The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth is a series of studies of young people sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The study investigated a number of issues.  One finding is discouraging.  By age 23, 30% of young people have a criminal arrest history.

This figure represents an 8% increase since the last time this figure was calculated in the 1960’s.    The study shows that the percentage of young people arrested trends upward until the mid-twenties and then begins to stabilize.

The new data is troubling in view of the already dismal unemployment rate in young people age 16-24, which is currently reported at 18% overall.  Combine a lack of education and experience with the difficulty of employment with a criminal record and the US ends up with a large at-risk group.  Clearly, the criminal justice and education systems need to intervene with preventive measures among young people earlier in their development.


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