ACLU making push to free 30 thousand illegal immigrants, block ICE from working with state and local law enforcement


WASHINGTON, DC – The ACLU is making a push with Democratic Joe Biden and his administration to allow 30 thousand illegal aliens to be released into the country.

The ACLU’s plan would prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement from collaborating with state and local law enforcement agencies.

The ACLU seemingly believes that ICE is working with state and local law enforcement officials to “racially profile” people in the hopes of finding those who have, at minimum, committed crimes by crossing into the United States.

It is because of the alleged racial profiling that the ACLU believes people who “look like immigrants” are being stopped and arrested for “low-level charges.”

The ACLU also claims ICE’s collaboration does little other than creating what they allege is the “heightened fear” of being deported and losing their loved ones. In a brief, the ACLU wrote:

“Millions of people across the nation have lived in heightened fear of encountering ICE agents in their communities, knowing it could lead to their deportation or the deportation of loved ones and the separation of their families. Afraid of ICE, people avoid any law enforcement agent who could be an ICE agent in disguise, or who could be collaborating with ICE.”

While the ACLU does aptly point out that the program of ICE officials collaborating with state and local law enforcement began after the United States was attacked in 2001, instead of noting any potential benefit in securing the nation, they claim the program was racist from the beginning. They wrote:

“ICE cultivated relationships with local law enforcement agencies across the nation – using them to help identify, detain, and deport immigrants [illegal aliens] with whom they come in contact. These programs were initially justified on national security grounds. In fact, they were vehicles for racist law enforcement agencies to engage in harassment and abuse of immigrant [illegal alien] communities.

“Rather than providing any proven law enforcement benefit, these ICE-law enforcement collaboration programs have resulted in racial profiling: Local police are emboldened to stop, arrest, and bring low-level charges against people who ‘look’ like immigrants, with the actual aim of helping ICE deport them.”

While President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, has worked on ending this program, known as 287(g), which has seen a significant decrease in those being detained. In 2019, under former Republican President Donald Trump’s administration, there were roughly 56,000 illegal aliens who were being detained.

Regardless of the drastic decrease, the ACLU believes more needs to be done to ensure the ‘safety’ of those who have illegally crossed into the United States. They are pushing President Biden and his administration to not only end any collaboration with federal officials, but they are also calling for closing the majority of the immigration detention centers throughout the nation.

The ACLU claims detaining illegal aliens causes those people to suffer various criminal acts against them as opposed to potentially safeguarding the nation from those with criminal intent. They wrote:

“In detention, people suffer medical neglect, sexual assault, dangerously unsanitary conditions, beating, and retaliation when they protest. Detention site operators, including the private prison giants, often enjoy impunity for these abuses.”

The closing of any of those centers would cause the nearly 30,000 illegal aliens who are being detained there to be released into local communities which would not only cause a significant strain on their economies but potentially place them at risk, considering thousands of them are convicted criminals or have open court cases against them. They wrote:

“With its coffers running dry, ICE should be ending private prison contracts, shuttering abusive detention sites, and supporting community-based alternatives to detention that enable [illegal aliens] to navigate the immigration system and fairly make their case for protection from deportation.”

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