A boy had his 5th birthday cancelled to keep him safe. So the police and fire departments fixed that.


At Law Enforcement Today, we often have to report on stories that offer the difficult side of law enforcement. The arrests, the incidents when our brothers and sisters make the ultimate sacrifice. 

Sometimes we report political news, and of course lately we’ve been talking about the coronavirus. So when we come across stories such as the one below, we are more than happy to let everyone know about it. 

The Cranford, NJ police department became aware of a little boy named Finnegan, who was turning five years old today. He was sad and upset because his parties with friends and family had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

True to form, the Cranford PD as well as the Cranford Fire department came by Finnegan’s house to try to give him a special day. Finnegan even had a uniform! 

Law Enforcement Today wants to give kudos to both departments in Cranford for giving this little boy memories of a lifetime. This is the type of work that public service agencies do every day all across the United States.

We also want to wish Finnegan a very happy birthday from all of us at LET. 

Then we have this one posted by the Nebraska State Patrol. 

Lt. Kroenke’s daughter had her dance competition postponed due to coronavirus. As part of a challenge, her dance studio challenged the dancers to use their parents as “crash test dummies” to teach a portion of the dance as a way to continue practicing. 

Nicely done LT….great moves. 



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Man launches home invasion using baseball bat. Gets killed by homeowner with a gun.

On March 13,, a police officer with the Goldsboro Police Department in North Carolina came across a homeless woman he had never seen before. Her shirt caught his eye. It read:”Homeless. The fastest way of becoming a nobody.” 

A boy had his 5th birthday cancelled to keep him safe.  So the police and fire departments fixed that.

Officer Michael Rivers made eye contact with the woman, then drove away. He said that something called out to him and he drove back. He asked her if she had eaten, and she said no. Rivers then drove to a nearby pizza shop, grabbed a couple and sat down next to her on the grass and shared lunch. 

Nicely done Officer Rivers.

Out of Albuquerque, N.M.


Sometimes, police officers take care of our animal friends as well:


Another one out of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office


In this case, Cpl Campbell found a 1-1/2 year old infant in the back seat of her parent’s car. She was unsecured and left alone after her parents crashed the vehicle and fled the scene. During the ordeal, Cpl. Campbell held the baby to keep her calm and warm. The baby wouldn’t let anyone else hold her or she would start crying uncontrollably.  Nicely done Corporal. 

These are they types of stories that you do not often see on the media. They are more interested in showing the “bad” side of law enforcement instead of the good things police officers do on a daily basis. 

We are going to change that, and will make sure that these stories get out there whenever we can. 

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