Just across the border, violent cartels are committing terrible acts on a daily basis – and no one is able to stop it. You won’t see this story in the mainstream media.


Most people are aware, to some degree, of violence associated with drug cartels that reside south of the United States border. However, what many people might not be privy to is the level of atrocities they commit seemingly without a care, even going so far as to post their violent acts online.

Apparently the Cartel Del Noreste of the Los Zetas, which bears a significant presence within the state of Nueva Leon in Mexico, decided to send a message to their rivals and authorities combating the cartel earlier in the week.

That message came in the form of garbage bags filled with various human body parts.

Reports from Breitbart say that cartel gunmen from the Los Zetas had left a least 11 bags with dismembered human remains in the Monterrey metropolitan area over a span of two days.

11 trash bags with various human body parts have turned up just over the border. (Breitbart)


A poster board signed by the Cartel Del Noreste faction revealed the crime scene is part of the ongoing fight between cartels for control of drug trafficking territories in the border state of Nuevo Leon.

In the most recent incident, which had occurred early Wednesday morning of this week, a group of Cartel Del Noreste members had left four trash bags, each of which were holding human remains. The gruesome display was left inside of a Volkswagen Tiguan that the cartel members had parked outside a military base.

Mexican military forces have had ongoing struggles with various cartels throughout the country, often times the cartels have outgunned and outmaneuvered the military presence within the country. Inside the vehicle alongside the horrific display of human remains, the cartel gunmen had left a message directing threats toward the local authorities.

The message received at the military installation was preceded by an eerily similar display that was perpetrated by Cartel Del Noreste just the day before.

In that case, Nuevo Leon state police officers and investigators rushed over to the Paseo del Aguila neighborhood in Monterrey during the early morning hours of Tuesday this week after they had received a call about human remains that were prominently displayed in bags for all to see.

At the scene, authorities had found seven large trash bags that were surrounding another poster where the Cartel Del Noreste faction took credit for the murderous remains left behind.


According to the message left with the severed body parts, the cartel is claiming that they’re currently targeting kidnappers and extortionists.

A photograph, which is believed to have been taken by the gunmen responsible for the murders and then leaked to social media, revealed that the gunmen called out alleged members of the “Old School” faction of Los Zetas, indicating an ongoing turf war between the two factions.

That very same day when the garbage bags were discovered, the Cartel Del Noreste had left another trash bag with a beheaded victim in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

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The string of incidents are coming at a time when the Cartel Del Noreste is appearing to be targeting rival trafficking organizations and independent dealers that they feel are encroaching upon their business.

As evidenced by most reports detailing the violence stirring in Mexico’s ongoing battle against the vicious cartels, the vast majority of the murders and shootouts in Nuevo Leon are being attributed to Cartel Del Noreste -Los Zetas.

Whatever is going on in Mexico certainly needs to be better addressed within the country, as the constant failures from their political and military hierarchy is at a point where the violence and inability to maintain order is sullying United States and Mexico relations. Hopefully, they find the solution and fast.

Rhonita Maria Miller, 30, one of the cartel’s recent victims, with her family.


Over the past few weeks, violence just across the line of Arizona has been heating up.

Mexican authorities just stumbled across a ton of bodies ditched in clandestine graves just outside of a popular tourist area with no details on who they are or where they came from. 

And with the discovery of yet another mass grave last week, they now have a total of 58 bodies.

They suspect that the deceased are victims of cartel violence. 

Breitbart reports that all of this is happening just 60 miles south of Arizona in the town of Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point. Puerto Peñasco is a popular location for vacationers, but as the violence that is heating up in the area continues to claim more victims, it might be better for tourists to find a new spot to relax.

Cartel violence is taking a massive toll in Mexico.


Madres Buscadoras de Sonora is a group of mothers who are searching for their missing children, most of whom are believed to have been taken and killed by those with connections to local organized crime. 

They initially made a discovery of 42 bodies last month, with deceased victims dropped into makeshift graves on the outskirts of the city. No markers. No memorials. No flowers to be found on these graves. 

And then again last Saturday, another mass grave filled with 10 bodies was discovered in the same area. With all of the recent discoveries, authorities are attempting to figure out the identification and details of death behind 58 bodies, with 52 discovered since October.

Members of the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora group have reportedly continued their search in the same area as they hope to find out what happened to their missing children. But it doesn’t come without a dangerous price.


Breitbart reports that members of the peaceful group have been repeatedly threatened by armed gunmen – suspected members of local cartels. 

But despite the fear, they are pressing on. Madres Buscadoras de Sonora has said that one body has been properly identified and returned to the family since they began.


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