made internal changes over the past few days to ensure both the on-duty and off-duty safety of their officers.

Transparently – our team debated internally whether or not to cover this story.  We are America’s largest law enforcement owned and operated media outlet, and we are unapologetically pro-police. 

Although we don’t hesitate to call out and provide media coverage of bad apples, our priority is in giving the voice to law enforcement that they’re often denied in the mainstream media.

The last thing we want to do is put officers at risk by giving bad people ideas. 

But soon after this threat started spreading like wildfire online, we had law enforcement from across the country reach out.  They pointed out that the threat is already circulating. 

Many have asked us to address it so that departments are aware of it and can take precautions to make changes, if they deem it necessary – especially given how quickly it’s circulating. 

They made a valid point – it’s better to be aware of a potential danger and take precautions than to not know about it because of a national breakdown in communication.

It’s worth noting that we have NOT received any confirmation of this from the FBI.  With that said, a number of agencies have confirmed for us off the record that they’re aware of it and are making internal changes.  We’ve been asked for obvious reasons to not report which agencies they are.

Here’s what we’re told.

In a number of different communities in states ranging from California and Texas to Florida – reports have come in that small groups of individuals appear to be canvassing neighborhoods and taking pictures of homes that have police cruisers in the driveways.

“I can absolutely confirm this,” told us one police spokesman, who asked that his department be kept anonymous because of the threats.  “We’ve received multiple reports throughout the weekend both in terms of phone calls and alerts that neighborhood residents are putting out on community watch apps.”

It comes as police are receiving direct, personal threats through social media, calls and emails.

“We and our children are receiving threats,” one police lieutenant told Law Enforcement Today.

The departments we spoke with said that they’re currently making policy changes so that take-home police cruisers are either garaged or – for now – left at the police departments.

“We expect danger when on the job,” said one sergeant.  “But this is different.  They are threatening to burn down our homes and kill our families.”

Officials have also told us that they’re instructing officers to make other changes, such as making sure uniforms aren’t hanging in personal vehicles while driving into work.

“Effective starting this past weekend, no police vehicles – including unmarked vehicles – will be brought up,” one Captain told Law Enforcement Today.  “This isn’t to punish our guys – it’s to protect them and their families.”

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops – and you can send us information about what’s happening in your department or community at [email protected]  Vetted information and sources will be kept confidential.

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Warning: Police officers' cars and property are being vandalized and defaced as cops are targeted at their homes

All of this comes as the Minnesota National Guard deals with what the FBI says is a ‘credible, lethal threat’.  As a result, activated units are now armed.

The National Guard’s top general requested military police units from out of state as a result of the threat.  He has not requested active-duty forces yet.

These threats reportedly came after officials worked to determine if extremist groups had infiltrated police brutality protests across the country.

Law enforcement is looking into if they deliberately tipped largely peaceful demonstrations toward violence.

To make matters worse, they’re investigating if foreign adversaries – such as Russia – were behind a growing disinformation campaign on social media.

On Saturday, an Antifa activist group put out a message that encouraged people to consider Minnesota National Guard troops “easy targets,” according to two Defense Department officials.

The activists were encouraged to steal “kit”, or the weapons and body armor used by the soldiers.

The officials were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, reports one outlet.

Now, soldiers with the Minnesota National Guard have been armed during all missions at protests across the state.

The soldiers are sometimes – but not always – armed.  Yet for the past few days, they haven’t been armed as they’ve moved into parts of the state taken over by riots.

In the state, the troops do not currently have the authority to make arrests, and are there to act essentially as extra security for police.

There are currently more than 4,100 National Guard soldiers and airmen in Minneapolis.

Hours after President Trump declared that he’ll be designating Antifa as a terror organization, they reportedly made the ultimate threat – we’re bringing the war to the suburbs.

Now authorities are on high alert – regardless of who may be behind it.



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