Absolutely massive ‘Trump Train’ spreads across two states as voter enthusiasm for ‘Daddy T’ explodes


TEXOMA, TX – When people say that things are bigger in Texas, they aren’t lying. Especially, when it comes to supporting President Donald Trump.

About 1,000 Texomans participated in a two-state parade for President Trump on Sunday, October 11, 2020. They drove from the Hugo Agriplex in Oklahoma, and met up with a group of Trump supporters from Paris, Texas at the Red River.

They traveled along US 271 in different types of vehicles, flying both campaign flags and the American flag. They were in total support of Trump’s re-election, according to Breitbart.

“The organizer says 1,222 vehicles were in the parade and more than 3,000 people participated; more than doubling the size of a similar parade held last month in College Station.”

KBTX anchor Rusty Surette shared photos of the event on his Twitter page Sunday:

Texas might have the biggest overall support for Trump. On September 28, 2020, an estimated 5,000 people rallied in pickup trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and cars in the Texas Panhandle, to show support for the re-election of President Donald Trump. People lined up for more than a mile to get into an already overflowing parking lot before the rally’s start.


Twitter user Su Miller shared video footage of the event on her profile:

Local elected officials and candidates took advantage of the opportunity to address the large crowd of potential voters before the rally. Those included Texas State Senator Charles Perry, Joaquin City Councilman Mike Cummings, Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 3 Candidate Cary Shaw, Lubbock Mayoral Candidate Stephen Sanders, former Texas Federation of College Republicans Chairman Decker Reno, and many pro-life organization speakers.

Pastor Mark Lee Dickson posted on Facebook:

“The Trump Train contained thousands of cars and trucks decked out with Trump flags and decals. It was quite the sight to see as it took over two hours for the entire train to leave the parking lot to cruise the loop for Donald J. Trump.”

A video posted on Facebook shows people lining up spanning more than a mile to join the overflowing Cook’s Garage and surrounding parking lots. 

Organizers Dwight Friesen and Forks Loewen wrote on Facebook:

“When showing up please wait beside the loop until the Trump Train passes by and join in. Please be respectful of all laws and fellow Americans. This will be a family-friendly event. Let’s go out, have a good time, and show our great President our love and support. Please share this with your family, friends, and fellow patriots. Texas has Trump’s back!”

The rally, called a huge success by organizers, concluded after sunset at night.

On September 12, more than 7,000 Trump voters showed up for a “Laredo Trump Train.

Organizer and National Border Patrol Council Vice President, Hector Garza, said at the time:

“We had a great, peaceful event with over 4,000 vehicles participating and over 7,000 people participating in the event.”

Video footage of the parade showed cars driving through the city honking and displaying their American flags and Trump 2020 flags:

Participant Ricardo Suarez said President Trump was the best candidate because he truly cared about the people living near the Texas border.

He said:

“Finally, we have someone that listens to the issues down here and not just takes [sic] our votes for granted.”

Meanwhile, Latinos in South Florida might love President Trump even more than the folks out in Texas. The Miami Police Department estimated more than 30,000 cars participated in the caravan.

Latinos from Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba living in South Florida know what life is like living under Socialism and Communism. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are dangerous to the ideas of freedom and democracy. But, they know Trump will protect our freedoms.

Another Trump rally took place this month, in California, and it brought people from all groups together. Of course it got no media attention. 

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LET Unity

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Black Lives Matter claim to protest and rally in search of equality. And they do so through screams of systemic racism and inherent white supremacy.

They believe that those two goals are only obtainable through verbal and character attacks on entire groups of people in this country. That is what they have in common. Anger over a perceived set of ideas that they cannot actually show anyone they exist.

On Saturday, a large group of people took to the streets of Beverly Hills. And this growing group had only two things in common. They love this country and they support President Trump.

Unlike the groups who believe that anger is the way to solve perceived biases, the rally-goers showed that we already have the equality they claim to be seeking in this country. 

As reported by Breitbart, the rally “was not only large and energetic, but was comprised of people from all walks of life, various races, and even genders.”

This was actually the third such rally in the upscale suburb of Los Angeles, with each one growing in size. 

Breitbart News spoke with one attendee who had been to at least one of the previous rallies. 

Whitney told the outlet that Saturday’s event was “the largest” rally with the “most diverse turnout.”

“The energy was running high and American pride was everywhere,” Whitney said.

There will be many on far-left end of the progressive ideology who will say that very American pride is evidence of the very systemic racism that they claim to be fighting. 

While this particular event was primarily attended by only Trump supporters, the second rally was met with the hate that is always present in the crowds of BLM and Antifa.

They showed up with signs that read things like: “NAZI TRUMPS F— OFF!” and “DEPORT NAZI SCUM.”

In the Breitbart article, pictures show the very diversity that BLM and Antifa claim does not exist. The people who turned out included blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and people of Middle Eastern decent.

The crowds include not only straight people, but also members of the LGBTQ community. Attendees were not only Christian, but also Jewish, Muslim and numerous other religions. 

It was not simply an assembly of old, white men, as the left often attributes to the majority of Trump supporters. It wasn’t a group of white supremacists, as every Trump backer is accused of being.   

It’s not the first show of support in Beverly Hills. September 5 was also a great day for America. On that day, “The American People” released a video on You Tube that absolutely destroys the hate-filled rhetoric and violence we’ve been seeing every day for the past 100 days in major American cities.

In less than two days, it has racked up 867,893 views. That is 30,000 more views than it had when I watched it ten minutes ago.

The video features LGBT activist and singer Ricky Godinez, known professionally as Ricky Rebel, as he sings his way through a protest in Beverly Hills to the music of the Village People’s Y.M.C.A.

Rebel has rewritten the lyrics however, and made them into a modern anthem for all that is great about America. It is a direct refutation of messaging from the mainstream media, the Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the Fascist group Antifa.

Here is partial sample of the lyrics to MAGA/YMCA:

“Young Man!

Walkaway from the hate

We’re all human

And we don’t segregate

Just like women

Help make America great

We are all in this together

Our colors are red. white, and blue

And they stand for every one of you

And together here’s what we’re gonna do

We’re gonna make America great!

Black, white, and brown

From every city and town,

We don’t let haters keep us down”

The media, BLM, and Antifa are all pushing the themes of disunity, discord, and racial division. Why? It is plain that their demands for “justice” are disingenuous.

If they were serious, they wouldn’t use it as an excuse to commit thousands of acts of injustice by assaulting, looting, rioting, burning, even acts of murder. Anyone with a genuine interest in justice would not commit any of those criminal acts, nor would they support them.

The excuse that people are so angry they cannot control themselves does not adequately explain the behavior we’ve seen around the country, nor is it believable. What is credible is that those groups are trying to destroy American values and they have chosen the tactic of inventing racism where it doesn’t exist (law enforcement) so they can cripple the one organ of government that is the greatest threat to achieving their goals: anarchy and revolution.

What Ricky Rebel and his team have done is to put everything BLM and Antifa stand for to the test. He has shown that their angry and threatening messages have no place in America. They are the outsiders, they don’t belong, and more, they are neither wanted nor needed.

Rebel has created a fun, uplifting, happy video in the middle of very turbulent times. The mere fact that he did it proves that it can be done, and that it should be done, over and over again, until the destructive racist fires encouraged by BLM and Antifa are comprehensively extinguished by the joy of being free, peaceful, law-biding Americans.

His video has to be shared far and wide. It deserves to find its way into the mind of every American. We need to be reminded that in a free America, we can express our joy at being Americans, and that we can have the courage to come out and do it publicly.

Even, as Rebel did, in the middle of a BLM protest in the stronghold of liberal America, Beverly Hills.

In the video, we see Rebel, a bisexual man who supports LGBTQ causes, dancing with Hispanic men and women, black men and women, police (whose directions he respectfully obeys), people masked and unmasked, young and old, drivers in passing cars, and pedestrians.

By pulling back the curtain and showing us this, he shows that Americans can be united and indeed are united, regardless of whatever demographic they may belong to.

In the time it took to write the above, the “BLM Riot turns into MAGA YMCA Dance Party” video jumped to 880,565 views.

[Editor’s note: At the time of editing, the video was up to over 917,000 views.]

Rebel released a similar video, though this one is shot on a stage, unlike the live, outdoor, unscripted version in Beverly Hills. It features Rebel, Joy Villa, Mindy Robinson, The Deplorable Choir, and Tommy Joe Ratliff. 

If you know anyone who needs to see a ray of hope through the gathering clouds of war stimulated by Anti-American groups like BLM and Antifa, send them a link to these videos and give them a smile.

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