A Lesson From a Turkey


My husband’s department received a generous donation of turkeys this year. Upon hearing this, I was met with excitement as we normally open our home on the holidays, along with other times throughout the year, where I feed officers working the streets. My favorite time to do so is at Christmas when they are away from their families and most normal eating establishments are closed. And I love doing it! I love being able to meet a need for them while offering a safe haven to rest while they are on break. (Despite the, not so quiet, entertainment from our youngest!) So I was really excited that I would be able to feed more than usual! Including a family from church that just faced a difficult surgery.

Needless to say, in true police officer fashion, the turkey did not make it to our house. My husband donated it to a family that needed it.

We don’t need it. We will have more than enough food. (We always do!) But I love the little smile I sensed on God’s face knowing that was probably one of the best gifts that family could receive this year. And knowing the hearts of others my husband works with; he likely wasn’t alone in his giving! That’s what I wish the news media would focus on more, since it happens every day. That’s why so many of our officers don the uniforms, work the beat, and leave families behind. They surely don’t do it for the money. They do it because of the heart they have for people! And it’s something they continue to do throughout the year. It’s embracing the giving spirit and generosity as the needs arise. While they can’t help them all, it doesn’t keep them from helping those they can. And to most who receive, the gifts given are well timed and much needed.

What if this was something we continued year round? Intentionally? Knowing that God will honor our giving.

“Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full – pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back” (Luke 6:38 NLT).

So many people are leery of giving – whether to a church, ministry, organization, or even people. “What if they misuse it?” they may ask. And stories of churches and organizations squandering money given surely hasn’t helped the general public embrace generous giving. And rightly, not everyone should be a recipient of said gifts. There are some you simply don’t want to enable. But I’m talking about those little moments where God knocks on our heart and says, “Give it away” or even “Give ‘this’ to them” – whatever “this” may be. We should do it! Because we have no idea how God is going to use those simple gestures for the better good of someone else!

To ease the concerns of misuse, what if I were to tell you, no matter what they do with the money, clothing, food, or goods you’ve given, that God will honor YOU in your giving? Not only that, but reassurance that, one day, the recipient will be held accountable for the way they used the gifts; right, wrong, or indifferent. Would that change your thoughts about giving?

Trust me. I’ve been burned with the best of them, but I don’t allow someone else to rob the joy I get in giving to the right people! Don’t let them rob your joy either. And don’t miss the blessing that is awaiting you down the road in response to your generosity!

Merry Christmas my Family in Blue! May God richly bless you this Christmas season! And don’t forget, Jesus is the real reason for the season!

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up” (Galatians 6:9 NLT).

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