BROWNSVILLE, Tx. – A candidate running to be the next President of the United States tried to go against federal statutes and bring migrants across the border on Monday.

And the entire thing was documented.

The Twitter account for the Texas Civil Rights Project followed Julian Castro on Monday as he met with a group of 13 people looking to come across the border from Mexico into Brownsville, Texas. 


Julian Castro tried to lead a group of people across the border — directly against a federal directive. (Screenshot – Twitter)


Castro was attempting to coerce Customs and Border Patrol officials to ignore President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and allow the group to enter the United States while their asylum claims were worked out by the legal system, according to Breitbart.

Castro claimed that the group of more than a dozen individuals were members of the LGBTQ community and have been “beat up” in Mexico. He told the agents they couldn’t send the group back to their camp out of fear of violence.

“We presented them to these border agents and said that they should not be … they should not be in Mexico,” Castro said.

Castro led the group, along with members of the Texas Civil Rights Project and members of the community, to the international bridge, where the migrants presented their legal documents to CBP officials. 

Castro demanded that the group be provided access into the country while they awaited a judge’s decision over their asylum claims, but the agents, following a national directive, told them they must go back.


One person with the civil rights group called the legal system for entering the country a “sham” because judges were teleconferenced in, and those trying to enter the country were not provided with attorneys.


President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” initiative has changed the way the system works. Formerly, those seeking asylum would be released into the United States while they awaited the adjudication of their claims. The amount of time before the hearing can be a year or more, and reports noted that many do not appear for their day in court. 

The “Remain in Mexico” policy requires that individuals wait until the hearing before being allowed over the border. 

Castro vowed that if he becomes the next president, he would undo the policy.

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2020 hopeful leads group from Mexico to the border. CBP leads them back.


Breitbart said that the asylum process has been plagued by fraud.

“As of August, for instance, none of the 1,200 migrants who were waiting in Mexico for asylum in the U.S. had been found to be eligible,” the outlet reported. “Before the policy was implemented, those border crossers would have been released into the interior of the country, forcing federal immigration officials to then find, detain, and deport them after being deemed ineligible for asylum.”

Castro finished off the day by slamming the current administration, saying that cruelty is the point for Donald Trump.


In a separate post, he even went so far as to say that Trump was intentionally “killing people” as part of his agenda.



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