Wake up call? A Michigan school district that vocally supported Black Lives Matter is reversing course.


MONA SHORES, MI –After the death of George Floyd in May of this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Mona Shores School Board worked to shore their support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  Fast forward a few months, and they have decided they were wrong.

Bill O’Brien, the School Superintendent said:

“The intent of the [BLM] resolution was to unify, and it was becoming divisive instead.  This is not, and must not, be an issue of politics.  It is an issue of human rights, including equality, inclusion, acceptance and equity.”

O’Brien quickly realized that introducing a resolution that was politically divisive could never be something widely accepted.  As a result, he recommended suspending the BLM resolution until, and if, they can find something that everyone can support.

In June, the Mona Shores Public School Board of Education had passed the resolution which stated they were a “primarily white school district.”  While that may or may not be true, it more likely than not is because of the population make up for that area, as opposed to the area somehow suppressing minorities. 

However, the school believes the reason they have less minorities there is because of:

“[A] result of endemic racist housing policies, restrictive covenants, and intentional urban planning that prevented people of color from even entering white spaces…

“Mona Shores Public Schools seeks to address institutionalized racism in our schools and community…the killing of unarmed black men and women has left young people searching for answers to incredibly complicated and infuriating questions.”

Of course, this shortsighted resolution implies that people of color are hunted and killed by police for no reason, something that if they looked up the statistics themselves, they would see is utterly false

However, if the Black Lives Matter movement was because of something real, like the plague of black on black violence, perhaps the people would feel differently. 

The resolution also claimed that it was needed in order to ensure the district’s commitment “to the emotional and physical safety of black students.” 

It continued:

“[Our schools and classrooms must be safe spaces for dialogue and support on the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement…challenging all of ours students and colleagues to recognize the innate value of Black lives will help all of our students grow because all lives cannot matter until black lives do.”

Norton Shores resident, Michael Poland, told MLive that BLM was nothing more than a political organization. 

He said:

“I feel it is wrong to bring such politics into the board.  I agree that schools should practice equality, and that Mona Shores should be committed to the emotional and physical safety of all students.”

The School Board, in announcing their resolution, also promised that they would enact “restorative justice practices district-wide.”  In other words, minority students who get into trouble are not suspended nor expelled from schools, as it is deemed by some to be discriminatory. 

Peter Kirsanow, in response to this type of process that was implemented in California, said that the result of these practices were “predictable.” 

He said:

“Just as we’ve seen in every other school district that has reduced or banned student suspensions and expulsions in order to eliminate racial disparities in school discipline, violence and chaos in those schools will increase – substantially. 

“The victims of such violence and chaos will be other minority students whose learning environment will be disrupted by the presence of students who should’ve been disciplined.”

As far as his failed resolution was concerned, O’Brien blamed the people who felt that BLM was a political movement instead of what he saw as a beacon for equality. 

He said:

“I’m embarrassed that our black and brown families have yet another effort to support them misappropriated. 

That the resolution meant to bring an opportunity to enlighten and unify the district has seemingly been bent to a personal agenda; that deliberate efforts have been made to make this a matter of politics, calling for the use of Board meetings to foster political divisiveness on both sides.”

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Another story about school districts and their teachings about Black Lives Matter 

SEATTLE, WA  Do you know what your kids’ schools are teaching them? Well, a recent report courtesy of Seattle talk show/radio host Jason Rantz found that two Seattle schools are teaching second-graders that police officers are racist.

According to Rantz’s report on this type of content being presented to children in schools, he noted the following:

“Students as young as 7-years-old are taught that racist police routinely target innocent Black Americans but don’t suffer consequences because police cover for each other. Content also pushes far-left social justice causes as students are told to become social justice activists.”

But what was all the more concerning was what Rantz followed up that synopsis with:

“What’s worse, the schools only remove or revise the content after parents complain.”

At Grove Elementary in Marysville, a second-grade teacher had posted a video to the school’s online system for parents to watch and discuss with their children.

The video was called “Animation Series: Something Happened in Our Town,” and it was an illustrated story about a black man getting shot by a white cop.

And you can likely guess where this is going.

The story focused on two young children asking their parents about a recent police-involved shooting and the parents teaching their kids that police officers don’t like black men and don’t go to jail for unjustified shootings.

One excerpt from the video of the story showed a young white girl named Emma asking her parents why the police shot the black man:

“Emma asked her mother ‘Why did the police shoot that man?’ ‘It was a mistake,’ said her mother. ‘I feel sorry for the man and his family.’ ‘Yes, the police thought he had a gun,’ said her father. ‘It wasn’t a mistake,’ said her sister, Liz. ‘The cops shot him because he was black.’”

The narrative went from there, shifting to the perspective of a young black kid asking his parents the same thing, which then alleged that cops don’t go to jail because “cops stick up for each other” and “they don’t like black men.”

Rantz noted in his report that neither the school’s principle nor the teacher who uploaded the video responded to inquiries on what led them to offer this as a resource for students.

However, Jodi Runyon – who serves as the school’s director of Communications, Engagement and Outreach – stated that the video was pulled after receiving complaints from parents.

Moving on to Gig Harbor’s Discovery Elementary, second-grade students had access to the school’s virtual classroom and its “Black Lives Matter Instructional Library.” Rantz noted that many of the resources on that portion of the virtual classroom weren’t controversial – except for one book encouraging children to become an “activist” and to “Agitate! Organize!”

It was a video of Tom Morello from the band Rage Against the Machine reading a book called “A is for Activist.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Rage Against the Machine, they are responsible for such songs as “Killing in the Name of” which is a song released in 1992 where the entire song claims that police officers are the new KKK.

Seriously, here are some of the lyrics from the song:

“Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses”

“Those who died are justified. For wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites. You justify those that died. By wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites.”

Thus, Morello reading said book is hardly surprising, nor is the content from the book surprising either based upon the title.

Themes from that book carried calls for children to demand “no justice, no peace” and to oppose war and even went so far as to promote the far-left militant group the Zapatista, which has been present within Mexico for nearly three decades.

At the last page of this virtual library – the slide has since been removed – parents were encouraged to “listen, reflect & donate” instead of reaching out to content creators with inquiries about their work.

Rantz’s report noted one of these “content creators” who people should donate to is “Woke Kindergarten:”

“On her page, the content creator published a series of 60-second stories. In one, titled “Rainbow Baby,” Ki uses colors to highlight protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. At the end, Ki uses a photo promoting “Police-Free Schools.” In another, “Good Trouble,” Ki uses a photo from March for Our Lives, telling students it’s an example of how you show people you care about their lives.”

Gig Harbor’s Discovery Elementary reportedly didn’t comment on the content featured or links provided to various YouTube channels (like Woke Kindergarten) within the virtual classroom.

Rantz reasonably pointed out that this type of content is “clearly inappropriate for second graders” and that “it shouldn’t take parental complaints for the schools to realize it”.

Which makes perfect sense, since 6- and 7-year-olds cannot possibly grasp the copious amounts of nuance in these topics nor be able to see past the broad-brushing of anti-police messages.

So, do you know what your kids’ schools are teaching them?

It’s not the first time we’ve reported something like this in the past week:

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

DUXBURY, MA- A middle school principal showed her students an anti-police propaganda video. The video depicted high profile Black Lives Matter activists, including Colin Kaepernick kneeling on a football field during the National Anthem.

According to reports, Tatyana Semyrog, a concerned parent and who is also running for State Representative, shared the incident as well as screenshots from the presentation via Twitter. The tweet has since been removed from her account, but below is a screenshot of it:

In response, Superintendent John Antonucci explained that he fully supports the principal’s decision to show the anti-police propaganda video. He said:

“In the spirit of fully transparency and honesty, you should know that I fully support Mrs. McGuire and her use of the TV commercial with the students. The commercial is mean to be inspiring and motivating and in fact, I also used it on opening day with our staff.”

He added:

“In addition, it has been widely broadcast on television and the internet all summer, so it is already in the public realm. Although the intent of airing the commercial was not political, I would add that the Duxbury Public Schools is fully committed to promoted anti-racism.”

He continued:

“To shield our students from a topic that is so pervasive in our country right now would be irresponsible and detrimental to students’ education. We will continue to address topics that may make some people uncomfortable, which is an important part of the learning process.”

The superintendent stated that shielding their students from this relevant topic would be irresponsible, but what is really irresponsible is only showing their students one side of the story or presenting BLM as something that is not divisive when many large cities across the country are literally burning to the ground during violent protests.

It is also irresponsible to teach students that they live in a country filled with racist people and racist police officers or to tell them that if they do not support BLM then they do not support black lives.

The superintendent stated that as a school they will continue to address topics that might make some people uncomfortable.

If they plan to have the uncomfortable conversations about police using excessive force and systemic racism, are they willing to have the uncomfortable conversations about the true facts and evidence surrounding officer-involved shooting cases?

And that in many of those incidents the individual had prior convictions, a warrant for arrest, a weapon on them, and/or that they did not listen to the officer when they were given verbal commands?

Will they also be discussing the murder of David Dorn at the hands of BLM protesters or the fact that Colin Kaepernick has never even voted in an election before?

If the superintendent claims they are going to continue to have these uncomfortable situations and not shield their students from the issues happening across the country right now, why are they not educating their students on the bigger picture?

Why are they not telling all sides of the stories?

Why are they not educating their students that the First Amendment allows people to peacefully protest and push for change, but that it does not give people the right to physically assault law enforcement officers who are still standing and trying their hardest to serve and protect their communities. 

The response from the superintendent is alarming and disheartening. Many of America’s cities are burning and suffering from looting, vandalism, and destruction of property to locally owned businesses.

Law enforcement officers are being assaulted and gravely disrespected to the point where they can no longer protect and serve their communities to the best of their ability.

People are being murdered by the dozens within days, including young children under the age of 13. True education requires teachers and administrators to have all of the uncomfortable conversations, not just the ones they believe are important because of their own bias and prejudices.    



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