More details continue to come to light in the days following a brutal massacre of an American fundamentalist Mormon family, that included the torture and burning alive of women in children on the border in Mexico by a powerful drug cartel. 

Here’s what we know so far.

Fox News reported Wednesday that, “A suspect was arrested near the Arizona border with Mexico in connection with the deaths of nine U.S. citizens – six children and three women. The suspect was found in the town of Agua Prieta, right across the border from Douglas, Arizona. The suspect [when arrested] was holding two hostages who were bound and gagged inside a vehicle.”

It is also reported that investigators seized four rifles and a bulletproof vehicle.

Rhonita Maria Miller, 30, one of the victims, with her family.


As more information becomes available, many are starting to speak out against the need to garner control over the cartels and their brutal domination of the country as well as the need to secure American borders.

On Wednesday morning the former Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan spoke with Fox News and stressed that incidents like this are exactly why the United States needs a border wall. What many American’s don’t understand, and Homan made a point to explain is, “the Mexican criminal cartels control everything on the northern border of Mexico.”

He also went on to say “no criminal activity or smuggling occurs in Mexico without the cartels approving the plan.”

The drug cartels themselves are no secret; there are countless books, movies and television programs that have been made relating to [and at times glamorizing] these powerful and violent groups. In a 2016 article produced by the Latin Post, there are seven cartels that currently rank among the highest of the most powerful, most wealthy and most dangerous.  The Sinaloa Cartel, which many have heard of after the infamous capture of their leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, is by far the most powerful and richest cartels in the country of Mexico. Others include, Jalisco New Generation Cartel, Gulf Cartel, Zetas, Knights Templar Cartel, Juarez Cartel, and the Beltran-Leyva Organization.


According to the Latin Post, all of these organized crime factions are responsible for the “trafficking of illegal drugs including meth, cocaine, heroin and marijuana [which] have been dominant throughout the United States. Based on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary, there are currently no organizations with the power and infrastructure to defy their dominance over the U.S. market.”  What does that mean?  No other country besides Mexico is dominating over the illegal drug trade into the United States, and according to many top officials in the United States, Mexico has no way of controlling or stopping them.

Homan explained that this massacre took place a mere 100 miles away from the United States border.  

He also stated, “There’s more to this story than we know, a lot of members of law enforcement and the military in Mexico are corrupt. The United States must stop the demand for drugs from Mexico, but worsening violence there will lead to another border crisis.” 


He went on to say “the numbers will ‘explode’ if Mexico can no longer be declared a ‘safe country’ for migrants and Mexican nationals start to seek asylum in the U.S.” 

The Fox anchors also pointed out that since July, there have been 17,608 killings, which brings Mexico’s murder rate up to about 5.3%, which averages out to about 100 killings a day.  The majority of these killings are related to drug cartels.  27 Americans have been killed this year alone in Mexico.

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Homan also said there that there is such a high demand for drugs in this country that the violence will continue, and the drug smuggling will remain unless the United States steps in and assists with this, because Mexico is not capable of doing it on their own.

The Mexican president may not think that he needs assistance from our president and our country, but Homan stated that American organizations like the FBI and Homeland Security have the ability to take down these cartels by attacking their financial and transportation infrastructures, as he stated, “Once you attack their money you can dismantle the organization.” 

Homan also stressed that as the violence ramps up in Mexico, America will see even greater number of migrants attempting to claim asylum. With the due process procedure that comes with asylum claims, facilities will be overrun and will not be able to keep up with the amount of individuals.


While Homan hopes that new awareness that has come about due to the senseless killing of women and children on the border this week, he fears that securing our border and keeping our country safe will continue to be a political fight. He hopes that individuals will stop hoping to see President Trump fail, and that the need for a border wall now can be recognized.  In closing, Homan made is clear that it will take the United States and its law enforcement organizations like the FBI and Homeland Security to step into Mexico to bring down these powerful and murderous drug cartels.


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