Two Memphis security guards arrested for pretending to be police, assaulting woman


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MEMPHIS, TN – According to reports, authorities in Memphis allege that two security guards who were working in downtown Memphis were charged with not only assaulting a woman – but they were allegedly posing as police officers in the process.

According to the police affidavit, on October 8th, 2021, a female victim informed detectives she was allegedly with two companions at the First Parking Place garage on Second Street.

The woman told investigators that she and her cohorts had gone out to the sidewalk and then turned around to return to the garage when they were stopped by a security guard at the garage.

Said victim told police that the guard wanted $30 in exchange for her and her friends to get back in, and that they got into an altercation when she informed him that she believed he was attempting to con them.

That’s when 25-year-old Matthew Jones, a security guard at Paula & Raiford’s Disco, approached and pretended to be a police officer, according to authorities. Jones allegedly threatened to arrest the woman if she didn’t leave, according to the victim.

Jones then purportedly covered up his badge after the woman requested him to display it to her multiple times, then allegedly slamming her to the ground to handcuff her.

According to the affidavit, that is when the security guard 23-year-old Michael Taylor was summoned to the garage. Taylor was allegedly also dressed as a police officer, according to investigators, with a badge on his waist and a leg holster.

The victim proclaimed to police that the suspects repeatedly lifted her skirt to her chest, exposing her undergarments, and that she felt hands all over her body while she fought them off.

She further alleged that after she was free, she dashed to her friend’s vehicle. According to the victim and witnesses in her favor, Jones allegedly rushed in front of the vehicle she tried fleeing in, took out his pistol, and demanded that they exit.

The security personnel allegedly fled before actual Memphis Police arrived on scene, according to the affidavit.

Authorities charged Jones with three counts of aggravated assault, criminal impersonation, and prohibited equipment of a security guard; whereas Taylor was charged with assault and prohibited equipment of a security guard.

Jail records show that Jones’ bond was set at $5,000 and Taylor’s was set at $1,000. Both suspects have since bonded out of jail following their arrests.

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Cook County board president and ‘defund the police’ advocate with large security detail accused of hiding carjacking incident

(Originally published October 10th, 2021)

CHICAGO, IL- Fox News reported that Chicago Democrat Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, who has condemned “systemic racism” in police departments and pushed to defund the police, has suggested that she was herself a victim in a carjacking and shooting incident involving her security detail.

The incident reportedly happened in September, but only became public knowledge on Wednesday, October 6th. Two suspects allegedly tried to hijack the car of Preckwinkle’s security detail outside her home in Hyde Park on September 27th.

Preckwinkle was not harmed and was not in the vehicle when it happened, but the incident left neighbors rattled. Preckwinkle addressed the situation for the first time nearly a week after it happened. 

Republican Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison told Fox News that commissioners routinely receive alerts for major and minor crimes and violence in the area, but that this incident remained under wraps.

He suggested that Preckwinkle may have covered up the incident. He also suggested that it was hypocritical of Preckwinkle to criticize police while maintaining her own security detail. During a budget briefing on October 7th, Preckwinkle said:

“I was at my home and I heard gunshots. I think it’s important to say that this is a pending investigation. I can confirm that there was a violent incident two weeks ago. A member of my security detail was sitting outside my home, in his police vehicle.”

According to an emergency dispatcher on the night of the incident, a Cook County Forest Preserve police officer said assailants “attempted to carjack him and he returned fire at them.” The assailants fled, with one leaving a shoe behind.

Shortly after the officer fired his gun, Chicago police responded to the call of a 19-year-old man with a gunshot wound in an apartment nearby. The officers who entered his apartment found several pairs of shoes manufactured by the same obscure company that made the shoe that police found abandoned near Preckwinkle’s. 

After doctor’s treated the man’s gunshot wound to the knee, police arrested the man on an outstanding warrant because he failed to appear in court on a pending felony charge of possessing a stolen motor vehicle. Preckwinkle said:

“I think this incident underscores how close to home violence is. There’s been an uptick of crime in my own neighborhood in Hyde Park.”

Despite her brush with violence, Preckwinkle has been “doubling down” on her anti-police agenda. The day after she finally acknowledged the violent incident, Preckwinkle brought up the idea of “reimagining or resourcing money away from 911 boards to mental health programs.” Morrison said:

“She’s a complete gas-lighter. It’s gobsmacking.”

In July 2020, the Cook County Board made decisions to defund the police. After the board approved the resolution, Preckwinkle said:

“I’m for reducing and redirecting our investment in law enforcement. Systemic racism continues to plague our communities. We’re over-policed and there’s a disproportionate number of black deaths at the hands of the police.”

Morrison faulted her for “hypocrisy,” adding:

“Although she wants to defund the police, the president’s protective detail has only grown in size.”

He suggested that Preckwinkle may have covered up the incident because it is inconvenient for her political narrative. He said:

“You have to believe either that there are no policies in place to report the use of force or that you made the wanton intentional decision to not report it.”

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Report: NYC mayor misused NYPD resources for security detail, family, and failed presidential campaign

(Originally published October 19th, 2021)

NEW YORK, NY- A report released by New York City’s Department of Investigation (DOI) has revealed that Mayor Bill de Blasio misused New York Police Department (NYPD) resources during his failed 2020 presidential campaign.

The report also found that de Blasio misused police resources on his security detail and to assist in his adult daughter’s move out of Brooklyn. 

The DOI found that the Democratic mayor misused police resources by directing members of his Executive Protection Unit (EPU) to help move his daughter, Chiara de Blasio, out of her apartment in Brooklyn in 2018.

NYPD personnel helped carry furniture and an NYPD sprinter van carried her belongings to Gracie Mansion, which is the official residence of the mayor of New York City located in Manhattan.

EPU detectives also drove the mayor’s son, Dante de Blasio, to or from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut on multiple occasions without either the mayor or his wife present. It was also common practice for the EPU to drive Dante de Blasio to locations around New York City without his father or mother, typically at the direction of EPU superiors. The report read, in part:

“Although it is the position of the NYPD Intelligence Bureau that both de Blasio children should have full-time protection, both children declined an assigned detail as adults.”

The investigation also found that the mayor had been misusing his protection detail for more than the convenience of his family. It found multiple instances of EPU transporting the mayor’s staff to various locations, including their homes, and examples of officers helping staffers run errands for de Blasio.

DOI determined that the City of New York expended $319,794 for the members of de Blasio’s security detail to travel during his presidential campaign trips. The mayor has still not reimbursed the city for those funds either personally or through his campaign.

For approximately one year, the security detail has been conducting frequent security checks at houses owned by the mayor in Brooklyn, whether neither he nor his family members reside. The report stated:

“The NYPD inspect in charge of the first family’s security detail actively obstructed and sought to thwart this investigation, frustrating DOI’s efforts to learn the full facts regarding these allegations.”

The report found that neither NYPD nor de Blasio’s staff had maintained any records about how the protection detail was utilized by the mayor or his family members. The mayor’s office has written off the findings of the DOI probe, saying:

“The DOI report ignored the very real threat assessment and concern about the safety of the mayor and his family.”

The mayor’s office specifically cited now-former Sergeant Benevolent Association (SBA) President Ed Mullins’ tweets that included the “mayors daughter’s personal information last June” after she was arrested during the George Floyd riots.

De Blasio’s office also told Fox News in an email that the “January 6th insurrection at the Capital [sic] underscores real and present danger, especially for elected officials who publicly opposed Trump.” The email read:

“Intelligence and security experts should decide how to keep the mayor and his family safe, not civilian investigators. This unprofessional report purports to do the NYPD’s job for them, but with none of the relevant expertise – and without even interviewing the official who heads intelligence for the City.”

The email added:

“As a result, we are left with an inaccurate report, based on illegitimate assumptions and a naïve view of the complex security challenges facing elected officials today.”

The DOI is an independent agency that acts in the capacity of an inspector general. The Associated Press (AP) reported that de Blasio claimed the reported had “many inconsistencies and inaccuracies.” The agency’s report said the lack of any written policies or procedures at the NYPD for the mayor’s security detail was the root problem.

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