Beyond the clouds, beyond the moon, beyond the farthest star
A place exists too beautiful to describe, heaven is where you are.
When you enter the gates of this glorious kingdom all the angels rejoice
Many heroes arrive earlier than expected, for they didn’t have a choice.
Those heroes of law enforcement, firefighters, and those alike
Walk through those pearly gates to see, God in His brilliant light!
He talks with each and every hero, He embraces every single one
He lovingly looks into their eyes and exclaims, “Bless you child, job well done!”
“You made me proud for your sacrifice, you’ve saved so many on earth,”
“You followed the direction I placed in your mind, even before your birth.”
“Go now and greet your brothers & sisters, they’ve been waiting for you patiently,”
“Rejoice and take in the beauty of this kingdom, it’s yours for all eternity!”