We have more details on the real-life nightmare that unfolded on a quiet street in Granger, Indiana, leaving an 11-year-old boy in custody and facing juvenile court charges of attempted murder of his own father, Indiana State Trooper Matthew Makowski.

The boy was reportedly angry at his parents for taking away his video games and began thinking about harming his father during the school day. That same day, the 11-year-old devised a plan to carry out shooting his father that evening.

While in custody, the boy told allegedly told police that, “he was done with all that” and “wanted it to end.”

According to court documents, on Feb. 22 the boy shot his father, Officer Matthew Makowski, in the buttocks with the officer’s .45-caliber duty weapon, which he retrieved from Makowski’s locked police vehicle that was parked outside the family’s home on Conover Drive in Granger, Indiana.

It was a seemingly quiet night when Officer Makowski and his wife went to sleep in their bedroom. Mrs. Makowski awoke to the sound of her husband, Officer Makowski, screaming. She immediately went to look for her son when she saw her husband’s duty weapon on the floor. She picked up the gun and left the bedroom to find her son walking up the stairs holding a BB Gun as well as his father’s taser.

She locked the bedroom door and called the Roseland County Police Department.

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Trooper Matt Makowski was shot in his Indiana home Thursday night and his juvenile son was being held on an attempted murder charge. (Indiana State Police)

Upon the arrival of police, Officer Makowski told them that his had son shot him and that “he must have retrieved his firearm from his parked vehicle outside of the home.”

Matching his father’s account, court documents detail the time leading up to the shooting from the 11-year-old boy’s perspective: he had gone out to his father’s police vehicle 3 times seeking the State Trooper’s weapon. Once he located the gun, he decided to wait “about 10 minutes” outside of his parents’ bedroom door with the gun until his father rolled over facing away from the door so that “he wouldn’t see me shooting him.”

When officers arrived on the scene, they handcuffed the boy and took him in for questioning.

According to court documents the boy made several demands of his parents to police officers, stating that he wanted a Play Station, an Xbox, and a computer.

If he did not get them back, he apparently threatened that there would be a “part 2.”

When we contacted the Roseland County Police Department we were told they do not have any information on the types of video games the child was playing and whether they might be violent in nature. The mental health of the child has not yet been mentioned.

Officer Makowski’s condition is steadily improving.

Makowski’s son appeared for his initial hearing in Court on March 5th.

The boy faces juvenile court charges of attempted murder.

His next court date is on April 10.