2020: The year that criminals became the heroes and all police became the bad guys


The following editorial is written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today 

USA- Same song, different verse. We’ve seen this act before with Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Just as the media ran with the “hands up, don’t shoot” fantasy of the Brown shooting by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, they’re taking the same approach with the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Only when the facts came out showing the truth of what happened to Brown did the media finally give up the mantra. That matters not. Brown’s name is still raised when activists and protesters talk about so-called “systemic police racism.”

An opinion piece in Suburban Chicagoland lays out why in 2020, police are the bad guys and criminals are held up as heroes. In the case of Blake, the media ran with the story that Blake had been shot seven times in the back without context or the fact that Blake was wanted for a serious crime, in this case sexual assault.

They also didn’t report that Blake was allegedly armed with a knife, with officers in video repeatedly telling Blake to “drop the knife.”

If you listen to the media, Blake was a boy scout, a loving father and hard worker. He was another “innocent black man” shot by the police. Most of the media has not reported why the police were looking for Blake in the first place.

Let’s go back to the George Floyd case. Floyd, as with Blake is treated as an innocent black man who was murdered by police officers. The media has ignored the fact that Floyd had a long criminal history. He was also being placed under arrest at the time of the incident. 

Understand that in no way justifies what ended up happening in Minneapolis. While one can dispute what Floyd’s ultimate cause of death was, and there are certainly questions about that, even the most ardent police supporter does not agree with the tactics of former officer Derek Chauvin.

Yet all people have seen is the over 8-minute video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck. That plays into the narrative that the Minneapolis police killed Floyd because he was black.

However, when body camera video was released, after Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison held it while cities across the U.S. burned, it showed that the Minneapolis police treated Floyd with utmost respect.


No “N” words, no assault. Courtesy and respect. Officers offered to open the windows for him in the back of the patrol car. Before Chauvin got within an inch of Floyd’s neck, he was complaining for minutes that he couldn’t breathe. Clearly he was under the influence of something.

Floyd’s autopsy found him to be under an apparent lethal dose of Fentanyl, a fact which has still been largely ignored by the media, and definitely ignored by Hollywood leftists, sports “stars” and Democrats.

For Blake, he was not a good dude. He was accused in a criminal complaint of going into a woman’s home while she was sleeping with her young child next to her and sexually assaulting her. This also was not the first time this happened, according to the victim.

She said that Blake had assaulted her both sexually and physically for years. In this case, he probed her vagina with his fingers, sniffed them and then accused her of being with “other men.” He then stole her car and took off.

For this man, the NBA, MLB, and NHL canceled games. Football players wept. For a rapist. For this, the New Orleans Saints put his name on their helmets.

After Blake assaulted her, the victim left the home and contacted police, who then submitted a warrant for his arrest charging him with sexual assault, trespassing, and domestic abuse.

On August 23, Blake returned to the victim’s home. She told police that Blake was out of control and was carrying a weapon. When officers arrived, they identified him and attempted to restrain him. Blake however knew he was facing serious charges. Sources say that Blake went on a rampage and was flashing the knife around. Video taken of the incident shows Blake being uncooperative and acting out.

Kenosha police attempted to Tase him, but it was not effective. Blake pushed past police and made it to the vehicle, opening the door and leaning in. Given Blake’s mindset, acting out and knowing he was likely to be going away for a time, a reasonable police officer would have believed that Blake was attempting to get a gun. As officers are trained to do, Blake was shot until the threat was stopped.


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The media and others with zero police training seem to focus on the number of shots fired, however there are innumerable cases where someone was shot multiple times and still continued their attack on police. Unfortunately the media and others think every police shooting is a Dirty Harry movie, with one clean shot taking care of business. That is not always the case.

A few weeks ago, a five-year old boy, Cannon Hinnant was murdered in cold blood by his next door neighbor, shot in the head as he rode his bike. Cannon was white; his murderer was black. Not one NBA, MLB or NHL game was canceled in his memory. Not one NFL team put his name on their helmets.

Why? Because it wasn’t politically expedient to do so. It wasn’t something that would keep the mob from “canceling” those leagues, which by the way their true fans are already doing. Fans watch sports as an escape, not to be lectured to.

Likewise, Cannon’s shooting, like so many others of innocent children doesn’t drive the narrative the media is trying to drive and instead are fueling the violence that has overtaken cities across the country. Why? You could say it drives ratings, but reruns of Dr. Pimple Popper usually outdraw CNN and MSNBC.

The shootings do, however fire up the far-left loony base of the Democrat Party, the so-called “Bernie Bro’s.” And the Democrats believe that slamming law enforcement is a winning message for them.  Newsflash—it isn’t.

Look at other recent police shootings. Several weeks back, Detroit police shot and killed a black man “in the back.” The Twitter mob found out about the shooting, put out that police shot “an innocent black man in the back” and violence erupted.

To his credit, the chief of the Detroit Police Department immediately released body cam footage of the encounter. It showed that the suspect had pointed a loaded gun at police and pulled the trigger, missing the officer. As he turned to run, he was shot within a split second.

Last week in Washington, DC a similar incident happened. A black male shot at police, who shot back. The man was killed. Once again, the mob decided to do some early Christmas shopping by looting stores, burning stuff, and attacking police.

There are a couple of things that drives journalism. One is “violence sells newspapers.” The other is that whoever “gets the microphone first dominates the media discussion.” That’s the old “first on the scene” scenario. How many times have we seen the media, in their anxiety to “get it first” totally misrepresent a scenario? It happens all the time.

In Kenosha, one “brave”  pastor of a church next to a burned-out car dealership said, “We affirm that we would rather lose 100 buildings than one more life to police violence.” This was a “brave” statement coming from the pastor, since his building wasn’t touched. When you aren’t the victim, it’s apparently easy to be so “woke.”

How far will leftists go to justify the violence and anarchy going on in the country? One woman, Vicky Osterweil wrote a book that justifies looting and violence. She claimed in a NPR interview that violence is “a powerful tool to bring about real lasting change in society.” She claims that protest violence is different from home invasion or property theft.

One district attorney in Contra Costa County, California says that before someone is charged with looting, it should be determined whether or not they “needed” the items. Seriously. This is the mindset of the left. It actually plays into the mantra that people do not have the right to private property…see Communism. This is where we are headed.

By the time Kenosha police actually got the facts out about the case and about Blake, the violence had already consumed the city. Two people were killed by a young man who was allegedly acting in self-defense from an angry mob that appeared to be trying to hurt him. Amazingly, in the #metoo era, there are some in the media who claim that sexual assault is different than violence. Seriously.

In 2020, the police are an easy target. Hollywood hypocrites, basketball “stars,” Democrat politicians…they all pontificate on what police “should” have done with the luxury of having days, if not weeks to analyze what police had mere seconds, sometimes a split second to make a decision.

If anyone thinks police officers go to work every day with the intent of killing someone, they don’t know the police that we do.

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