Stacey Abrams: Tells Kemp Georgia sheriffs are “good ol’ boys club” who “want to take black people off the streets”


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GEORGIA- Stacey Abrams, the Invisalign and NutriSystem poster child who still thinks she’s the governor of Georgia has a pretty funny way of reaching out to law enforcement officers. During a debate with incumbent (real) Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) Sunday night, Abrams decided to take a potshot at county sheriffs throughout the state.

Abrams, who was in some convoluted way attempting to show her support for law enforcement, was put on the defensive by Kemp about past statements she’s made which suggest she is a typical Democrat who supports defunding the police while supporting criminals.

Oh, she’s never come out and explicitly said she supports defunding the police, but if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Fox News reported that during the debate, Kemp accosted Abrams for statements she made on CNN when asked if she would defund the police.

“Miss Abrams on CNN got asked the question, would she defund the police? And she said, ‘Yes, we have to reallocate resources.’ That means defunding the police. She proposed in 2018, eliminating cash bail,” Kemp insisted, while also noting that he had received the endorsement of 107 county sheriffs across the state of Georgia.

That led Abrams to make her ill-advised remark, saying she is not a member of the “good ol’ boys club” of 107 sheriffs,” who she claimed “want to be able to take black people off the streets, who want to be able to go without accountability.”

That folks is called shooting yourself in the foot. Oh, she attempted to take back her remarks or at least tamp them down, adding she didn’t think “every sheriff wants that.”

“But I know that we need a governor who believes in both defending law enforcement, but also defending the people of Georgia,” Abrams said.

While Abrams has repeatedly tried to dodge the allegations that she is in favor of defunding the police, actions as they say speak louder than words. Abrams is affiliated with a number of far-left extremist anti-police, pro-criminal groups which seems to blow holes through her narrative.

One such group is the Marguerite Casey Foundation, a far-left defund the police group based in Seattle, Washington, of which she serves as both a board member and governor.

Fox reports that as recently as this past March, the group tweeted #DefundThePolice, as well as #AbolishThePolice back in February of this year. That same month, the foundation hosted an event titled, “Becoming Abolitionists—A History of Failed Police Reforms & Vision for True Public Safety, which was moderated by the foundation’s president and CEO Carmen Rojas.

Rojas is affiliated with a number of far-left organizations, including the Rockefeller Foundation and The Aspen Institute.

She has also been hosted by Joe Biden at the White House, visitor logs showed as reported by Fox News. She was one of a number of defund the police zealots to have visited the White House, including Rashad Robinson, radical president of the far-left racial justice group Color of Change, who visited with then-Biden adviser Cedric Richmond.

Robinson is a supporter of cop killer Assata Shakur, who in 1973 murdered New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster at a New Jersey Turnpike rest area. She is currently in Cuba where she was granted asylum by late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Abrams’ campaign claims she disagrees with the Casey Foundation’s position on defunding the police, but Hot Air reports that she supported the “Answer the Uprising” initiative in May 2021. And while Abrams may try to distance herself from Rojas, she cannot distance herself from Rojas’s radicalism concerning defunding of police.

This past February, Rojas was moderating a discussion on becoming abolitionists during which she said Republicans are “fully funding ethno-nationalism” and “white supremacy” through the party’s support of law enforcement.

She said:

“[What] ideological foundations like ours can do is create a more even terrain for that fight—that the opposition is fully funding ethno-nationalism, fully funding patriarchy and white supremacy, like, whole hog, every day funding it,” Rojas said.

“And what we can do at our best, those of us who believe in dreaming, those of us who believe in dreaming, those of us who believe in justice, those of us who are committed to black liberation—not as an endeavor to keep in our brain, but something that we want to realize in our lifetime—can use resources to do that.”

Rojas also supports abolishing prisons to go along with defunding the police. In other words, she supports virtual anarchy and Abrams appears to tacitly support that ideology. As Hot Air writes, “people are judged by the company they keep.”

In the case of Abrams, she hangs with anti-police, pro-criminal zealots. It’s no wonder police in Georgia aren’t walking, they’re running away from her campaign.

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