United States veteran: “An angel in blue saved my life. These are the stories that don’t get told.”


This is a true story of a hero without a name.

A story about a kind & valiant warrior with mercy & honor as his shield.

Who belongs to a legendary group of heroic men that in times of desperate need helps those who cannot help themselves & gives aid to many who are scared.

A strong & noble champion protecting us all from the dangers of this world.

A brave officer who day-by-day willingly puts his life on the line for others.

Where “protect & serve” become more than just mere words.

Because this brave brotherhood of gallant men is there for the not so strong.

For the very small.

For the faint of heart.

For the lonely & the lost.

For those who are too weak to defend themselves.

For those who are at the mercy of a sometimes-hostile world.

A lion-hearted brotherhood of exceptional, intelligent men.

An Angel in Blue if you will…

It was a cold & dark November night, & my life was very much in danger.

For in the dark shadows just ahead of me was a bad man with hurt in his mind.

I kept praying as I kept walking toward the dark shadows that were in front of me.

Because, I knew that my time was short, & I had nowhere else to go.

I just kept praying, & I lay my faith at my Heavenly Father’s feet.

Then just beyond the dark shadows there was a light & there was a wonderful sight of a motorcycle police officer angel sitting there eating his dinner. 

The man that was hiding in the dark shadows saw the mighty angel & took off very quickly and soon disappeared.

I walked up to that wonderful angel & just wanted to cry, but all I could do was to say, “Hi.”

As I swallowed my fear & held back the tears, I started talking to this great angel & began to explain my ordeal.

Before I was done talking & almost out of breath, the fearless angel asked me if I wanted to sit down.

This strong, kind stranger saved my life this night, & helped me from being hurt or worse.

I hope somehow, someway, that he can be recognized for the great person that he is & for what he did for me.

I will pray for him, and for all of his brothers that serve along with him.

I will pray every day for all of them…for the rest of my life.

Thank-you for the angel that saved my life on that cold & dark November night.

Submitted by Sherla Danese Henkins

Sherla served in two military services: the USN for NSG/NSA as a Cryptologic Technological Technician (CTT2) during the Cold War, and the Idaho Air National Guard as a Maintenance Data System Analyst.

This poem is a true story. This incident happened on Friday night, November 14, 2003 in Boise, Idaho, and the poem was written on the very next day, November 15, 2003. Sherla said this poem is a big “thank you” for all of our brothers, and sisters serving in blue.

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Proud police wife pens poem to her husband – and it got us ‘in the feels’: “Come Home To Me.”

June 24, 2020

Come home to me

When you are physically drained and mentally tired,

Come home to me.

When you feel worn and weak,

Come home to me.

When people spew hate at you,

Come home to me.

When that politician devalues you and your brothers and sisters,

Come home to me.

When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders,

Come home to me.

When you feel like you are alone,

Come home to me.

When the sight of that battered, frail body is too much to bear,

Come home to me.

When the wreckage and loss of life drags you down,

Come home to me.

When your heart starts to shatter under the pressure,

Come home to me.

When the evil of the world drowns out the good,

Come home to me.

When you receive notice another LEO has fallen,

Come home to me.

When your worries about our Blue Families’ safety threatens to break you,

Come home to me.

When all hope seems lost and cities are burning,

Come home to me.

When you feel like giving up,

Come home to me.

When you can no longer remember why you chose this job, this life, this Blue Family,

Come home to me.

For I will give you rest.

I will give you strength.

I will shield you from the hate.

I will remind you of your value.

I will share the burden of the world’s weight.

I will be by your side.

I will have your back.

I will hold you while you break.

I will put you back together.

I will bring you back from the edge.

I will show you your worth.

I will restore your faith.

And God will carry you from there.

Just come home to me.

And you will remember why.

You will remember your purpose.

You will remember your calling.

You are strong as steal.

You are bold as a lion.

You are the sheep dog.

You are the peacemaker.

You are a child of God.

And…I love you.

Please come home to me.

Written by A Proud LEO Wife, Jacqueline Wagner


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