Hurst:  An inviting city of 37,000 people seated just outside of Fort Worth in North Central Texas.  The City of Hurst is a “Quality of Life Community” that works hard to take care of its residents and businesses.  The Hurst Police Department is nationally accredited through C.A.L.E.A. with 75 sworn officers and 45 civilian employees. Each and every one of these employees is dedicated to the same mission: “Excellence through teamwork.”

When you have a department this size, everyone is considered family.  We work with each other every day, trying to make sure our community’s needs are met and people can sleep safely at night.  We all chose law enforcement for the same reason:  To help those who need help and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.  When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.  When one of us hurts, we all hurt.  Right now we are all hurting.  We are all in a fight along side Cheryl Kovach.

Cheryl has been an officer in Hurst for over 23 years, serving that community proudly since the day she was hired.  Cheryl is a rare breed of officer.  She stands a hair over five feet tall and she can easily disarm a belligerent suspect with a simple smile.  Before they were married, Cheryl and her husband, Doug, were high school sweethearts.  Cheryl and Doug are a couple with strong faith and they have an enduring love for life and each other.  They both enjoy traveling and are active members of their church.

Cheryl has been battling Stage IV Breast Cancer for some time now.  She beat it once and it has decided to show its ugly face again.  Cheryl has made up her mind: She will not back down and neither will we.  On June 21, 2014, the Hurst Police Officer Association and Hurst Fire Association will be hosting the 2nd Annual Run for a Reason 5k at the Hurst Community Park, located at 601 Precinct Line Rd. in Hurst, Texas.

This event is an opportunity for everyone to show their support for Cheryl by taking part in a fundraiser to help her battle breast cancer.  The event will start with a 1-mile “Kids Fun Run” at 8 am with the main 5k race starting at 8:30 am.  Last year, this event helped to raise nearly $20,000, all of which went towards Cheryl’s hospital bills.  You can register for the run today or just donate to the cause by going to, visiting us at the Hurst Police Officer Association Facebook page, or contacting me directly at [email protected].  We can all fight this battle with Cheryl.  This is our opportunity to fight for someone who was always willing to fight for us.  Don’t forget to pray for Cheryl and her family.