Off the charts: 420 carjackings in Philly so far this year and you can thank lax ‘reform’ policies that protect criminals


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Carjackings in Philadelphia have set a record pace in 2022 with 420 cars stolen so far this year. One former police official lays the blame at leniency and an end to many social programs in the COVID-19 era.

He would like to see an organized crackdown on a terrifying crime.

“We definitely saw an increase after corona,” Joseph Sullivan, a former deputy commissioner from Philadelphia, told Fox News Digital.


Sullivan told FOX 29 that the city has already recorded 420 carjackings in 2022. City officials claim to be puzzled by the surge, but Sullivan argued that the rise resulted from both lenient enforcement policies and  the closing of programs that help keep kids off the streets.

The veteran law enforcement professional explained:

“Schools shut down — rec centers, athletic programs, afterschool activities. We basically took away safe spaces in many of these areas where you’re seeing an increase. Those types of programs are really vital, because they’re some of the more depressed areas with not a lot of opportunities for young people.

“And that got compounded after the murder of George Floyd, when we saw the emergence of reform prosecutors who were against holding adults and juveniles accountable for committing violent crime and creating this atmosphere of impunity that there are no repercussions even if you’re caught by the police.”

Philadelphia experienced a record-breaking 2021 that saw carjackings surge 85% over the previous year. The pandemic may have suppressed some crime figures in 2020, but the city recorded 840 carjackings in 2021 compared with an annual average of 230 between 2010 and 2019, according to Axios.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the forced taking of a person’s vehicle hits across most areas of the city. Democrat U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked in broad daylight in December 2021.

The District Attorney’s Office, led by George Soros-backed DA Larry Krasner, doesn’t have much to say about carjackings. It said last month:

“We know very little about the who and why of most carjackings in Philly since so few result in arrest.”

Philadelphia Chief Inspector Frank Vanore speculated that a change in technology may be on factor in the crime that requires confrontation with the driver. The rise of cars that require key fobs to drive would possibly force thieves to ensure the car is stolen while the fob is in the vehicle.

Sullivan said Vanore is “100% right” that such technology has exacerbated the issue, as well as the desire to take any electronics that drivers might have. He believes the police can and should do more to crack down on the carjackings.

He would like to see a data-driven approach that task forces and regional partner agencies can use. Sullivan said:

“I think they need to have specialized groups of officers who are focusing on this particular problem, gathering data, coming at it from a very intelligence-based perspective.

“We need to be looking at where, when are these crimes occurring, where’s the profile of these people committing them? Are there specific times of days, makes of cars being targeted? We need to get that information out there.”

He warned that if the police do not do more to educate the public on the issue, it may lead to more private citizens defending themselves.

The overall rise in crime has driven a surge in gun permit applications for self-defense. Sullivan said:

“What we have seen in Philadelphia is several instances where people have armed themselves legally and defended themselves. I don’t know about other cities, but I know in Philadelphia the application for gun permits has risen exponentially, as we know the sales of guns has around the country.

“I think we’re going to see more and more citizens legally defend themselves.”

Grandfather -a military veteran – murdered in carjacking in police-defunded Philadelphia

February 10, 2022

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A military veteran and grandfather was shot and killed during a carjacking outside of his mother’s house in Rhawnhurst on February 6th.

The Philadelphia Police Department reported that the victim, identified as 60-year-old George Briscella, had been visiting his mother’s residence in the 2100 block of Afton Street around 8 pm.

That’s when he began walking to his 2020 Toyota Rav4, which was parked in a driveway. As he neared his vehicle, three unknown suspects approached him and began firing.

Police say three shots were fired from the suspects who appeared to have some type of rifle. Briscella was struck in his abdomen as the suspects entered into his vehicle and fled the scene.

Briscella was transported to the Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital for medical treatment. Despite all lifesaving efforts, Briscella succumbed to his wounds.

Video surveillance captured Briscella walking towards his vehicle before he was approached by the three suspects. However, the actual shooting was not captured on video.

Kelly Rule of @KellyRuleTV posted on Twitter:

“DEADLY CARJACKING: @PhillyPolice say surveillance vid does not show shooting but records audio of 3 gunshots. Police say Briscella was struck once. Video shows RAV4 speeding towards Large Street. It had temporary PA tag #51467PD.”

Tony Briscella, the victim’s son, noted his disgust that his father was gunned down in such a manner. He said:

“[the suspects had a] Total disregard for human life, a great human life. This didn’t need to happen in a city that we all grew up in and loved, and it continues to deteriorate.”

Matt Corbin, a friend of Briscella, spoke to CBS about his friend being murdered. He said:

“George fought back. He’s a fighter, one of the strongest dudes.”

Corbin then reflected on the violent crime in the city and the need, according to him, for everyone to be armed to protect themselves. He said:

“Everybody’s gotta start packing their guns and fighting back. I got mine on me now and I wasn’t carrying mine for the longest time but now I am. Nobody’s gonna get my car.”

Philadelphia Police Captain Jason Smith reported on the murder and believed that it was nothing more than a target of opportunity. He said:

“We know in the 12th District it looked like they were specifically targeting certain vehicles – the Toyota Highlander, for instance…It appears to have been a crime of opportunity.”

Billy Padden, a friend of Briscella, spoke about his friend and Marine Corps vet:

“George was just an all-around stand-up guy. You couldn’t help but smile when he was in the room.”

Padden then added that although this type of violent crime gets reported on in Philadelphia often, it hits hard when it hits this close to home. He said:

“You read about this stuff and you see it on the news and you see it in other neighborhoods and you say, ‘Oh wow.’ But when it happens close to home it hits hard and when it happens to one of your own it’s a different feeling…We’re all in shock, we’re in disbelief but we are going to stay together and pray him through this, pray his family through this.”

According to CBS News, the Philadelphia Police Department has reported there have been almost 160 carjackings throughout the city so far in 2022.

The Philadelphia Police Department is asking anyone with any information to contact them so that they can identify and hold responsible those that were involved in this murder.

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