9 Challenges While Vacationing With a Cop

Have you considered the challenges while vacationing with a cop? When peace officers take time off work, it is a test to downshift from hyper-vigilance to recreational parlance, or condition red to condition white.

Family members of police officers can testify to these facts since they are typically the one’s that have to tolerate their loved one until he or she can de-program and relax.

This list includes generalities that most cops incur between an on-duty mindset and vacation mode.

Firearm Challenges

  • Where will the firearm be carried? A shoulder rig looks over-the-top with a fitted t-shirt and board shorts.

Challenges Flying

  • When flying, expect your peace officer to get mildly irritated with TSA. There are competing interests in play. Cops are used to being in control, and issuing orders. Suddenly they are being ordered to do things they demand from “crooks,” and they don’t like it. Furthermore, playing the “I’m a cop card” is worthless. TSA has a job to perform regardless of who is coming through. Consequently, if TSA appears lax, the peace officer will ridicule them. If they are too thorough, the cop will feel ridiculed.
  • Don’t expect your LEO to converse at the airport terminal. He or she is too busy scanning for terrorists, and trying to figure out what can be used as a weapon since they are vulnerably unarmed. Moreover, they are assessing the best position of cover if required.

Why Law Enforcement Officers Need More Time Off

Challenges Driving

  • Police officers will get pissed driving the family POV on the open road for two reasons; First, other cars do not get out of the way like they do when he’s driving his marked patrol unit. Second, she wants her patrol car to make a traffic stop when observing the knucklehead engaging in road rage.
  • Tapping the radio with the right hand is simply a nervous habit. The police officer misses the MDT from the patrol car.
  • While driving, look for your loved one to do the “head tilt.” In other words, your officer is trying to hear a non-existent unit radio. This will continue until about the third day of vacation.
  • Don’t laugh when the cop backs his personal car into a space in the hotel parking lot. It’s a habit. The police officer does it subconsciously.

Security Challenges

  • The hotel room better have a safe. In God we trust, everyone else is a potential thief.
  • Be prepared to hear a dozen stories about people being victimized. The law enforcement officer wants to be sure his or her family doesn’t become a statistic, let alone experiencing the inconvenience of having personal property stolen. Finally, do not expect the police officer to buy something from a street vendor. After all, the cop knows the goods being peddled are stolen or fake.

– Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today