A tale of two terror attacks: One gets media crickets, the other breathlessly reported for five days thanks to media agenda


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BUFFALO, NY- Any time there is a shooting—especially a mass shooting—it’s a horrific ordeal. But if you’re a liberal, some shootings are more horrific than others. Especially if it falls in line with your preferred narrative.

We actually see this happen in other areas as well. For example, look at how the January 6 US Capitol siege has been handled compared to the [not so] peaceful protests which took place in the summer of 2020. You see, where the liberal mob is concerned, if protests are for their agenda, they’re fine…no matter how violent they are. If they’re counter to their agenda, that’s bad.

Bogus Russia collusion in 2016? Bad. True cases of election fraud in 2020? Conspiracy theorists!!!

The latest example of media bias occurred this past weekend with the horrific mass shooting at a Buffalo, N.Y. supermarket, where an unhinged lunatic armed with a semi-automatic rifle opened fire, killing ten. Ironically this same weekend, there were 33 people shot, 5 fatally in Chicago. In Milwaukee, 21 people were shot in three separate shootings. Fortunately, it appears nobody was killed. Yet the media and Joe Biden focused on Buffalo.

Why? Because a white man killed ten blacks, furthering the Biden administration’s narrative that “white supremacy” pervades across the country. Last December, when a black nationalist drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six people including an eight-year-old boy, while injuring scores of others, the media moved on within literally a matter of hours.

In the case of the Buffalo tragedy, there was more coverage by the leftist media in the first couple of days than there was on the Waukesha attack over weeks. The Buffalo attack resulted in a presidential visit by Joe Biden within two days. Waukesha? He sent his wife and cackling Kamala sometime the next week. He couldn’t be bothered.

All of this was obvious to conservative commentator Candace Owens of the Daily Wire, who slammed the mainstream media:

A black supremacist took a vehicle and plowed it into a group of white people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha. A white supremacist carved the name of one of those white parade victims onto a rifle and livestreamed a mass shooting in a majority black neighborhood.

Both acts are heinous, but they will not earn equal coverage in the media. Our dishonest, race-obsessed media should be blamed for BOTH of these massacres. They will elevate the Buffalo shooting because white crimes vs. black victims is preferred. The cycle of hatred continues.

One year ago, a Syrian national, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa opened fire at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store, killing ten ranging in age from 20 to 65. Again, because in this case the shooter was of Arab descent and a majority of the victims were white, the media quickly moved on and once again the incident didn’t merit a presidential visit from the demented one.

This is how blatantly corrupt our media and our political class has become. Some mass shootings are “horrific” while others merit only a brief mention for an hour or two because they don’t fit in the desired box in which the media wishes to place it. Scores of people are shot and killed every week in cities across America and it’s just another blip on the chyron…maybe.

The contrast between how the media and Democrat politicians reacted to the incidents in Waukesha and Buffalo couldn’t be more glaring. Both incidents involved racial hatred, yet only one was breathlessly reported by the media while having fawning Democrats foaming at the mouth in order to get their push for gun control and crack down on free speech back in the news cycle.

Despite absolutely zero evidence to support their claims, Democrats attempted to blame the Buffalo shooting on of all people Tucker Carlson and the rest of Fox News. All of this despite the fact that the gunman professed hatred for both Fox and conservatives. But that matters not to the leftist lunatics.

In a disheveled speech on Tuesday, Biden rambled on about white supremacy as if we are back in the 1850s or the 1950s and 60s south, where his best friend Sen. Robert Byrd was in the KKK.

Here we have some blacks who are the richest among us either by parlaying their terms in the White House into hundreds of millions like Obama or by bouncing basketballs like Lebron James, yet we are supposed to believe that America is a racist country?

Yet there was Biden, rambling on about how racist the United States is because of the act of one deranged madman. The media has not stopped talking about Buffalo since the tragedy unfolded last weekend. Ant to be clear, we have zero problem with that. What we do take issue with is the fact that two similar incidents are treated like polar opposites because the media likes to take sides in assigning the level of horror Americans should feel based on how it reflects their biases.

Meanwhile, Waukesha was quickly relegated to an occasional story here and there. The underpinnings of that crime were equal to what happened in Buffalo—it was a clear hate crime, it took innocent lives, and it was perpetrated by a racist demagogue. However since the killer wasn’t white and didn’t use a gun to murder his victims, it was dropped into the memory hole never to be heard about again.

One might think the fact that the Buffalo gunman had carved the name of one of the Waukesha victims into the rifle he used to commit the heinous shootings may have been mentioned by the legacy media. However they have completely ignored that fact, likely hoping to not remind the American people of their failure to cover both incidents with equal fervor.

This however is what we’ve come to expect from the mainstream media and Democratic politicians. When a madman killed scores at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the media lost its collective mind because it was a “hate crime targeting the LGBT community!” When hundreds were shot at a concert in Las Vegas, the media quickly moved on because those victims were mostly white fans of country music. Nothing to see here folks.

Coverage of any such incident should be covered equally if we in fact had an honest media. The fact is we do not. They are more interested in pushing their twisted agenda then being honest purveyors of the news.

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