Ted Bundy — The inventory of criminals could go on till Doomsday; however, Ted Bundy is fresh on everyone’s mind. Thank you, Netflix. This incredibly insane documentary they’ve provided for our nation is EYE OPENING. One can only envision — the “cutie pie” and “High School Musical” star, Zac Efron — starring in the lead role as Ted Bundy. How does this prick, as charming as Mr. Efron, get away with such heinous crimes for so long? Where did law enforcement drop the ball; or did they drop the ball? Here are three reasons’ we need to network as LEO’s.

It’s easy to sit back and be the armchair quarterback in these situations, but there is a better way to network. There is no reason to fight against each other, after all, we are a team (Whether you like that thought or not.)

— Now, let’s not limit the playing board to only three reasons’. Instead, we will highlight a few networking opportunities, which will hopefully inspire us to become a stronger team Nationwide. The goal is to build on these reasons.  


Reason #1 – Making Great New Friends

Surprised with reason number one? Don’t be. How are we supposed to effectively communicate if we aren’t living up to the meaning of “The Thin Blue Line?” Are we not a brotherhood / sisterhood? We sure as hell are, and we need to act like it. Get out of your comfort zones and familiarize yourself with social media.

We owe it to each other, and this is why: 

– The victims of Ted Bundy wished they had us collaborating and engaged with each other during the epoch of their crimes. This man made it to numerous states, he was arrested multiple times, and no one could identify him. We don’t owe it to just ourselves, but we owe it to those who are victims and will become victims. We need to build our pool of friends.


Reason #2 – Advice

We go through a lot in this career! Sorry but not sorry — There are very few people in this world we are willing to go to for advice. They don’t understand us. Our minds are tormented with images the typical “advice giver” can’t measure; however, there is a world of LEO’s facing similar catastrophic mental injuries.  We battle together, train together, and by hell, we should reach out to each other for advice! 

We owe it to each other, and this is why:

 – When Ted Bundy ravished and mangled to death the lives of innocent women, he not only destroyed their lives but forced LEO’s from across several State’s to behold his devilishly wicked crimes. We owe our expertise and advice to those brothers and sisters who have and will come across mind-altering crime scenes.

 We may not have anyone in our department, surrounding agencies, or even our state who can relate to us on specific situations; however, we may find there is a world of LEO’s in our Nation looking to give us our sought after advice. We may live several State’s away, but several State’s away may be where your “advice buddy” resides. 

Reason #3 – Strengthen Our Nation

During 9/11, we became united on that Thin Blue Line — A catastrophic event doesn’t have to occur to unite us! We proved to each other we would be there when bad stuff happens. Let’s corroborate our bond and be there no matter what is going on. Let our voices speak out, let our actions towards each other be visible, and help our nation heal itself under our blanket of armor.

Army leaders visit 9/11 memorial in New York. (U.S. Department of Defense)

We owe it to each other, and this is why:

People like Ted Bundy need to second guess their actions before they execute their crimes. They need to know we will quickly find them and apprehend them. There will be no place to hide and no place to run. As we strengthen the national LEO bond, our nation will heal. We will regain the respect we had during 9/11.

Choose your Law Enforcement platforms, groups, and join them! Engage in conversations with each other — Law Enforcement Today is one hell of a start!