4 Services Law Enforcement Departments Should Be Using


4 Services Law Enforcement Departments Should Be Using

Law enforcement officers have extremely difficult, demanding jobs. That’s a given. With the pressure of protecting their communities, a lot falls on their shoulders. It’s an enormous responsibility, no matter what position they hold and where they work.

Fortunately, there are different types of services available that can help lift some of the burden off the shoulders of busy officers, supporting them in both their personal and professional lives while supporting the department as a whole, too.

There are four key services that all law enforcement departments should be using to support their officers, which ultimately makes it easier for them to better support the community they’re protecting, too.

Transcription Services

Police officers are often drowning in paperwork, and one of the most time-consuming tasks involved is transcribing recorded audio content into written documents. Officers end up spending precious time transcribing everything from recorded interviews to witness statements to call recordings and more.

Unsurprisingly, this can take up an exceptional amount of time, and with such a high importance of ensuring that the records are transcribed accurately, it can be stressful.

Specialized transcription services catering to law enforcement agencies will be your secret weapon here. Some agencies, like ours, offer services specifically for law enforcement agencies to transcribe interviews, wiretaps, case notes, and more, with turnaround times as fast as six hours so we can jump in and get you what you need ASAP.

In many cases, law enforcement transcription services will free up so much of your officers’ time that it will actually end up being financially beneficial in the long run. It also gives officers more time to focus on the crucial tasks where they’re needed instead of administrative work they dread.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be valuable towards building stronger community relationships and establishing trust with the people your officers are protecting. This can make your officers’ jobs significantly easier overall, and safer.

Social media will also provide a fast point of contact between your department and the community, allowing you to quickly distribute important information like safety tips, emergency alerts, or requests for information about recent crimes.

Social media marketing services can take over for you, either giving you guidance on what content to post or creating it themselves. They might recommend some of your charismatic officers engage in a lip sync challenge or share pictures or videos of your officers rescuing kittens and serving their community. You can check out specialized services like Law Enforcement Social to ensure you’re working with someone familiar with the work you need done.

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In addition to hiring social media agencies for social management, social listening tools like Mention can also be valuable. They’ll automatically search social media for the keywords of your choice– including your department’s title, if you choose– and alert you to every public mention online. This gives you a chance to get into the conversations happening about you and be aware of what the community is saying.

Financial Counseling

Law enforcement workers have difficult jobs, and they aren’t always paid what we’d hope they would due to tight budgets. This can put a lot of pressure on the officers and their families, especially with the dangers of the job being prevalent.

If possible, hiring a financial counselor to work with the officers who are interested is an excellent job perk. These services can help officers plan for retirement, create contingency plans, and feel good knowing that their families are set up for a happy future.

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Most financial planning agencies will work for this purpose, and there are some out there that specialize in working with law enforcement workers. You can check out Law Enforcement Group to start, and look for others near you.

Mental Health Counseling

Law enforcement officers see dark, difficult things daily and are frequently put in exceedingly dangerous situations. Witnessing some of the worst parts of life can take a toll on any person, even if they’re as tough as they come and well-trained.

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Mental health services can be expensive for an individual to pay for, so having anonymous mental health counseling services available for your officers can be essential. It will help them cope with a tough job that requires that they not only see but confront things that most civilians couldn’t even imagine. Services can be available on- or off-premises, and are particularly important for trauma therapy following major incidents in the community.


Officers are serving and protecting their communities at great personal cost. Despite this, they often have so much on their plate, and are swamped with paperwork and stresses that come with the nature of the job. The four services detailed in this article will provide them with support. With such strenuous responsibilities, even being able to help a little can go a long way for our men and women in blue.

– Benjamin K. Walker, Founder & CEO, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

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