86-year-old woman dead after being hit in the head for “not following social distancing”


BROOKLYN, NY – Sources have reported that an elderly woman may have been the victim of a murder, allegedly because she had compromised someone’s level of comfort regarding social distancing.

While there’s certainly a deceased woman, police are trying to determine if it can be classified as a homicide.

Here are the details so far.

The possible homicide victim in the center of this story is 86-year-old Janie Marshall. Marshall was at the Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Woodhull Hospital on March 29th after having issues related to bowel obstructions.

During Marshall’s time in the hospital, she reportedly latched on to a metal stand in a hallway that happened to be near a bed where an admitted seizure patient laid. That patient on the bed was identified as 32-year-old Cassandra Lundy.

Lundy had allegedly berated Marshall for violating social distancing guidelines when she grabbed onto said metal stand. After Lundy had allegedly delivered the harsh criticism, she reportedly capped it off by striking Marshall in the head.

That act caused Marshall to fall down, with her head striking the ground in the process.

Sources claim that portions of the confrontation were caught on video, but there’s been no details released as to the contents of the footage.

At the time, Marshall was ushered out to get a CT scan performed and a Health and Hospitals Corp. police officer issued a summons of disorderly conduct to Lundy for striking Marshall.

When Lundy was interviewed by the hospital police officer, she claimed that she struck Marshall for not keeping at least a 6-foot distance from her. From there, Lundy simply left the hospital after receiving her summons.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

The alleged attack transpired at approximately 2:00 p.m. that day, and by 5:40 p.m. Marshall was found dead while she was awaiting the CT scan.

Strangely, the NYPD wasn’t informed of Marshall’s death until roughly 10:30 p.m. that night, but some claim that hospital inundation might have played a part in the delayed reporting.

Officials are currently awaiting results from an autopsy on Marshall to determine if the disorderly conduct charges can be upgraded. If the death is ruled a homicide, then Lundy could be facing serious trouble due to her overreaction.

It appears as though Lundy isn’t unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, as she has 17 prior arrests for charges such as drug possession, trespass, assault and strangulation.

Brooklyn’s Community Board 1 chairwoman, Dealice Fuller, noted that Marshall was an amazing pillar to her community. She explained how Marshall was instrumental in the creation of the Sunshine Community Garden on McKibbin St. and Graham Ave. back in 1991:

“It’s sad. Something like that happens and you’d like the world to know that somebody contributed something.

She was able to get all the information and she came to me and she asked me to help get people to join the garden. We were basically one of the first gardens in the district.”

One of Marshall’s neighbors, Eartha Calloway, shared how she and Marshall would share stories of their youthful days. Considering that Calloway is 87-years-old, she had that shared lived-experience of times gone with Marshall:

“We would just meet in the hall and laugh and talk. She came from down South like I did and we used to laugh about it, about the heat down there and how we used to wash clothes outdoors, funny things.”

Calloway remarked on how time is never promised these days, and one may never know when their proverbial number is called:

“It just goes to show, you never know. You don’t ever know what’s going to happen to you. You could be walking down the hall and someone hits you in the hospital.”

It sounds as though Marshall was a well-respected woman among her community. While she may have lived a long life, it doesn’t negate the fact that it was seemingly robbed from her.

Furthermore, a senior citizen being a tad too close for comfort – even during a pandemic – isn’t an excuse to strike someone. No matter what the case, if someone is getting to close, just say something to them.

That’s it.

If they’re violating social distancing guidelines or mandates, then seek assistance from those authorized to intervene.

Our prayers go out to Janie Marshall, and those who knew her well. Rest easy.

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