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Law Enforcement Today | July 26, 2016

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East Point GA 2012 Officer of the Year Murdered

East Point Police disclosed that Cpl Chrystal Parker, 32, was found dead at home Sunday evening.  East Point is in metro-Atlanta.  Parker was East Point’s 2012 departmental Officer of the Year.  Investigators advised that a concerned party called police and initiated a “check on the welfare” call.  Apparently this individual had been trying to reach Cpl. Parker without success.  The Fulton County Georgia Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Cpl. Parker’s death has been ruled a homicide. She died of a gunshot wound to the head.  Chrystal Parker may have been dead for as long as 3 days prior to being discovered by fellow officers.

Late Tuesday night, The U.S. Marshal Service announced that Danielle A. Parker, 30, was being questioned before being charged with murder.  Authorities have not clarified Cpl. Parker’s relationship with Ms. Parker, but revealed that the women were former roommates. Authorities have not released any potential motive for this heinous crime against a law enforcement officer.  Due to the common nature of the last name, it is unclear if both Parkers are related.    Danielle Parker will appear in court some time Wednesday for arraignment.

A neighbor advised a WSB-TV reporter that Cpl Parker’s home had been burglarized a short time ago.  Neighbor Destiny Jones further advised that Parker worked at Central Station Sports Café in her off-duty hours.  Her father declared that she was a very loving person and her command lauded her competency as a law enforcement officer.  Officer Chrystal Parker reportedly had a personnel file full of meritorious reports and was in line for promotion.

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  1. RIP, Corporal Parker.

  2. Condolences for the family.

  3. You never deserved to die; Corporal Chrystal Parker.
    Ma’am, you were too good to be true. We all should be so blessed: as to measure up so highly. Carry on in Heaven; Heroine.
    To your brave and heroic family: I pray for solace; healing, that can only come from our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, comfort, prayers, support, and Love.
    -In Him, Margaret

  4. *sigh*…So sad…

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