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Law Enforcement Today | July 23, 2016

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active learning

Training Programs are Like Mops, Sometimes They Need to be Cleaned or Replaced

April 6, 2012 | 2

Well over a decade ago Proctor and Gamble was feeling the competition from other soap companies who were competing for the mopping public. There were new and improved mopping formulas and even different types of mop heads like the sponge … Read More

An Island Get-A-Way is a Great Training Method

March 10, 2012 | 1

Our audience of law enforcers and cadets learns best by doing, and any activity that provides them with a direct experience will help them understand more effectively. You can design your own experiential activities or adapt those … Read More

Creating Spellbinding Lectures

February 22, 2012 |

are the backbone of the education system in America, and the police academy is no exception. While I like to highlight the increased value of active learning, the lecture will always have a place in the learning process. Lecture … Read More