A Surprise for a Little Superhero


SAN JOSE, CA – A little superhero battling leukemia received a wonderful surprise from her real-life heroes when a group of San Jose police officers showed up at her birthday party.

Gisselle, a 5-year-old girl, has been fighting cancer for two years. As the end of her treatment, as well as her birthday draw near, her family decided to throw a block party, which they called “Celebration of Life,” her mother Gabrielle told KTVU Fox2.

At the time they were getting a permit to close off the street for the party, Giselle had the chance to speak to an officer, proudly declaring she “beat cancer and that made her a super-hero like them.” Gisselle also wanted to raise money to “make medicine that doesn’t hurt,” as she is motivated to help friends who are battling childhood cancer.

According to her mom, Gisselle plans to be a “ballerina police officer” someday.

The words of the little girl created an impact on the officer assisting them with the permit. Afterward, Gabrielle received a call from the police informing her they wanted to stop by as part of the child’s celebration.

On the morning of Giselle’s party, a cheerful group of San Jose police officers showed up at 7:00 a.m., after their midnight shift concluded, bringing a special gift for the little girl.

They came with an electronic toy car and an outfit with real police patches as they planned to make little Giselle an honorary officer.


Giselle was thrilled, according to her mom Gabrielle. “I was so impressed and grateful to them for making my little girl so happy on her big day,” she said.

Giselle has been battling leukemia for two years. Since the day she was discharged from the hospital after the first two months of treatment, her family knew they had a long fight ahead. Gabrielle had to close her bridal shop to care for Giselle and join her fight against leukemia.

Gabrielle launched a campaign to raise money for pediatric cancer research. On a website, created as part of the fundraising campaign, Gabrielle referred to Giselle as “Wondergirl.” On the site, she wrote, “Giselle 5th birthday and 2 years fighting leukemia on this very day. In lieu of gifts, Giselle would like to raise money for ‘medicine that doesn’t hurt’… aka leukemia research at LPCH Stanford and help children like her fight cancer with less side effect.”


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