7 Vocations Routinely Performed by Police Officers

Have you felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide while performing duties as a police officer? That is because law enforcement professionals are required to wear a slew of hats.

7 vocations routinely performed by police
  1. Marriage counselor – We dispatch the call as a “415 family” in California, as that is the penal code section that governs disturbing the peace. Regardless of what you call them in your jurisdiction, police officers frequently play the role of marriage counselor on these calls for service.
  2. Pastor/Priest – Talking to family members who’ve just lost a loved one is always a challenge. Showing empathy during a crisis is a task with long-lasting effects.
  3. Psychologist – The manipulative games that get played by career criminals and those trying to out-maneuver police are many. It doesn’t take long for street cops to develop an informal undergrad degree in basic psychology as a result of the behavior analysis that is required to perform our duty.
  4. School teacher – Whether it’s working as a school resource officer, DARE, mentor program, or guest speaker on a specific social ill (gangs, narcotic abuse etc.), police officers frequently find themselves providing education to young people.
  5. Tow service – We may not actually “tow,” but we routinely push stranded motorists off the road with our buddy bumpers. And no one gets billed.
  6. Business executive – Running a professional law enforcement organization requires sound business practices. Keeping the agency afloat constitutes knowledge that is transferable to other forms of business.
  7. Visitor information center/Guest services – Whether we are giving tourists directions to Disneyland, Ground Zero, or Wrigley Field, police officers are in high demand for local information.

What are some (other) vocational roles that you perform in your jurisdiction?

– Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today