7 On-Duty Eating Experiences


7 On-Duty Eating Experiences

On-duty cops are often forced to eat on the run. They not only consume food in a hurry, but at times in the strangest places.

In general, I like to eat healthy, and do so more often than not. But as we all know, consuming food on-duty can occur at strange times and unique locations. Here are a few that I remember:

  1. Sharing Tommy’s hamburgers, using the trunk of a police unit as a table, with partners on the graveyard shift behind the Sports Authority complex. Repeating the practice with Guadalupe’s Burritos(By the way, the poor schmuck on day watch assigned a car that visited Tommy’s during the graveyard shift had the joy of experiencing it over and over again.)
  2. Eating a chicken bowl in my undercover vehicle with my partner at midnight, while “sitting on”—watching—a drug-money-launderers stash-pad, waiting for a judge to sign a search warrant. (This seemed to be a weekly occurrence working narcotics.)
  3. Once again working graveyard, each officer brought a different item to work in order to have a full blown BBQ cookout in the basement of our parking garage—minus the beer.
  4. Hundreds of occasions eating fast food in the report writing room at the police department, working after hours to complete arrest reports.
  5. A narc partner would frequently deliver a Costco dog while I sat at my computer typing a search warrant affidavit. When the table was turned, I delivered coffee since that was her nutritional staple.
  6. Working uniformed patrol at a Fiesta in town, which was like a county fair, many food vendors offered freebies. As a result, we would consume “grilled this and fried that.” Once the eclectic food combination hit our digestive system, we needed to slurp a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.
  7. Having pizza delivered to a suspect’s house while involved in hours of searching and collecting evidence during a search warrant service.

Not mentioned are hundreds of occasions snacking on granola bars, etc. while sitting on a perimeter, or engaged in a tactical callout.

Consider reading this article, Overtime Eating: 3 Nutrition Tips for Extra Work Hours, if my illustrations have made you nauseous.

These are a few of my “fine-dining” experiences. What are yours?

– Jim McNeff, editor-in-chief, Law Enforcement Today


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