HYATTSVILLE, Md. – Police say that a man in Maryland is dead after he allegedly charged at officers with a knife early Thursday morning.

And before the social justice warriors of the world start complaining about how officers should be using non-lethal force to take down criminals… they should probably read the report.

According to NBC 4 Washington, the officers at the scene attempted to end the situation without turning to deadly force, using everything from bean bag shotgun rounds to flash bang grenades and Tasers. Pepper spray was also proved unsuccessful in taking down the dangerous assailant. 

A knife-wielding man charged at police. Activists say it's another murder of an unarmed minority.

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The fatal event all began when local authorities received a call just after 7 a.m. Thursday morning about an armed suspect in a coffee shop. Days earlier, the same man had allegedly used a metal pole to strike an employee in the head. 

Police were on the scene four minutes later. A standoff between the suspect and officers began. 

Hyattsville Police Chief Amal Awad said that the suspect had been armed with two knives, and was making threatening remarks to police at the scene about how he was coming to get them.


Police from three local law enforcement agencies converged on the scene and attempted to use non-lethal methods to force the armed suspect to surrender. According to NBC 4, officers deployed a Taser three times, deployed pepper spray, used a flash bang device and additionally fired bean bag rounds at the man.

But each attempt at incapacitating the man and forcing a surrender failed, authorities said.

Chief Awad said that after unsuccessfully attempting to stop the man using non-lethal tactics, he charged at an officer.

Watch the video below, but be aware that it shows graphic content.


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A knife-wielding man charged at police. Activists say it's another murder of an unarmed minority.


When he sprinted forward, all 10 officers on the scene opened fire, striking the suspect multiple times and killing him. 

“Our officers were trying to keep this individual away from traffic, away from pedestrians, away from people going about their morning routine,” Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said.


Prince George County authorities have yet to release the identification of the deceased man pending a notice of the events to his next of kin.

They say that the officers did an incredible job at minimizing the danger that the threat posed, including working around morning commuters and children on their way to school.

Social justice activists immediately took to Twitter and other social media platforms to profess about how an innocent, unarmed black man was murdered by the police. 


Another one says that the shooting “was the only option, right?”


More information is expected to follow. Law Enforcement Today will continue to bring you updates as more details are released to the public.


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