Connecticut – Multiple reports on Tuesday have said that Fotis Dulos, the Connecticut man accused of murdering his wife Jennifer, has been found dead.

According to ABC News, the father of five was found unresponsive in his Farmington home on Tuesday afternoon. 

Media outlets are reporting that Dulos is dead, however sources close to the investigation told LET that he may still have a pulse.

Video from the scene appeared to show emergency crews attempting to perform CPR on Dulos outside of the home. 

Accused wife killer Fotis Dulos found unresponsive. Police say he tried to take his own life.

Police: Fotis Dulos has been found dead in his CT home


Sources have said that Dulos attempted to take his own life.

The news comes on the same day that Dulos’s bond was expected to be revoked while he awaited trial for the murder of his estranged wife. The murder charges were filed on January 7th.

Jennifer Dulos went missing nearly a year ago in May. Investigators spent months looking for her body, and recently had arrested and charged Fotis with her murder.

Though her body was never found, authorities have recovered bloody clothes and a number of other physical and verbal pieces of evidence.

Here’s the original story behind her disappearance. 

According to the arrest warrants, the mother of five was attacked in her home garage after dropping her children at school. 

The garage was cleaned thoroughly after the murder in an attempt to hide what had happened. In addition to the charges against Fotis Dulos, his girlfriend Michelle Troconis and her attorney friend Kent Mawhinney were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. 

While the criminal investigation regarding the disappearance of Jennifer earlier this year is still ongoing, the civil suit pertaining to the estates and exchange of money between the Jennifer Dulos’ mother and ex-husband.

While some folks plead the fifth while in criminal and civil cases, a judge said that the fifth doesn’t absolve them from every inquiry.

A judge has ordered Michelle Troconis to answer a limited number of questions during a deposition in the $2.5 million lawsuits filed against Fotis Dulos by the family of his missing estranged wife.

Hartford Superior Court Judge Cesar Noble is necessitating Troconis to answer questions related to her background, including where she was born and whether she has an Argentinian passport, and whether she saw her former boyfriend conducting business transactions in Florida and Colorado, according to an order issued.

Jennifer Dulos

Jennifer Dulos, a Connecticut mother, has been missing since May, police say. (New Canaan Police)


However, she will not be forced to answer much else that would dig into her relationship with Fotis Dulos, Jennifer’s ex-husband, or his finances. Gloria Farber’s lawsuit and the estate of her late husband Hilliard are slated to continue trial on December 3rd of this year.

Regarding the criminal investigation of Dulos’ May disappearance, Troconis and Fotis Dulos had each pleaded not guilty to two counts of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution in connection with the case.

Troconis’ attorney, Andrew Bowman, has continually attempted to halt having his client involved with the lawsuits considering she might incriminate herself in the criminal proceedings.

Andrew Bowman wrote in court papers asking Judge Noble not to compel his client to answer any questions:

“In addition, law enforcement’s investigation concerning the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos has not concluded. It is a continuing investigation, which may or may not result in a homicide charge or in a conspiracy charge.”

Meanwhile, attorney Richard Weinstein who is representing Gloria Farber’s civil case, asked the judge to delineate which questions Troconis is required to answer after she invoked the Fifth Amendment to every question posed during a September deposition.

According to Noble’s order that was issued Friday, Troconis has to answer questions related to where she was born, where she holds citizenship, if she has an Argentinian passport and where she lived with her daughter before moving to Connecticut.

Furthermore, she must also provide information on the business endeavors of Fotis Dulos while he visited her in Florida and Colorado, and which business acquaintances he communicated with while in those states when she was present.

Farber’s attorney had asked Troconis a total of about 180 questions during the September deposition, where she only answered two of them. From there on out, she opted to plead the fifth, but now she is required to answer 16 questions, according to Noble’s order.

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In turn, there are several types of questions she will not be forced to answer during the civil proceedings.

The inquiries essentially relate to Jennifer Dulos and the Farber family’s finances; the order indicates. Some of the omitted questions that will remain unanswered are whether she knew of who would inherit what in the event of Jennifer’s death, what amount of money was in the trust for Jennifer Dulos, or if Fotis Dulos ever asked her to have funds transferred over to her name.

Troconis will not have to answer any private questions regarding her relationship with Fotis Dulos, such as how long she lived in the Farmington home he once shared with Jennifer Dulos or whether he paid for Troconis to travel with him.

Gloria Farber is suing her son-in-law for $2.5 million in what she is citing as unpaid loans to him and his real estate business, Fore Group. Weinstein detailed in court documents filed Friday that Fotis Dulos failed to uphold a detached financial distinctiveness from his company, which is now permitting him to claim the money was a gift from the family and not a loan.

While it seems the civil proceedings won’t aid much regarding the criminal investigation about the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, there’s still a lot of notoriety and unusual circumstances involving Troconis and her boyfriend Fotis amid the criminal case. 


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