Upon his knee his child sat

Said, “Daddy, I love you,”

With a smile wide upon his face

Told his child he loved them too.

They sat and talked for a while

About school, and friends, and such,

Then his child said something that surprised him

His heart, that something touched.

“When I grow up, I want to be”

“A policeman just like you,”

He looked into his child’s eyes

As he sat there wearing blue.

Across his mind he thought of the dangers

His child would have to face,

Performing the duties as he did every day

He stood up and began to pace.

He told his child they could do anything

Anything they put their mind to,

However once again he thought of the danger

His child would face if wearing the blue.

His child walked over and grabbed his hand

Asked, “Daddy are you okay,”

He picked his child up in his arms

Said, “Come on, let’s go out and play!”

They went outside and played for a while

Later that night he went to work,

That night the officer had an altercation

With some disrespectful jerk.

Again he thought of his child

Being a cop like him,

Like his dad before him and his grandpa

That made the officer grin.

Several years later the man stood proud

His child was an officer too,

He smiled and gave his child a hug

She looked beautiful wearing that blue.

by Bert L Orris