Parents flip out on police after their daughter, 14, arrested for throwing rocks at officers during protest


EUGENE, OR- A video has gone viral of a 14 year old girl being arrested by Eugene Police Officers during a July 25th protest, and people are unhappy. 

The video, which was conveniently shot after the girl committed any crimes, shows officers attempting to arrest the girl as she continues to fight and try to run away. 

The mother of the 14 year old, whose name is not being released, said that police used excessive and unnecessary force. 

According to KEZI, the woman said her daughter kicked a trash can into the street as a police car arrived near W. 7th Ave. and Lincoln Street. She said four officers exited the vehicle and took her daughter to the ground.

The girls mother is quoted as saying: 

“This is why the riots are all happening, right? Because of police aggressiveness.”

Although the mother said she knows her daughter is not innocent, she hopes that in the future, officers show more restraint in a situation like that. 

According to police, the girl did not merely “kick a garbage can into the street”, she was dragging things into the street to try to block officers, then proceeded to throw rocks at them. 

In a recent Facebook Post, the Eugene Police Department released a statement explaining the content of the footage:

“To provide context to the activity prior to arrest. The female was part of the larger rally. As police were moving to try and engage the group in their vehicles, she pulled items in the street to block their path. She then threw rocks at officers and was charged with Riot and Resisting Arrest.
She was arrested based upon her actions prior to that video running. After arrest officers determined she was a juvenile and she was released to her parents.
“There are others seen in the video in regular street clothes acting aggressively and they are not, as asserted, EPD officers. They have no affiliation with our police department.
There was also an assertion the female was subject of a taser and that is untrue. Our goal was to try and make strategic arrests to avoid using crowd control agents.”
This seems to be yet another example of social media taking a situation out of context in order to vilify the police. 

In recent news, Oregon’s Attorney General tried to prevent the arrests of rioters in order to protect them. A judge ruled against her. 

PORTLAND, OR – The good news is that she is up for re-election. The other good news is that Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum failed in her bid to “protect” rioters from federal agents sent by President Trump to restore order in Portland.

On Friday, a petition filed by Rosenblum in U.S. District Court to prevent the arrest of rioters by federal agents was denied. According to presiding Judge Michael Mosman, the state “lacked standing to sue on behalf of protesters.”

According to Rosenblum’s Petition against Authoritarianism, found on her website:

“Federal agents are targeting Oregonians taking a stand against police brutality and racism.”

Apparently, she thinks that “taking a stand” includes attempting to break into a police station and then attacking responding officers when they emerge from the building? 

Are they still protesting “police brutality” in the death of George Floyd? If so, apparently the arrest and firing of all four officers involved isn’t enough.

To really make their point against brutality, “peaceful protesters” have seen fit to brutalize the people, architecture, businesses, and property of their neighbors in Portland.

It’s become so bad that one local reports said:

“I don’t know if I’ll ever come downtown again.”

Is that really the image protesters want to send?

For finer sentiments, there is 1-800-flowers, but for these protesters, they come across as the Dial-a-Devil crowd. How else do you describe people who come out night after night, ignoring curfews and police orders so that they can destroy public property, loot stores, burn buildings, and physically assault anyone that stands in their way, including police officers?

It’s gotten so much worse than bad, that neighboring Idaho wants to change their border with Oregon to absorb rural Oregonians who have grown sick of the lawlessness in the Portland area.

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum might think that the way to protest “racism” is to destroy everything in sight, but to some, that isn’t a good image. It’s a bit like an arrested mobster protesting his arrest by initiating a gang war. It doesn’t make him look sincere or virtuous. Insane, violent and malevolent maybe, but not virtuous.

Rosenblum seeks to protect dangerous rioters by misidentifying them as “protesters,” or even more misleading, “peaceful protesters.”

The idea behind a “peaceful protest” is that the people’s right to engage in one may not be abridged, thanks to Constitutional protections. This creates a terrifically effective cover for people who want to riot for the purpose of wanton destruction, insurrection, treason, and murder.

All they need to do is create a non-violent cover act for their riot, then express surprise when their “peaceful protest” somehow turned violent—every night for sixty nights in a row.

It must be a real mystery why this happens to some of these folks, but outside observers might be forgiven for thinking that the “peaceful protest” and the riots that inevitably follow are causally connected.

Another peculiarity is that to protest the death of one African-American man, rioters have caused the deaths of dozens of other black men in addition to people of other races, genders, and age groups. It is a bit of a Perry Mason moment, as if an innocent party with a personal interest in the victim of a heinous murder, stood up in court and shot everyone in the audience.

Except, that never happens in Perry Mason. A Quentin Tarantino movie perhaps, but not Perry Mason.

One would think that an attorney general of Ellen Rosenblum’s stature and gravitas could tell the difference.

Luckily, U.S. District Court judge Michael Mosman ruled against Rosenblum, thus allowing federal troops to do what Rosenblum’s office has so far prohibited: defend the people of Portland against violent, lawless, anarchists.

The last time I looked, that is what law enforcement is for, not to perversely invert laws against the police so that violent agitators can fully demolish a city before moving on to the next.

When those rioters made the choice to join a mob and raise their hands against their neighbors, they lost every right to call themselves decent or honorable, let alone “peaceful.”

Remember, Rosenblum is up for re-election in November. If Portland hasn’t burned to the ground by then, you might want to vote.

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