A fractured America: We’re being divided by our own media – and the country may never recover.


I’m worried.  I’m worried that we’re being divided and we may never recover.  I’ve never been swayed by conspiracy theories or opinions from the far left or far right, but what I’m seeing now has shaken me to my soul. I am worried about our country.

Call me old-fashioned, but I really miss the times before technology showed us how we could manipulate each other.  Manipulation between individuals was carried out in-person and up close, and you were either physically or verbally manipulated. 

By guilt, words, physical actions, or general intimidation; you had to be up close and personal in order to effectively manipulate someone. 

And forget about manipulating large groups of people unless you were a well-spoken politician, snake oil salesman-type evangelist, or a cult leader like Jim Jones or David Koresh.

Take a year, any year, before the late 90s and I’d call you a straight-up liar of you implied that with a single message punched into a little screen that you carried in your pocket you could proverbially set people’s hair on fire, arrange a protest or riot, or influence an election. 

It would seem impossible, say, in 1992, but now it’s a daily occurrence.

The media is a major player in the introduction of stress, anger, anxiety, and violence. It is an instrument to be played by those who choose to be “musicians” of sort.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News summed things up well on this subject, as he usually does.

Tucker Carlson explained the incredible elements of the Tony Bobulinski introduction to the already-controversial Hunter Biden story.  He laid out all the nuances of Bobulinski’s involvement and statements, and even dedicated an entire episode of his popular show to an interview with Hunter Biden’s former business partner.  He noted, though, that the mainstream media buried the story.

“Bobulinski told a remarkable story. Joe Biden — who once again could be [elected] president of the United States next week — was planning business deals with America’s most formidable global opponent. And when he was caught doing it, Joe Biden lied. And then he went further, the slandered an innocent man as a traitor to his own country.”

There were still crickets from the mainstream media.

“This is Soviet-style suppression of information of a legitimate news story days before an election. The ramifications of it are impossible to imagine.  You should be offended by this not because the media are liberal but because this is an attack on our democracy. You’ve heard that phrase again and again. This is what it actually looks like. In a self-governing country, voters have a right to know, and obligation to know, who they’re voting for.”

Carlson further attests that the media have dug themselves a hole that they simply can’t climb out of as it pertains to their credibility and trust as viewed by most Americans.

It is openly known and obviously seen when networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and others intentionally ignore some media stories. 

The “journalists” and “editors” with these networks cherry-pick and pick over stories they know may cause important figures on the left some type of grief. 

If they don’t dismiss a story outright, as they’ve done with Hunter Biden/Joe Biden/Tony Bobulinski, they skew and spin the story to disguise the “facts” to where the story looks bad for President Trump and conservatives.

They also censor stories that reflect negatively on liberals:

I’m not on the Fox bandwagon, necessarily, but I find it amazing, appalling, and downright scary to see an important story reported in a matter-of-fact manner on a Fox News program or news column show like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Harris Faulkner, and others; and then flip over to CNN or MSNBC and see absolutely NO coverage on the story at all.

How can a story so important to one network not be of interest at all to several other networks?  Why wouldn’t a particular story mean something to them or the viewers?  It’s simple.  We’re being manipulated and programmed.

For example, Black Lives Matters and Antifa teamed up once again to protest, riot, loot, and burn in Philadelphia last week after the police shooting of a man armed with a knife. 

Fox carried the damage and destruction, along with the pleas and plight of residents and business owners impacted by the carnage.  CNN and MSNBC only covered the angle that police shot another black man, and that people had the right to protest. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) implored those outside the area to let the “peaceful protestors” demonstrate and express their anger.

The constant protests and riots in Portland and Seattle are a similar issue.  On CNN and MSNBC, the “cause” behind the protests is blasted all over while violence and damage are swept under the rug. 

CNN and MSNBC viewers are then programmed to feel sorry for the protestors, almost a Stockholm Syndrome scenario, and to not understand why conservatives won’t just let people protest and express themselves.

There is no easy fix or cure for this division.  People have taken sides, many hating on Fox and its viewers labeling them zealots and fools.  Others scoff at people using CNN as a valid source in an argument. 

You then throw into the mix that anyone can write or speak anything into their phones and broadcast it all over the world, and it seems everyone has an opinion whether based on reason, logic, facts, or education-or based on mental manipulation.

Add this week’s election and the huge buildup to it, and you have thrown several more ingredients into the pot.  Add in constant media misinformation campaigns, foreign influence on our media by China and Russia, and each side blaming the other and all we can do is step back and take a deep breath before participating.

Conspiracy theorists talk about a possible civil war, possibly liberals versus conservatives, blacks versus whites, or the hardworking versus the lazy.  I listen with only partial concern, but seeing how easy it is to generate a flash mob to start a protest or riot, all it takes is one Tweet.

Can we give up our addiction to technology, use our common sense when communicating, and somehow heal this division?


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