9 new police terms to appease the politically correct crowd

Law Enforcement Today recently reported the insanity from Seattle where police officers are being directed to refer to “suspects” as “community members” on use of force reports. But you know how it works. Today it is use of force reports, tomorrow it will include crime reports.

And no, I am not making this up!

Others from the intellectually elite crowd are suggesting we refer to prison inmates as clients. More on that shortly.

For our East Coast friends that refer to their law violators as “perp” or “perpetrator,” don’t feel so smug. Those terms are just as offensive as suspect. Come on, what’s wrong with you?

Has the world gone mad? . . . Indeed a small percentage of our population has! Sadly, they have influence. But rather than get angry, I decided to respond to their absurdity with some illogical suggestions of my own.

To the good cops in Seattle, we are not laughing at you . . . we are mourning for you since we know you don’t find this funny! Honestly, if I was ordered to fulfill such a ridiculous request my eyes would bulge out of my head!

To play along with their irrationality, I’m suggesting 9 new police terms that should appease the politically correct crowd.

  1. Auto thieves – Uber drivers in someone else’s car
  2. Rapist – Sexual encroacher
  3. Bank robbers – Community members desperate for money
  4. Narcotic traffickers – Unlicensed pharmacists
  5. Burglars – Community members using your property
  6. Murderers – Life taking survivors
  7. Forgers – Creative designers
  8. Child molesters – Community members playing doctor
  9. Rioters – Community members throwing a temper tantrum

When the aforementioned people misbehave and get incarcerated, let’s simply say they are community members in time out.

There, is everyone happy? What are your suggestions?

– Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today

(Photo courtesy Antoinette Alcazar)