LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Two videos that captured the arrest of a man who committed a traffic violation and possessed marijuana, were made available to the public. Administrative review is being done to assess if the police officers crossed the line in the use of force, according to Louisville Metro Police Department’s post on Youtube.

The fist video was the officer’s body cam footage. The second video was captured by a private citizen and posted to the internet.

LMPD provided preliminary information.  They said that an officer stopped the vehicle and observed that the driver, Montez Williams, 26, exchanged seats with the passenger. When the officer approached the vehicle, a strong odor of marijuana was smelled. Williams was asked to exit the vehicle multiple times but he refused which compelled the officer, along with a second officer, to pull him out of the vehicle. After Williams was restrained, the officers discovered a clear plastic bag of marijuana in the center console.

LMPD Bodycam footage:

Cell phone video:

The LMPD also wrote that the administrative review will fully analyze the incident to ensure all laws, policies and procedures were appropriately followed. They also encourage the public to review their use of force policy using this link.

WHAS11 reported that the videos were also assessed by a current and former police officers: Major Jimmy Harper, 2nd Division commander and Councilman David James, a former Louisville Metro police officer. They said the body camera gives a better view of what happened and both of them concluded that the officers followed procedure.