Dear Police Officers and Their Loved Ones,

Today… I need to apologize to you.

Perhaps you heard about what’s happening in San Francisco.  The city has an ordinance that places a ban on contracts that involve states that they feel have “anti-LGBTQ” attitudes.

That means they can’t buy any products that are made in Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee or Texas.

Why?  Because… “feelings”.

Humor me for a minute while I break this down for you.

It means that, using taxpayer money, San Francisco departments are now obligated to buy what may be more expensive or even inferior products because city leaders are forcing their own beliefs about sexuality on others.

San Francisco

San Francisco has placed a ban on city contracts for products made in states that are considered to have ‘anti-LGBTQ’ laws. (Wikipedia Commons)

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?  They are fighting perceived discrimination with actual discrimination because these elitists have determined that they get to decide what is morally right and wrong.

Seems to me like this is putting our police officers at risk while at the same time slapping taxpayers in the face.

San Francisco

The ordinance clearly prohibits travel and contracts with the listed states.

What happens if these “city leaders” in San Fran decide that they don’t like the laws in Michigan? Will police departments not be allowed to buy Fords or Chevrolets for their department?

What happens if they get upset with Georgia?  Will cops not be allowed to carry Glocks?

If Colorado rubs them the wrong way…will our officers not be allowed to buy bulletproof vests or vehicle armor from Angel Armor, which is arguably the best officer safety product on the market?

We see a city that allows legal injections of heroin in “safe spaces”…. and we see fentanyl becoming more and more deadly.  What happens when Narcan stops working… and the replacement product is manufactured in Texas?

What happens if the cure for AIDS is found in North Carolina? Game over?  Sorry, San Fran residents – you’ll die a painful death, but at least you’ll die with our moral self-righteousness?

And so, officers… I want to apologize.

I’m sorry that while you chose to protect citizens regardless of race, gender, sex or sexual orientation… bureaucrats decided to NOT protect you because of sex, gender and sexual orientation.

I’m sorry that while you chose to put strangers above yourself, lawmakers were putting their own feelings above your safety.

I’m sorry that while you are facing budget shortfalls, politicians are preventing you from getting the tools you need because of who people choose to sleep with.

I’m sorry that in the name of “tolerance”, these city leaders have decided that they can manipulate taxpayer money to ensure that the only opinions “tolerated” are their own.

Here’s an idea. Perhaps it’s time we pass a resolution that in order for you to weigh in on budgets and laws, you need to be able to demonstrate that you possess common sense and are willing to put budgets and safety ahead of “feelings”.

Is that asking too much? Is keeping those who hold the thin blue line safe too much to hope for?

Apparently it is in the People’s Republic of California.

If you’re with me… pass this around to every cop you know and help me apologize to them on behalf of America for this lunacy.

God bless America.

Written by Sergeant A. Merica