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Law Enforcement Today | May 25, 2016

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Five Stages of the Active Shooter

Carnage at Connecticut Elementary School

December 16, 2012 | 5

This article is dedicated to the memory of the victims in Newtown, Connecticut and the heroes who saved others.

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was the scene of one of America’s worst-ever school massacres on … Read More

Preventing Active Shooter Incidents

September 4, 2012 |

One thing criminal justice experts understand about Active Shooter Incidents (ASI) is that such tragedies will not fade away on their own. An ASI will reappear from time to time in a host of situations unless citizens, … Read More

Defeat School Shooters Before the First Shot!

April 7, 2012 | 5

Oikos University in Oakland, California is the latest school to fall victim to an active shooter incident (ASI).  As similar as one ASI may be in comparison with other incidents, each incident is also unique unto itself.

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Josh Powell – Family Annihilator

February 14, 2012 |

A high-profile case receives the most attention when the actions last taken are brought to the limelight. This is what happened after Josh Powell had orchestrated the premeditated murder of his two sons.

Law enforcement learned from … Read More